Pregnant women shouldn’t forget the particular list of things that you need to do in the next 9 months.

Week 1

1.    Begin to take vitamins before giving birth if you don’t take before.

2.    Write again the beginning day of final menstruation.

3.    Find out when you fall ovum.

4.    Check history about family’s health again to see whether anyone in family that has genetic disease or not.

5.    Give up harmful habits for health such as cigarette, coffee and wine…

Week 2

1.    Limit to use caffeine.

2.    Talk with specialized doctors about kinds of safe medicine that you can take in pregnancy.

3.    Set up healthy and scientific diet. You need to eat enough substances, not eating too much.

4.    Don’t do exercise too much.

You should be careful with taking medicine in pregnancy.

You should be careful with taking medicine in pregnancy.

Week 3

1.    Find out the early signs of pregnancy.

2.    Buy tool to test pregnancy at home.

3.    Find out foods that pregnant women need to avoid in pregnancy.

Week 4

1.    Go to hospital to check pregnancy particularly.

2.    Announce good news for your husband to know.

3.    Make an appointment with obstetrician to check your state of pregnancy.

Week 5

1.    Buy a book that provides information about pregnancy.

2.    Download on your cellphone programs for pregnant women. This thing will direct women useful things that you need in the next 8 months.

3.    Buy a notebook to take note necessary information and problems that you wonder in pregnancy.

4.    Attend clubs/groups for pregnant women.

5.    Drink water every day regularly.

6.    Talk with your insurance company to find out hospitals that attend insurance system of pregnancy.

Week 6

1.    If you are ready, you can share information about your pregnancy with your relatives and friends.

2.    Find out methods to reduce morning sickness.

3.    Decide whether to follow present obstetrician until you give birth or not. If not, you should begin to find another doctor.

Week 7

1.    Make schedule and prepare for the first time of checking pregnancy. You should check between the 8th week and 12th week.

2.    Take note questions to ask doctor in the first appointment.

3.    Be careful in using cosmetic for beautifying and tidy up house.

4.    Buy kinds of clothes that are used for pregnant women.

Week 8

1.    Buy new bra that is used for pregnant women.

2.    Prepare for mind to heartburn that can appear in pregnancy.

3.    Make an appointment to check dentistry.

4.    Discuss about methods to check before giving birth with doctor.

Week 9

1.      Check kinds of detergent that are using in your family. Use kinds of chemicals that are friendly with environment.

2.      Make list of things that you want to do for baby in the next time.

3.      Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

4.      Walk and spend 30 minutes every day doing exercise. You should do that thing as your daily habit from now.

Spend 30 minutes every day doing exercise.

Spend 30 minutes every day doing exercise.

Week 10

1.      Consider some small tips to reduce indigestion instead of taking medicine.

2.      Go shopping to buy clothes for pregnant women.

3.      Consider about policy about maternity leave of your company.

4.      Find experts about caesarean if you intend to have a caesarean.

Pregnant women should pay attention to pregnant clothes.

Pregnant women should pay attention to pregnant clothes.

Week 11

1.    Keep skin of belly, hip and thigh wet to prevent itch and dry skin. Pregnant women have to face this state in a long time.

2.    Do not soak body in bathtub with hot water, in sauna, in places that have high temperature because it can affect fetus.

3.    The first ultrasound will help doctors decide experiments that are needed to carry out.

4.    If it is necessary, this is the time for pregnant women to carry out experiments about NT and take model of CVS.

5.    Listen to baby’s heart rate to know any unusual things or not.

Week 12

1.    Make a plan for a vacation.

2.    Use pillow that is used for pregnant women in sleeping.

3.    Before doing exercise, you should exercise smoothly to help your ligament and muscles loose.

4.    Avoid exercises that require you to lie with straight back.

5.    If you have multi-pregnancy, doctors can detect this case.

Week 13

1.    Begin to think about baby’s name.

2.    When you sleep, you should lie on your side.

3.    Find out about address of pediatricians.

4.    Eat with a lot of small meals to reduce heartburn.

5.    Consider to borrow old clothes from your friends and relatives in family.

Week 14

1.      Share with friends and family.

2.      Make a report with your chief about your pregnancy

3.      At this time, you are brisk, you should take full advantage of time and make list of the things that you need to do immediately at work and house.

4.      Begin to take photograph for souvenir with beautiful womb every month.

Week 15

1.    Register yoga class for pregnant women before giving birth.

2.    Intensify to practice muscle of hipbone.

3.    Talk with your husband about baby’s sex.

4.    If you are over 35 years old, you can attend experiment to check amniotic fluid.

Week 16

1.    Choose foods that are rich in calcium such as milk to provide for daily diet. Eat less fat.

2.    Go and visit some obstetric hospitals that you care.

3.    Begin to register the place to give birth.

4.    Ask your mother or grandmother about their experience about giving birth.

Week 17

1.      There are too many things for women to do, so they often forget. You should use notes or notebooks to write in necessary time.

2.      Enjoy period of interesting massaging and relaxing.

3.      Register to attend course of taking care of babies.

4.      Begin to save money for your children in the future.

5.      Spray physiological salt water to reduce the state of stuffy because of pregnancy.

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