Diet during pregnancy directly affects mother’s health and baby’s development.

Description: Rights and wrongs about diet during pregnancy

Rights and wrongs about diet during pregnancy

However how to set a balanced diet and full of nutrients but not too much is not well known. During pregnancy, you definitely hear lots of advices about what and how to eat. So what are the correct advices? Refer to these follow suggestions.

In pregnancy, if mothers eat more eggs, will their babies be allergic to eggs?


Doctors said the cause that most of the baby is allergic to egg is protein in egg-containing foods converting into amino acid after entering the body. These amino acids will raise histamine levels. Then it creates allergic phenomena. This is almost unrelated to the mothers eating eggs during pregnancy. In addition, research also indicates the cause of children’s allergies with food is more concerned with genetic factors. Genetic factors are available in mother’s body and not related to what mother eats unfamiliar foods.

Can pregnant women drink carbonated beverages such as cola or coffee?


In general, people usually worry about coffee and carbonated drinks because of caffeine in them. For this problem, researchers have shown that caffeine through the placenta can cause negative effects on fetus; the new-born baby is easily anxious and crying. But this only happens when the mother uses too many of these beverages.

Furthermore, too high level of caffeine can also promote the mother's kidneys to excrete catecholamine which increases vasoconstriction leading to detriment for blood circulation in uterus and placenta, and lack of oxygen to baby. So, mothers should specially pay attention to this issue. Note that beside much high levels of caffeine that may increase the risk of miscarriage, the majority of carbonated drinks contain large sugar content which can cause to gain weight too much in pregnant women and lead to many diseases such as diabetes or preeclampsia.

Can women eat hot pot while pregnancy?


For baby, the mother’s body is in function of carefully selecting and choosing strange foods. Only when mothers eat too many spicy foods, if not, it is difficult to affect the fetus. But spicy foods in hot pot may irritate the gastric peristalsis resulting to abdominal pain and uterine contractions which cause premature. Therefore, pregnant women should eat moderately spicy foods to ensure safety for your babies.

Description: Pregnant women should eat moderately spicy foods to ensure safety for babies.

Pregnant women should eat moderately spicy foods to ensure safety for babies.

Does mothers’ eating much papaya make babies have yellow skin?


Because beta carotene in papaya is pretty plentiful, whether pregnant women or children eating it too much get jaundice. But this is not related to physiological jaundice in newborns. The reason of physiological jaundice in babies is accumulation of bilirubin in body. When erythrocyte in blood is aged, bilirubin produces some waste. When the amount of waste is too much or there is no way to throw them out, waste will accumulate in the body causing jaundice.

Eat raw or cold foods in pregnancy, and baby’s trachea is not going well, is it?


Baby's trachea is good or not that is completely unrelated to mother's diet during pregnancy. Moreover, cold and raw foods do not directly reduce the womb’s temperature affecting the fetus.

However, eating more raw and cold foods without processing in high temperature makes mothers be easily infected and suffer to abdominal pain. In serious cases, that may indirectly affect the uterus, which leads to premature birth.

Description: The diet during pregnancy should be selected

Diet during pregnancy should be selected.

Does eating vinegar lead to miscarriage or birth defects?


It is believed that mothers eat vinegar during pregnancy will change the physical, increase the risk of miscarriage or birth defects. Because the ability of body’s adjustment for exotic foods is pretty high, it’s not simple to make body be completely acidified or alkalized. So absolutely there is no basis to suggest that eating vinegar can cause miscarriage or birth defects.

Do smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy make babies be deformed?


The fact has proven that smoking can impact negatively to the development of the fetus. Especially, cigarette smoke contains many substances that cause birth defects such as nicotine, lead. If you smoke during pregnancy, the rate of cleft palate will be higher. Therefore, women need to quit smoking completely during pregnancy. In addition, when pregnant women drink, lots of neurotransmitters are also affected by alcohol, particularly the development of the baby’s brain. So say no to alcohol and tobacco when you decide to have pregnancy.

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