Apply some simple ways to reduce the headaches causing unpleasant feelings.

Description: Avoid excessive stresses to limit headaches.

Avoid excessive stresses to limit headaches.

Headache is a very common symptom, especially for those who work in the offices. It causes us to feel tired and uncomfortable. Most headaches are usually caused by the work stresses or weather changes, and they usually only happen for a short time. These pains are not usually dangerous for your health and will expire if they are prevented properly.

The headache is a common symptom of many diseases, so it is difficult to determine the causes. However, in some cases, they can be determined.


The excessive stresses at work and in daily activities are the common causes; they cause headaches only in common. It’s very harmful to your health and affects the ability of the brain activity if you have stress very often. Therefore, it is necessary to have the appropriate time arrangement to study, work and rest. In addition, trying to spend time for fun and relaxation is also essential, especially for sports, so that the body is not tiring and the mind is always comfortable.

Description: Headaches often cause the body fatigue

Headaches often cause the body fatigue.

Sometimes, the common headache symptoms are the signs warning of the dangers of a certain disease. Be careful with the severe prolonged pains. Because they do not only affect the work but also are the early symptoms of serious diseases such as brain diseases (brain hemorrhage, hypotension, hypertension, and ischemia) and cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, etc.). In addition, the endocrine diseases such as menstrual disorder, menorrhagia, dental or eye diseases, and otorhinolaryngology diseases (otitis, sinusitis) also cause headaches.

Practice sports and exercise too excessively

In the community, there has always existed a false sense of the practice for a long time. The concept is practicing as much as possible for health. It is due to the fact that practicing and exercising too much not only make the muscles move but the brain is also engaged in this stimulus motion. As a result, the brain is more susceptible to fatigue. Also, in practice, if we exercise too much, it can also cause the damage to the brain. In short, there should be practice modes that are consistent with their own health status. Do not practice sports and exercise too much.

Unreasonable diet

Excessive dieting, eating an unbalanced diet, not eating meals on time or eating according to tastes that causes  lack of nutrients for the body as well as high pressure on the ability of the brain activity. Therefore, a scientific reasonable diet will help us prevent headaches. Vegetables, fruits and processed foods from the legumes are the best ingredients to help prevent headaches effectively.

Use vehicles too long

Driving too long without resting causes tense mind which easily leads to headaches. In addition, the motion sickness is the main cause of prolonged headaches. For this reason, when driving on long routes, we need time to rest, and this will help us to avoid headaches.

The climate change is the most common cause. However, the headaches caused by weather changes do not seriously affect the health. To prevent headaches caused by weather changes, we need to practice sports and exercise, eat and drink reasonably and have appropriate activities in order to increase the body resistance to confront every change of weather.


The causes of headaches are very annoying because insomnia will make the mind always in the states of ambiguity and stress. To get a good deep sleep, we should discard all the tension after a hard working day. At the same time we should relax and get light exercise before going to bed. Besides, we need to make a habit of sleeping on time, avoid spending so much time sleeping during the day.

Excessive use of alcohol, beer and stimulants

Alcohol, beer and stimulants greatly contribute to make the mind tiring. To prevent headaches, we need to restrict the use of alcohol, beer and coffee, especially before the dinner and the bedtime. The types of drinks are very good for preventing headaches such as mineral water, green tea and fruit juices.


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