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If you want to try a full juice fast do so with the help of a good book or expert advice and don’t fast for more than three days. ‘It’s not something I’d recommend unless you’re in good health,’ says Hamilton. But it’s easy to get a taste to the benefits by incorporating juices into your daily life. If you want to try juicing seriously, Vale suggests replacing a meal a day with a juice. ‘Breakfast is ideal,’ he says. Here are some expert tips to get you started:

·         Always keep your juicer on your kitchen worktop,’ says Hamilton. ‘If it lives in a cupboard then, trust me, you won’t take it out.’

·         Good green ingredients to juice include spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, mint, parsley, spring greens and chard. Healthy fruits to add to the mix include apples, lemons or limes, pears and oranges. Ginger is great to pep up your juice. Also try blending juice with avocado for a creamy smoothie.

·         If you’re new to green juice, start with more fruit, until you get used to the flavor. Include apple or pear, for instance, and then, once you’re acquired a taste, start adding more vegetables. Try milder flavored greens first, such as spring greens and cucumber. Experiment with the ratio of fruit to greens until you find the right balance.

·         For extra vitamin impact, try adding a teaspoon of oil, such as extra virgin coconut oil, fish oil or Udo’s oil (Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, $17 for 250ml; udoschoice.co.uk) as many nutrients in greens are fat-soluble.

·         To up your fibre intake, stir psyllium husks through your juice, for fibre and satiety ($11 for 250g; naturallygreen.co.uk)

·         For extra green benefits, use Pukka Herbs Clean Greens ($2 per sachet; pukkaherbs.com) or Synergy 100% Organic Wheatgrass Powder ($16, xynergy.co.uk)

·         Choose a juicer that suits your lifestyle and needs. And when it comes to cleaning, opt for a model with a separate pulp container, so you can line it with a bag.

·         Buy green juice by the bottle from new juicing company Just Pressed (justpressedjuice.co.uk). Based in London, the company will be selling its healthy juice in store this summer.

·         For details on the juicers featured, visit ukjuicers.com and Philip.co.uk

·         To try a juice retreat, visit juicemaster.com and healthretreatspain.com

·         To try a juice diet at home, read Jason Vale’s 7lb in 7days Super Juice Diet, available as a book, DVD, CD or app at juicemaster.com

Which juicer is best for you?

Juicers come in many shapes and sizes, so choose a model that will suit your needs. There are two main types, the slower-masticating juicer, good for fruit and leafy greens, and faster centrifugal models, which are ideal for hard fruit and veg.

‘the main decision you need to make is whether or not you want to juice leafy greens,’ says UK Juicers director Paul Hellawall. ‘For example, large-chute centrifugals are convenient for whole apples, but wasteful when it comes to greens – you’ll use a lot of spinach but only get a fraction of juice.’

Next, weight up speed verses juice quality – centrifugals are very fast, but masticating models preserve more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Finally, think about ease of use. ‘You need to think about how easy the machine is to live with,’ says Hellawall. If you’re short on time, you’re not going to want to spend 20 minutes making a batch of juice – and a machine that takes ages to clean is going to stay in the cupboard. Read on to find your ideal juicer.

Best all rounder

Omega Vert

Price: $ 557

Description: Omega Vert

This masticating juicer has a large vertical auger and large filter screen, meaning for every rotation it produces around four times more juice than horizontal models. As well as being good for very hard fruit and beg, such as carrots and apples, this juicer is a whizz juicing soft fruit such as raspberries – producing very little waste. It also juices leafy greens and wheatgrass.



Price: $ 417

Description: Champion

A heavy-duty, fast masticating juicer, the champion is good for hard fruit and veg, including frozen fruit for sorbets and ice cream. It’s easy to use, you can juice large batches without having to stop to clean it halfway through, and it should last for years.

Best budget buy

Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer

Price: $ 246

Description: Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer

With a cute retro design, this low-speed cold-pressing masticating juicer preserves valuable nutrients, while also allowing you to juice wheatgrass and soft fruit. It doubles up as a food processor for nut butters, sauces, baby food and pasta dough. We want one!

Best for bulk juicing

Philip Avance HR1871

Price: $ 310

Description: Philip Avance HR1871

There’s no pre-cutting needed with this new Philips juicer, thanks to an 80mm feed tube, and you can juice up to 2.5l in one go without having to empty the pulp container. There’s also a clever ‘drips-stop’ switch, which stops nasty splashes on your worktop when you remove the collection jug.

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