Some following signs will help you to know whether you’re pregnant or not.

Tiredness is the first sign of pregnancy


If you feel tired and unable to concentrate, this is a popular sign of pregnancy.

There’re women who find that they’re tired and lose concentration to their jobs try to take as much caffeine as they can in order to improve the situation. They might not know that they’re pregnant. Some even don’t know about the danger of using too much caffeine when pregnant.

Specialists recommend that women should know how to listen to their bodies, maintain their health and right ways to rest.

Don’t use caffeine anytime you feel tired.

Don’t use caffeine anytime you feel tired.

Unusual appetite

Many women suddenly find that they can eat many foods that they hate before and refuse to eat ones that they’re really fond of.

This can be explained for the lacking of some nutrients in the pregnant women’s body or the sensitivity to flavors.

Sensitivity to smells  

To some people, becoming over-sensitive to smells make them uncomfortable and miserable. There’s no way to prevent the situation except avoid smelling the smells as much as possible, especially tobacco smoke because it can affect the health of moms and fetuses.

The situation often occurs in a few first months of pregnancy. However, some people think that if pregnant women have nausea, it means their fetuses have normal developments.  

You should avoid tobacco smoke.

You should avoid tobacco smoke.

Nausea and vomiting will disappear when pregnant women are in the second trimester.

Moreover, pregnant women shouldn’t let the stomach empty in this period of time. You can place a biscuit box near your bed to eat whenever you feel hungry. You should divide main meals into smaller ones and have a light snack before bed.

To reduce nausea and vomiting, you should eat lime, mint or ginger candy.

Using vitamin before giving birth can cause nausea to some pregnant women. If you are one of them, you can take the vitamin at night or before bed.

Especially, there’re some pregnant women who have regular and successive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. They can even eat or drink, which can lead to malnutrition. In the case, they should see a specialist to receive specific advice in order to have early treatment.

Breast swelling and pain

Changes of breast are also signs of pregnancy. In that point of time, women should use well-qualified bras that are able to absorb sweat and not too tight in order to prevent breast tenderness.

Sport bras will be suitable choices for you at this point of time.

Regular urination

In the first stage of pregnancy, the uterus develops and has certain effects on the bladder, leading to regular urination.

Continuous urinations make women to have insomnia and tiredness.

Continuous urinations make women to have insomnia and tiredness.

Continuous urinations make women to have insomnia and tiredness.

This is a normal and fatal phenomenon when pregnant. Pregnant women should avoid drinking too much water before going to bed in order not to wake up for times at night. But, maybe you still have to wake up at least once to go for a pee.

Shortness of breath

Some women have shortness of breath, especially in the first pregnancy. Sometimes, this phenomenon happens in 9 months of pregnancy.

The reason is that you need more oxygen for the fetal development. This is also considered to be a normal sign of pregnancy. Nonetheless, if you have the following abnormalities, you should ask for doctor’s helps:

·         Though you’re not going to warm up for an exercise, you have sudden shortness of breath.

·         Shortness of breath comes with unknown pain

·         Having worse shortness of breath when lying down

·         They can be signs of a dangerous disease.

Some women have shortness of breath, especially in the first pregnancy.

Some women have shortness of breath, especially in the first pregnancy.

Physical changes

If you have sex without protection, you’d better see a doctor.

If there’re changes of the vagina, such as the color of it, the cervix became softer, you should see a doctor.

Those are the early signs of pregnancy. At the same time, they can be symptoms of some sickness, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), chronic inflammation…

However, the important and trustable sign of pregnancy is that you miss your menstrual period unusually as your period is often steady.

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