You are in the second pregnancy, and after a caesarean delivery, you really want to experience a natural birth.

Description: You can still have a vaginal delivery after caesarean.

You can still have a vaginal delivery after caesarean.

But honestly, this is probably your brave desire because it is quite risky for both mothers and children. Before deciding, please refer to your risk factors and successful potential.

Type of uterine scar of previous caesarean delivery

The first thing you need to know how your uterine incision was like in the previous cesarean delivery. There are two types of uterine incision in caesarean surgery: top-down classic incision and horizontal incisions. You can only know this information based on your medical records of last delivery, incision which is on abdominal skin does not say anything. Vertical incision in classical style - less common - significantly increases the risk of uterine break, so if you have this type of incision, ideally you should continue caesarean delivery. And if you do not know what kind of your uterine scar is, you should not be reckless.

Number of cesarean delivery in advance

For example, under the guidance of the Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada, mothers who have passed two caesarean childbirths can have vaginal delivery in the third childbirth, but in reality, few hospitals or health facilities accept and they often do not allow women give birth normally after two previous caesarean deliveries.

How does birth process begin?

The traditional medicines in the birth process is often used to stimulate uterine, hormonal gel or vaginal suppositories, in order to soften and open cervix, and also double the risk of break at uterine incision of previous births. That is the reason why medical establishments often make women labor and bear naturally and fewer medical interventions if they had previous cesarean delivery.

Natural childbirth without medical assistance has higher ratio of smooth labor for women who had uterine scar. In fact, if the contractions start before scheduled time, and you step on stage of positive labor on the way to hospital, not only chance of success is higher but the risk of uterine break is also over.

Description: Pregnant women should consider carefully before deciding to have  vaginal delivery after a caesarean birth.

Pregnant women should consider carefully before deciding to have  vaginal delivery after a caesarean birth.

The distance between two births

If time between former caesarean birth and vaginal delivery is under 18 months, the risk of uterine break may increase. Most health facilities are not acceptable for women giving natural birth in this case.

The reason of previous caesarean delivery

Reason of deciding caesarean delivery in previous birth can affect chance of success if you choose vaginal delivery in the next childbirth, although the influence is not as big as people think. For example, if you are specified to have caesarean because of some problem, that problem may be repeat such as breech baby. At that time, the rate of your vaginal childbirth’s success is decreased from 80% to 60% if you were failed in previous vaginal childbirth and forced to give caesarean section.

Used to have vaginal delivery in advance

If you have a vaginal childbirth before, whether before or after previous cesarean delivery, successful ability of your natural delivery increases by 90%.

Other factors

There is evidence that women below 35 years old or not overweight has higher successful rate of Caesarean section after vaginal delivery. These women often carry babies having smaller estimated size. However, estimation of fetal weight is not absolutely accurate. In addition, in many cases, women said they had to have caesarean section because their babies were too large to pass through the birth underground, but after that they succeeded in giving natural birth even with bigger babies.

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