Mother’s health will decide healthiness and intelligence of baby.

1.     Check health periodically

When you decide that you will become mother, you need to know that whether your body is ready to undertake this hard duty or not. In pregnancy, body is easily infected, especially infection of urinary and physiology.

Description: Before deciding to be mother, women should go to check health to eliminate the risk of infection about urinary system.

Before deciding to be mother, women should go to check health to eliminate the risk of infection about urinary system.

This organ catches Candida fungus and bacterias fecales bacterium. In previous years, experts in obstetrics disregarded these inflammations. They only considered that it made pregnant women feel unpleasant, but they didn’t think that it would affect fetus. However, recently, many researches have shown that inflammations that are paid attention to can be the reason causing inhibition to the normal development of fetus, miscarriage, premature birth, mother’s nephritic…

Consequently, in the last 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to carry out experiments on vagina fluid. In the case that you detect B streptococcus, you have to be treated quickly.

To avoid the case that vagina contaminates bacteria, you can use productions that contain kinds of microbiology such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1, Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 and lactic acid - factors that have effect to add, intensify and protect microorganism settle in genital system of women. Besides, kinds of microbiology have effect maintain suitable pH in genital system, prevent penetration and development of many kinds of fungus and bacteria that cause disease.

Before you decide to be pregnant and during pregnancy, you need to be carried out some experiments such as:

Experiment to check blood group and Rherus element

Due to this experiment, you can know blood has positive Rherus (RH+) and negative Rherus (RH-) because both of kinds of blood aren’t compatible. If blood of pregnant women is RH, but fetus has RH+ blood, maybe the mother’s body will produce antibodies to prevent RH+ blood cell.

That thing affects fetus in the next period of pregnancy. By knowing blood group of the mother, doctors can reduce the risk about complications to fetus.

Experiment to define measles (Rubella)

If result of blood experiment shows that mothers don’t have immune ability, they should avoid contacting with people that have measles because it can be harmful to fetus.

Other diseases

Carry out experiment about blood to know that you have hepatitis B and syphilis or not because both of diseases are harmful to fetus. If necessary, you can suggest making experiment about HIV/AIDS.

Check concentration of albumin in urine

The phenomenon can be sign of infection, if it has some other symptoms such as edema or high blood pressure that is manifestation of prenatal phenomenon. This disease can be dangerous for both mothers and babies.

Check the content of sugar in urine

This is element that can prove symptom of pregnant diabetes. This disease can affect health of both mother and fetus. However, mothers can adjust the content of sugar with nutritious diet and exercising suitably.

2.     Provide vitamins and minerals

The demand of pregnant women is for both mothers and fetuses. Therefore, you need to provide a suitable amount of calcium, Fe, zinc and magnesium, vitamins of group B. According to some researches of American, women that are provided with suitable intake of vitamins and synthetic minerals will have better health, especially babies that are born are also healthier. You can provide vitamins and synthetic minerals from the beginning day of being pregnant until giving birth. You can also provide before the day of being pregnant about 3 months and you end when you stop sucking babies.

To mothers, lacking in vitamins and minerals will be harmful to health. But overdose will be negative. In pregnancy, you should avoid use overdose of sodium that causes high blood pressure, phosphorus can weaken absorption of many kinds of nutrients and vitamin A.

3.     Nutritious diet that has enough substance and is suitable

Nutritious diet that is used for pregnant women should be paid attention to quality than quantity. Of course, the demand about energy of mothers will increase about 300kcal/day. Many women take for eating double for both mothers and babies.

Description: If mothers provide enough substances, babies will become more intelligent.

If mothers provide enough substances, babies will become more intelligent.

Eating like that will cause obesity. It can affect positively to pregnancy and it can also cause difficulty in giving birth. The most important nutritious compound for fetus is protein that is necessary for development of fetus. From the 4th month, demand about protein will increase more with 70-90grams/day including meat, fish, egg, milk some kinds of vegetation protein such as soybeans, peanut.

The amount of powder has to be sufficient rate that cannot cause obesity or tooth decay for babies in the future. The best source of powder is brown rice. In daily portion, you need to increase the amount of green vegetables and fruits. In 6 last months of pregnancy, you should eat about 500grams of vegetables every day.

Pregnant women should maintain diet with 4-5 meals whose distance is 3 hours to ensure regular nutritious source that provides fetus.

Providing pregnant women with water plays extremely important role. Water has function to protect eyes, brain, fetus and marrow. Water for demand of pregnant women is 2-2.5 liters (in summer this rate is higher). Drinking less water in a long time can cause constipation and urinary inflammation and kidney stone…

4.     Add folic acid (vitamin B9)

It’s very necessary for development of fetus. To help vitamin B9 prove its effect, you need to drink before being pregnant. However, many women don’t know when they are pregnant, so the best way is that after each time of sexual relation, you should provide body with this vitamin.

Lacking folic acid can cause congenital anomaly about backbone and brain for fetus, makes placenta not big enough and causes harmfulness to fetus. Lacking folic acid can also cause miscarriage and insufficient weight of babies.

Human beings’ body cannot synthesize folic acid by themselves. So you must provide form natural source. Natural form of folic acid is available in foods, mainly in cabbage, broccoli, salad, beans, liver of animals, kinds of meat.

Description: Natural form of folic acid is available in foods, mainly in cabbage, broccoli, salad,…

Natural form of folic acid is available in foods, mainly in cabbage, broccoli, salad,…

In many countries of Europe, according to stipulation, women that are in child-bearing age should drink 0.4 mg of vitamin B9.

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