1.      Register class about raising by mother’s milk and take care of newborn babies.

2.      Use soft chair to make you relaxed after having backache.

3.      If you want to know babies sex, at this time, you can have a scan in the middle of pregnancy to know.

Week 19

1.      Take ultrasonic photographs again and then you can share it through e-mail of Facebook with everyone.

2.      Consider interior in room.

3.      You should think that giving birth at home will bring which advantages and disadvantages.

Week 20

1.      Talk with your husband about changes in life after babies are born.

2.      You should sure that you don’t wear high-heels and stairs in house isn’t too high in the next 4 months.

3.      Find out about symptoms and risks of puerperal eclampsia.

Talk with your husband about changes in life after babies are born.

Talk with your husband about changes in life after babies are born.

Week 21

1.      Find out about benefits of raising babies with mother’s milk. You should decide things that are the best for you and babies when you understand problem clearly.

2.      In this period, you should continue buying bra.

Week 22

1.      Now you now baby’s gender, you should choose suitable names for it.

2.      To prevent disease of relaxing vein, avoid sitting with cross-legged style. Not sit or stand in a long time at one place because it can make blood gather.

Week 23

1.      Buy pregnant things more.

2.      Think about baby’s name that you are intending and consider whether it is suitable with your babies or not.

Week 24

1.      Find reliable babysitters when you go to work.

2.      Do experiment about diabetes of pregnancy.

Week 25

1.      Consider problem about your insurance. You can choose more maid in necessary time.

2.      Make plan for day of giving birth.

3.      If necessary, you can register hospital for giving birth again.

Week 26

1.      Have list of specialized pediatricians, especially doctors that are working in hospitals in system having your insurance.

2.      You should take full advantage if you want to go holiday. In the last 3 months of pregnancy, you shouldn’t go far away.

3.      Do experiment about quantity of sugar in blood.

Week 27

1.      Choose color for baby’s room.

2.      Find out about taking blood of navel.

Week 28

1.      Make schedule of checking fetus once 2 weeks.

2.      You and your husband feel baby’s kick.

3.      If your fingers are inflamed because of edema, you should take wedding ring away and wearing it again after giving birth.

4.      Do experiment about blood group.

Week 29

1.      Ask your husband to consider about decorating and painting house or not, especially baby’s room.

2.      Have a diet with a lot of fiber that can prevent constipation and hemorrhoid.

Banana can help pregnant women prevent constipation.

Banana can help pregnant women prevent constipation.

Week 30

1.    Buy buggy and necessary tools for babies

2.    Prepare newborn things for babies and put them in bag for giving birth.

3.    Find out signs of giving birth early.

Week 31

1.      Eat foods that are rich in Fe.

2.      If you have plan to hire someone to bath your baby or nurse to follow the first day when you go home, you need to make plan and ask for information.

3.      Make plan for maternal leave.

Week 32

1.      Cut your hair.

2.      Rearrange baby’s room.

3.      Check fetus once a week.

In pregnancy, you should go to hospital and check fetus regularly.

In pregnancy, you should go to hospital and check fetus regularly.

Week 33

1.    Begin to read book about taking care of newborn babies.

2.    Do not worry too much about giving birth, especially the case of surgery.

Week 34

1.    Many pregnant women can drive a car or motorbike in this time by themselves. Women’s health is very good at present, but they should limit going far away or sitting in a long time on car or motorbike.

2.    Buy tools that you need to restore after giving birth.

Week 35

1.      Buy an album that contains baby’s photographs.

2.      If you plan to raise babies with mother’s milk, you consult the way to help your baby suck correctly and problems relating sucking the baby.

Week 36

1.      Reconsider your plan of giving birth with your obstetrician.

2.      You will suffer insomnia and not enjoy sleeping well.

3.      Comply with hygienic regulations in vagina because this is the time that pregnant women don’t know that they have been easy in bacterial contamination.

Week 37

1.      If you have some other children, prepare for their mentality about the thing that they are about to have a younger sister or brother.

2.      Spend more time on taking care of you first child.

Week 38

1.      Make a list about people that you are going to inform them to know when the baby is born.

2.      Finally, decide the name of your baby.

Week 39

1.      Practice relaxing technique or how to breathe that you learned.

2.      Rearrange your office in your company and get ready to give birth.

Week 40

1.      Get ready if you are in rupture of membranes.

2.      Contraction appears.

3.      Go to hospital with your relatives.

4.      Be comfortable and do not be too stressful. Everything will be okay and in some another minute you will see your lovely baby.

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