On tending herbs at home

Gerardo Jimenez, owner, kitchen herbs farm

“Herbs generally like lots of sun and well-draining soil. Most herbs don’t like continuous moisture. Plant herbs in pots so that you can easily move them to the sunniest part of the house, away from rain, and to the kitchen sink when you want to harvest leaves for cooking. Mix some sand in the soil to improve drainage. Start with sweet basil – you can use the leaves for a variety of easy-to-prepare dishes like pesto”.

Description: Description: On tending herbs at home

On tending herbs at home

On frosting cupcakes

Sonja ocampo, owner, cupcakes by Sonja

Description: Description: collection of cupcakes by Sonja.

Collection of cupcakes by Sonja

“All you need to frost cupcakes are an offset spatula and a pastry bag with tips in different sizes. These are available in any baking supply store. Make sure the cupcakes are completely cooled before frosting. A good rule of thumb to follow is a ratio of 1/3 frosting and 2/3 cupcake. For the best results, make sure to use good ingredients, especially good-quality butter”.

On growing your own greens

Jutes Templo, owner, Gino’s brick oven Pizza

Description: Description: Jutes Templo, owner, Gino’s brick oven Pizza

Jutes Templo, owner, Gino’s brick oven Pizza

“Go online and do research in the proper sunlight and water requirements of your specific plant. For the soil, use Propa Mix (available at the Manila Seedling Bank) instead of regular garden soil. Observe and appreciate the changes that your plant goes through every day. Treat your plant like a pet!”

On making a great pie crust

Karen young, owner, Karen’s kitchen

Description: Description: Roselyn Tiangco of Kitchen's Best Karen Young of Karen's Kitchen

Roselyn Tiangco of Kitchen's Best Karen Young of Karen's Kitchen

1.    Always use the best quality ingredients you can find.

2.    Cut the butter into small cubes while it’s still cold and firm.

3.    Instead of using your hands to mix the dry ingredients and butter, use a pastry cutter. The natural warmth our hands possess will make the butter melt faster.

4.    Do not over blend. When the particles are the size of big grains of sand that is enough. Do not continue to blend to the point of melted butter when everything will be sticky. A good pie crust needs those pieces of butter intact to create a delicious, flaky texture when baked.

5.    Place the dough on the pie pan and distribute evenly before pressing down to mold.

6.    Pre-bake the crust to a medium golden color, baked enough to not absorb wet pie filling, but not over baked that the additional cooking time with the pie filling (especially if you’re working with a fruit-based filling like apple) will make the crust burnt.
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