Drinking soymilk right in order not to lose its nutritious value

Soymilk is a nutritious and healthy drink for human. However, drinking soymilk in a wrong way can bring some bad effects on your body.

Soymilk is considered to be a healthy drink for human body. It’s especially good for children’s brain development, so is their physical development. The main element of the milk is protein which is at high level, making soymilk an important food source of life.

Isoflavones in soymilk is called estrogens which are phytoestrogens and have the function of female sex hormone. Some researches show that having a high-protein and soy-isoflavones serving will help adjust and balance the estrogen hormone. Thanks to that, you can limit the fat formation in the abdomen and internal organs, which is the reason of obesity and obesity-related metabolic disorders.

Soymilk needs drinking right.

Soymilk needs drinking right.

Soymilk and soymilk products are not only rich in protein but also non-cholesterol, low-saturated-fat and rich in fibrous matter. Therefore, soymilk is recommended using to prevent the risk of having non-infectious diseases that relate to nutrition and lifestyle like diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders… Soy oil is one of several rare kinds of oil that contains lots of aLNA and has positive omega 3 and omega 6 indexes.

Soy milk brings lots of nutritional value and a good health.

Soy milk brings lots of nutritional value and a good health.

To protect and improve health from the young age, we should use soy every day. As it’s easy to digest, soy is a source of energy, protein and vegetable fat that should be in the regimen of children and the old. However, you need to take notice of those following things:

Don’t drink soymilk that isn’t cooked

Uncooked soymilk is harmful to human health. It’s due to the fact that uncooked soymilk has 2 toxic products that will lead to protein disorder and poisoning symptoms which is caused by the stimulation of the toxic products. Boil soymilk in the degree under 100 degrees Celsius to avoid getting poisoned.

Don’t combine brown sugar with soymilk

Adding brown sugar into soymilk can make the flavor sweet smelling. However, brown sugar has some organic acids which will combine with protein in soymilk and produce some compound that can destroy the nutrients in soymilk.

Don’t put eggs in soymilk

Many people like putting eggs in soymilk and believe that will provide them with lots of nutrients. Nonetheless, this habit is not scientific. That’s because the protein contained in eggs will easily combine with trypsin in soymilk and produce a substance that can be absorbed by our body. In that case, the combination will reduce the nutritional absorption of the body. 


Drinking soymilk scientifically will bring you benefits.

Drinking soymilk scientifically will bring you benefits.

Don’t keep soymilk in a thermos bottle

You should keep soymilk in any kinds of thermos bottles because the bacteria in soymilk can easily increase at warm temperature. Moreover, after 3 to 4 hours, the soymilk will be degenerated and can’t be used, effecting on the digestive process of the body.

Don’t drink soymilk when hungry

If you drink soymilk with an empty stomach, its protein will be converted in to heat and be unable to prove its effects. You can eat some high-starch food while drinking soymilk, such as bread, cakes, steamed bread… so, by the effects of starch, protein can completely respond to gastric fluid and make the body absorb all nutrients.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t drink too much soymilk a day because the body will have to do too much digestion, which leads to dyspepsia or bowel moments… You shouldn’t drink soymilk with medicine, either. Some medicines, especially antibiotics like tetracycline and erythromycin, can decompose nutrients in soymilk.

In the case you have a headache with respiratory congestion, and other symptoms after drinking soymilk, you need to immediately see a doctor for treatment.

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