This isn’t too dangerous thing, but pregnant women should avoid using pate, milk products that aren’t unpasteurized and soft cheese because they contain listeria, a type of bacterium that can be harmful to fetus.

Advice for pregnant women

Do not eat soft-boiled eggs and meat and shellfish that aren’t cooked. They can contain salmonella bacterium that can cause food poisoning.

Do not eat a lot of livers and additional products containing vitamin A that can cause inborn defects.

Do not eat rare meat doesn’t cook carefully, meat smoked out, ham, green vegetables aren’t washed cleanly. They can contain toxoplasmosis bacterium that can cause miscarriage or defects about organs of babies.

Limit oil that is used again because it can contain substance that is changed.

Avoid dishes that cooked from shark, swordfish and sailfish because they contain big content of mercury that can be harmful to baby’s nerve.

11.  Sexual relation can affect fetus

Sexual relation can take place normally in pregnancy. Babies stay in amniotic sac that is similar to a buffer to protect fetus safe.

However, if you have history of forward placenta, premature birth, you should refer to expert’s idea to have safe sexual relation.

You should go to see doctor if you realize unusual symptoms when you have sexual relation, for example you feel painful, bleeding, having fluid or spasm.

12.  Travelling by plane is very dangerous

Most of the airlines don’t allow pregnant women from 36 weeks to travel by plane. If you need to travel by plane, you can travel from the 28th week and you need to have warranty of specialized doctors. Pregnant women should calculate about flying distance.

You should avoid flights that last over 10 hours. If you stay on high position in a long time, babies won’t be provided with enough oxygen. This thing can make fetus weak and affect the development of fetus.

13.  I vaccinated before I know that I am pregnant

You shouldn’t worry too much. The risk of catching disease at your destination will be more serious than the risk of theory about vaccinating.

14.  I have the risk of catching toxoplasmosis bacterium for cat and dog

In reality, this risk isn’t big, only about 1/5000 of pregnant women catches. The best way to prevent is that you should wear gloves and comforter when you contact with cats and dogs or places containing waste. After that, you should wash your hands carefully.

15.  If you play sport, it will affect babies

In reality, walking or practicing yoga regularly before giving birth will be good for bearing.

Pregnant pay attention not to practice dangerous sports such as going skiing, riding horse, running… because these activities will affect pregnant women’s womb.

Description: Walking regularly before giving birth will be good for bearing.

Walking regularly before giving birth will be good for bearing.

16.  Sitting in front of computer all day will make babies contaminate radioactivity

However, you have to complete work. There is any evidence to prove the relation between low radioactivity that is releasing from computer that can cause miscarriage or effect of fetus.

Sitting in a long time can make you feel backache. Pregnant women should move regularly.

17.  Because I get infected of urinary tract, I use antibiotic that can affect fetus

If I don’t treat, this disease will become worse. Without treating, 30% of disease will develop and create infection of kidney. You can get high temperature and have premature birth.

Specialized doctors will fill in prescription that is safe for pregnant women.

18.  Ultrasonic image in 20 weeks shows that my placenta is in the low position

This is the period that placenta is in the low position in the middle of pregnancy. There is a small rate when placenta touch womb and it make bleed, you need to go to see doctor immediately. If placenta doesn’t continuously move, you will give birth in about 38 weeks.

19.  Getting hair colored will be harmful to babies

Chemicals in rinse don’t contain high toxicity. There aren’t scientific evidences to prove they can be harmful to fetus.

However, pregnant women will have disorder about hormone in pregnancy, so if you do the hair in this period, color will be quickly lose and you hair will not be curly.

20.  In recent checking time, my blood pressure is rather high.

It won’t affect babies and it will quickly be normal.

However, if high blood pressure takes place together with inflaming phenomenon, especially foot, hands and face; some symptoms such as nauseating, bellyache, headache, blurred vision, urinating with yellow color, you should go to see doctor immediately.

Maybe this is sign of pre-eclampsia. This case only takes place from 5%-10% and it can threaten life of mothers and babies. In serious case, the only method is premature birth.

Relax to eliminate worries

You should find a quiet place to sit and lie to rest. Listening to smooth song will make you feel comfortably.

Take a deep and long breathe through nose. Then breathe slowly through mouth. Imagine your stresses and worries that are releasing together with breath.

Say with yourself that you already do the best things for babies. Relaxing is good for both mothers and babies. Imagine that you will feel happy and when you hug your baby.

Imagine that you are in a place that has pure and cool air. You take a deep breath so that thorax can be full of oxygen.

Description: You can relax with babies with songs that you like.

You can relax with babies with songs that you like.





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