Areas trained: Bottom, calves, core

Description: Rear angle kick

Rear angle kick


Start in guard position.

Rise onto the ball of your front foot as you kick the back leg upwards, then turn your hip to bring your leg across, so you’re side on. The kick should follow an imaginary arch.

Repeat on the other side.

Beginner: 30 reps each side

Intermediate : 40 reps each side

Advanced: 50 reps each side

Safety Tip

Make sure your lead foot twists with the kick to protect your knee

Jab To Rear Elbow

Areas trained: Chest, shoulders, rear of upper arms, core


Stand in guard position with your left foot in front of your right, the right side of your body behind your left, fists raised to your chin and facing forward.

Punch with your left hand, then bring it back to your chin.

Raise your right elbow out and up to shoulder height keeping your hand close to your chin, then twist your hips to lift the elbow back and then up, before bringing it down in front of you.

All levels: 10 reps

Safety Tip

Breathe out on the jab and elbow. Keep your core tight

Pigeon Pose

Areas trained: Bottom, hips, front of thighs

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Pigeon pose


Start in downward dog position, feet and hands on the floor with your hips raised and back and legs straight.

Bring your left knee to the floor, between your hands so the outer side of your left leg is on the mat. Bring your hips to the floor and stretch your right leg straight out behind you. Try to keep your hips square.

To increase the difficulty of this pose, slowly lower your body down over your left leg.

Beginner: 30 seconds each side

Intermediate : 45 seconds each side

Advanced: 1 minute each side

Safety Tip

If you aren’t very flexible, breathe slowly into the stretch

Uppercut To Push Kick

Areas trained: Shoulders, core, bottom, hips, thighs


Start in guard position. Drop your right shoulder and hip and bring your hand down slightly.

Thrusting your hip upwards, punch up with your right hand toward the ceiling, letting your shoulder follow through.

Return to the guard position. Bring your right knee up and push your foot out in front of you, extending your leg and thrusting your hip forward. Return to guard position. Repeat on the left side.

All levels: 10 reps

Safety Tip

Go slow and keep your arms close to your body for balance.

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