You should pay attention following things to keep healthy and clean your private part.

Description: Protect and care your vagina

Protect and care your vagina

For women, vagina is one of the important parts in body. If you don’t care for and clean it correctly, it’s easy to get diseases such as fungus andida.

1.     Time for washing vagina

Some people think they need to douche vagina as soon as they feel itching, but that shouldn’t be done any more. Douching vagina can infect and impact on self-clean mechanism of vagina. Moreover, that also helps to push bacterium into uterus and even causes Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

Therefore, if your vagina smells, itches, and vagina discharge has unusual color, you should visit doctor immediately, not douche vagina arbitrarily by yourself. Especially douching in menstruation is able to be the reason for forming endometrium.

2.     Wear underwear at night

If your vagina is usually wet, you shouldn’t put underwear on at night. Wearing underwear at night while your private part is wet will decrease the air making the vagina not be ventilated, that is a good environment for funguses and bacterium develop.

3.     Use underwear made from cotton or having a cotton layer at the bottom

In fact, all cotton underwear is airier and better for vagina than nylon underwear. But the one that has a cotton layer at the bottom isn’t good for women’s private part anymore. These cotton layers are usually covered by nylon outside which contributes to decrease air circulation at your vagina.

4.     Wear long leggings

Even when you use long leggings with cotton material, they are not safe for your vagina. Because they also make the vagina’s air circulation decrease and establish good condition for funguses to create and develop.

The best way is wearing short socks combining with a long dress. If not, you should put on knee-long socks to ensure that your vagina always in ventilated condition absolutely.

Description: Take care of your private part to protect your health.

Take care of your private part to protect your health.

5.     Vagina discharge

Vagina discharge is normal thing, they can change discharge flow depending on your menstruate cycle.

At the first semi cycle, the discharge likes albumen releases a lot. At the second semi cycle, the discharge seems thicker, sticker, and dark white (sometimes yellow). If you are applying contraceptive methods, vagina discharge may be less.

In general, you need to pay attention your discharge every day. That is considered as signal to warn your health condition, especially your vagina.

6.     Wash vagina with soap

Some girls are in habit of cleaning their vagina by soap when having a bath. That should not and is not necessary because soap cannot remove all impurities which vagina discharges.

You should only wash the hair area outside vagina by soap. If you want to clean the vagina, you need to use warm water.

You shouldn’t use any soap, or feminine hygiene fluid. Just simple they are not good; sometimes they can cause stimulation, even allergic reactions for vagina.

You just need to pay a little attention; your vagina will be healthy. You aren’t bothered by diseases any more.

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