People who eat more vegetables and fruits have 50% less risk of cancer than ones eating the little green vegetables and fruits.

Description: Cancer prevention

Cancer prevention

Scientists say that the unsuitable diet is the fastest way to lead people to have cancer because it accounts for about 40% - 60% causes of disease. How is reasonable eating? That is paying attention to complement a full of vegetables, balance diet, limit high fat and low fiber foods.

Food must be combined in many ingredients

According to the principle of balance diet, food must be combined in many ingredients. The main food takes cereal as center factor, and is combined with fine and coarse. The auxiliary one takes vegetarian food as master, and is combined with meat and vegetarian diet.

Pay attention not to make your body too hungry or too full by skipping meals, avoid eating just one kind of food or so many kinds without control. Food should be used immediately after processing; eat more fresh food, limit foods kept for so long. Inhibit to have a meal at night because food can convert a little part at night, the rest encourage the development of gastric juice which causes resistance of the stomach reduced, which leads to cancer.

To prevent cancer, you must attend to the basic principles: not let the body absorb too much heat; controll the fat, and supply enough vitamins, inorganic salts and trace substances; increase enough cellulose in food. Especially, have enough protein, vitamins A, E, C, B and trace elements in foods.

Interested in eggs and garlic

Trace element selenium has important implications for cancer. If the concentration of selenium in the body is too low for a long time, they may get sick. Eggs and garlic contain high levels of selenium should be very effective in preventing cancer.

Description: Eggs contain high levels of selenium should be very effective in preventing cancer.

Eggs contain high levels of selenium should be very effective in preventing cancer.

If you use fertilizer containing selenium to grow garlic, it can make the content of selenium in garlic increase through vulcanizing effect. Type of high selenium garlic is able to prevent cancer more powerful than regular garlic. Moreover, the rate of excretion in this kind of selenium is pretty quick, which helps to reduce toxicity occurring due to the use of selenium in long time.

Eat more raw rations

To fight cancer, you need to eat more raw rations and farm produce which have higher content of fiber such as oats, buckwheat, rice, millet, beans, and so on. If the intestine is supplied with sufficient vegetal fiber, it will reduce the time for cancer chemicals stored in the body and boost beneficial bacteria in the gut, which helps to inhibit carcinogens. Therefore, fiber is also known as "bodyguard against cancer" of the intestinal tract.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the foods that contain lots of cellulose, carotene, vitamin C, E and B. Therefore, eating about 400-500 g of vegetables and 200 g of fruit each day, the ability of cancer reduces more than 50% compared with the people eating less these food. Nutritionists not only notice the nutrients in vegetables and fruits good for the body but also say that there are many biologically substances in plants that have anti-cancer effects. These substances help to prevent cancer better than vitamins and fiber, and even more stable than vitamins that are easily destroyed during cooking.

Description: Limit foods containing adjuncts in order to prevent cancer.

Limit foods containing adjuncts in order to prevent cancer.

Limit foods containing adjuncts

To prevent cancer effectively, you should limit foods containing adjuncts and antioxidants, foods high in fat such as cakes, animal fats, fried foods, foods in low fiber such as rice, wheat, and baked, smoked or fried foods such as chicken, duck, meat skewers. You must say no to foods of contamination, pollution, mold, metamorphic, and rancid. In particular, smokers are easy to catch cancer if they simultaneously drink more alcohol, smoke and alcohol causing oral cavity cancer, esophagus cancer and upper respiratory tract cancer.

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