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Pregnancy is a time for changing and choosing. We're not just talking about the painting color (blue or pink) for the child's room. We are talking about rearranging the priorities, how you will spend time, money and energy. “Re-evaluate what is the most meaningful in your life and the obligation you can remove - for the benefit”, said Wendy Clarke Wilcox, doctor, MPH, professor of obstetrics/gynecology at Montefiore medical center in Bronx, NY. Here are some points to consider:

Your relationship

Pregnancy can be time for mothers only, and women tend to forget their partners. “Remember that your relationship is the foundation for your children”, said Dr of psychologist Tina B. Tessina, author of The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before 40 (HCI). You should take time to discuss the coming roles as parents. How will you divide the responsibilities? What is his biggest fear? What is he waiting most? Let him know what you’re thinking and feeling. Learn how other couples solve the 24/7 demand of life with children. “It is more objective to consider others”, said Tessina.

. “Remember that your relationship is the foundation for your children”

. “Remember that your relationship is the foundation for your children”

Your spiritual life

If you are ignoring the spiritual aspect, you may want to consider it now when you're having a baby. Spiritual life does not require you to go to church, temple or mosque. “Take time to sit in the backyard and look at the stars on the sky, or light a candle and take a bath while reading a great book”, Wilcox suggested. “When your life is completely occupied by the baby, it will be helpful to sit down and think about the bigger picture”.

Entertaining activities

Maybe at this time you are spending much free time on Facebook, shopping mall or watching TV. When you’re waiting for the birth, it is a good opportunity to reassess how you want to spend free time and to find healthier and more productive activities for your family. Here are some suggestions for you to think:

Maybe at this time you are spending much free time on Facebook, shopping mall or watching TV.

Maybe at this time you are spending much free time on Facebook, shopping mall or watching TV.

Hiking in the evening: instead of lying in front of a TV or computer when you come home from the company, let wear your shoes and go out. Once your baby is born, let’s continue this activity by putting the baby in the belly bag or back pack when he/she gets older. Your child will enjoy the sights and sounds of nature (especially from 4 pm to 6 pm). In addition, your baby will learn from the movement. "Muscles have memory, the movement feeling will help the baby to imitate this skill later", said personal trainer Michael Sena.

Gardening: Wear gloves and wash hands afterwards to prevent toxoplasmosis, an infection spread through soil or cat feces, which can harm the fetus. As your child grows up, he/she will be happy with catching worms, picking vegetables and smelling the roses scent. In addition, 30 minutes gardening also helps burn 145 calories.

Sunday morning dancing party: Let’s continue the activities after having breakfast and reading newspaper, turn on some tunes and dance a little. After your baby is born, let's keep him/her in your hand or put it in the belly bag while you dance around, so that the baby can enjoy music and movement. You can do exercise and connect with your baby in the same time.

It will ease the mom to let the baby listen to music.

It will ease the mom to let the baby listen to music.

Should you move to the suburbs?

When pregnancy test result is positive, the first thing many future parents think is “it is time to move to the suburbs”. But with a new family, the city could be better. Living in a crowded city can make you feel less isolated - just step out and there is an entertaining world of people and places for you and your child. Many researches say the suburb is the factor contributing to obesity; people in the city can use the foot or bicycle to go between the places. When looking for a house, ask yourself:

·         Is the sidewalk wide and good?

·         Is there enough street lights and traffic signs to cross the main road? How about overpass for pedestrians?

·         Do the drivers stop for pedestrians? For cyclists?

·         Is speed ​​limit beneficial to cyclists?

·         Are there lanes for pedestrians, cyclists?

·         Are there shops, works or schools within walking distance from your home?

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