The following useful advice will help you be ready for a natural childbirth.

Giving birth is always an interesting experience to all people who are going to be parents especially to first time pregnant women. Therefore, though you have careful preparation, you always feel worry about something not enough for upcoming childbirth. Refer to our advice to have a perfect natural childbirth.

Choose a prestigious place to give birth

2-3 months before the childbirth, you should make a reservation at a prestigious hospital specializing in natural childbirth. This birth center will help you to have a safe location and the best condition for the childbirth. You should ask for advice from your relatives and colleagues who have experienced the childbirth to find a suitable place.

Be Ready For A Natural Childbirth

Be Ready For A Natural Childbirth

Choose a midwife

Choose whoever an obstetrician or a midwife – you believe to have a lot of experience in consultancy and caring for pregnant women. This midwife should specialize in natural childbirth and will help you a lot during pregnancy, giving birth and after that.

Read reference books

Reading book is one of best ways to collect the information on pregnancy and baby care after giving birth. Through these books, you can learn a lot of experience from other women who are having same mind and situation as yours. Real stories also help you a lot to apply to your own situation.

Pregnant women should read books to have knowledge about childbirth skill.

Pregnant women should read books to have knowledge about childbirth skill.

Make a birth plan

You and your husband should make a detailed birth plan. It will help you to take the initiative in all of your activities, especially in upcoming period.

Study about positions when beginning labor

Which position is easier to give birth? How to reduce the pain when going into labor? All these questions have answers if you read reference books or attend prenatal classes before giving birth. In these classes, the teachers will instruct you all necessary methods.

Prepare birth tools

A birth ball to play sport is very useful and helpful for pregnant women during pregnancy and childbirth. Besides, there are many other things for newborn babies and mothers such as bathtub, tissue, diaper… that you should prepare in advance.

Prepare natural childbirth tools

Prepare natural childbirth tools

Prepare the support

The support from your relatives will be your power to overcome difficult pregnancy and childbirth. It’s best to have your mother to instruct and support you.

Learn about pain relieving techniques

Lessons from prenatal classes, books, and friends… are your precious experience to deal with the labor pain. Record all the information to be ready in your situation since it will be very useful.

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