Only with a few movements of babies also make pregnant women sweat.

1.     I don’t feel that I am pregnant

Many women wonder why their friends have morning sickness in pregnancy, have pain in breast while their body doesn’t have any signs of being pregnant.

This important thing is that you have to eat and drink with enough nutrients and give up stimulants such as wine, cigarette and coffee. After the first 3 month of pregnancy, you will see that worry will disappear.

2.     I feel tired, so I cannot eat a lot

At this time, eating and drinking is necessary for both mothers and babies. If you have morning sickness and cannot eat normally, you shouldn’t worry. Fetus will not be undernourished because of this reason. In reality, babies already receive nutrients from your amniotic fluid.

In the first period of pregnancy, babies don’t require demand about calories and nutrients too much. However, in the second and third months, pregnant women need to have a strict diet to gain weight.

Low quantity of sugar in blood is low and this thing makes morning sickness become more serious even when you don’t want to eat.

Pregnant women can eat a few and many meals in a day. Before going to bed, you should have a snack so that you won’t feel hungry when you get up. You put a package of biscuit near your bed to eat when you feel hungry.

You need to drink more water to replace fluid when you vomit.

3.     I often have unusual attack

It’s easy to understand that although you have just been pregnant, you meet some attacks

The reason is that 2 sides of womb and ligaments cause. These attacks can increase more and more and they can continue during pregnancy because the development of babies will block ligaments and muscles.

If attacks don’t take place regularly and pregnant women don’t have fever, chilly feeling, bleeding vagina, they don’t have to worry much.

If you don’t writhe in pain, have long lasting pain, especially bleeding in the period of the first 3 months, you should to the hospital to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

4.     My womb isn’t too big

Stature and topography of every woman are different in pregnancy.  Their wombs are different. Therefore, you shouldn’t compare your womb with others’. The important thing is that you need to improve nutrients to help fetus develop well.

You should talk with doctor to feel secure about baby’s size.

5.     I am pregnant without planning, so I don’t add acid folic

There are many cases of being pregnant without planning; so 3 months before being pregnant, pregnant women don’t add folic acid in daily diet.

However, scientists advise pregnant women to add 400mcg of acid folic every day in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to reduce the risk about defect of nerve pipe. Consequently, you should provide if you are in this stage.

6.     Sometimes I don’t feel the movement of baby

Sometimes, babies kick and make their mothers jump, but accidentally, you don’t feel the movement of baby. You are worried. Actually, babies have their own routine. In 12 continuous hours, if you don’t feel the movement of baby, you should ask for doctor to check.

Sometimes, pregnant women can be busy with work and so often forget the movement of babies. You can drink a cold water to remind babies to move. In the last moths, when the fetus develops gradually, movements are fewer.

7.     I drink a lot of wine before being pregnant

If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t drink wine.

Many women are pregnant without plan, so before being pregnant, they can smoke and drink wine. You can change habit and take care of yourselves before those things have bad effects on your babies.

Description: If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t drink wine.

If you are pregnant, you shouldn’t drink wine.

8.     If I don’t drink coffee, I will fell tired

I you can lack a cup of coffee in a day, it isn’t a serious problem.

Using caffeine with a suitable amount, won’t affect fetus. But people advise that you shouldn’t use over 300mg a day. With more quantity, it can lead to miscarriage, babies with have low weight and inborn defects.

Description: Pregnant women need to pay attention to the quantity of coffee to drink every day.

Pregnant women need to pay attention to the quantity of coffee to drink every day.

Standard quantity of caffeine

·         3 cups of soluble coffee (100mg/cup)

·         3 cups of coffee  made (100mg/cup)

·         6 cups of tea ( 50mg/cup)

·         8 cans of cola or 4 cans of energy drink (80mg/can)

·         8 bars of rough chocolate (50mg/bar)

9.     I fall

During pregnancy, babies are protected with amniotic membrane. Your belly is strong enough and womb wall is solid enough to protect babies from the collision if you fall.

However, if you have any attack, bleeding vagina or amniotic fluid, you should go to see doctor immediately.

This isn’t too serious disease, but pregnant women should avoid using pate, milk products that aren’t unpasteurized and soft cheese because they contain listeria, a type of bacterium that can be harmful to fetus.


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