These are some remedies that help you prevent and cure allergies.

Description: Use marjoram to treat allergies.

Use marjoram to treat allergies.

Allergy is a common disease, all year round, and in all ages. In light case, it may cause itch, rash, urticarial on skin areas or all body. In serious case, there are many itchy spots on all body. They can turn into blisters, and easy to be infected if they break. With strong factors, the patient can be shortness of breath, have chest pain due to airway constriction, vomit, or diarrhea that needs to cure promptly.

According to Oriental medicine, outside reason of allergy is due to foods such as shrimp, crab, fish, oyster, surf clam, and shrimp paste sauce, and so on; by gas, chemical or pesticide plant; by fur animals (dogs, cats), animal urine; by pollen or other insect bites, stings. Underlying cause is due to organs and inharmonious mood; by the innate allergies; by psychology, stress which cause disease. Oriental medical considers allergies as one of the diseases of "wind".

So treatment will take "blood" as an object, which means the first step of treatment focuses on blood. When blood was circulated, disease will get better: the better air flow is, the more blood circulates, and vice versa. So take some medicines that circulate blood well such as red leaves, and roses, together with medicines which are good for air flow to cure this disease. In addition, combine with febrifugal and detoxification drugs such as honeysuckle flower, dandelion and other medical herbs. If the blood is hot, use febrifugal medicines good for blood as peony, Rhemannia raw shizome, figwort, or detoxify through urine.

Description: Water-fern is used to treat allergies

Water-fern is used to treat allergies

Some Oriental methods treating allergies

Topical remedies

They are often used as acute itching and urticarial acute when the weather changes or due to any cause: food, steam, or air. The expression is lots of dirt, itching, swelling on body: use marjoram (portion of fresh or dried marjoram is above ground, it is better if the flame is brought flowers) dries really hot, then wrapped in a piece of gauze, or net cloth to rub on itch areas. Applying many times will reduce itching immediately.

Oral remedies

They are marjoram, chlorophyll, honeysuckle flower, licorice, and mint. They can be used in the form of powder or decoction, a gamut pack per day, divided into 3 times. Use consecutively for 2-3 weeks. If you use a powder form, after grinding the herbs to dust, use 2-3 times a day, 8-10g per time, drink with boiled water that has been cooled. Drink immediately for 2-3 weeks. When taking these medicines, you should abstain from fishy and spicy foods.


They are water-fern (without root) or sliced peeled wild tubers, and sarsaparilla used fresh form. When taking sauna, you should focus on where the disease is by covering cloth closely. Apply 2-3 times a week. Combining with all above medications will increase treatment efficiency.

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