Preparing thoughtfully will help you have a healthy pregnancy.

1.     Eliminate contraceptive

Before deciding to be pregnant, mothers should consider kind of medicine that both husband and wife are using carefully. The best way is that you shouldn’t use it if it isn’t really important in this time. To contraceptive, you should give up it at least 3 months before deciding to be pregnant.

Stop using contraceptive will help women better follow how menstrual cycle takes place. Due to this thing, women will define the time when ovum falls and ability of being pregnant is the best.

2.     Give up cigarette and wine

Drinking wine and smoking cigarette will directly affect reproductive ability of husbands and wives. Smoking cigarette will affect quality of ovum to wives and quality of sperm to husbands.  

Women that smoke cigarette before and in the time of pregnancy, fetus will have the risk of defect, miscarriage and premature birth and this rate is very high. In estimation, 13% of obstetrical accidents relates to smoking cigarette.

In reality, women that often smell smoke of cigarette have to face pregnant risk more than people that don’t contact with cigarette smoke.

Many parents make plan to give up wine and cigarette, but they aren’t successful. Hoping appearance of a baby will be big motivation that can help them give up this bad habit.

Cigarette smoke will make the risk of defect to fetus increase.

Cigarette smoke will make the risk of defect to fetus increase.

3.     Limit to use caffeine

Many women have habit of drinking coffee in working day. Many mothers feel difficult to finish a lot of work without a cup of morning coffee.

Doctors advise that the safe content of caffeine to use is 100mg/day. Moreover, they also advise pregnant women give up coffee in pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months.

Besides, pregnant women also consider kinds of drink that contain caffeine such as soda, tea and some kinds of reliever.

Before using the above kinds, pregnant women should read the content on packing carefully. A glass of tea can contains 30-60mg of caffeine, 2 Excedrin tablets contain 130mg caffeine.

4.     Weight index

Before deciding to be pregnant, husband and wife should follow weight index of both. If husband/wife is too fat or thin, both of them should practice to have balanced body. BMI index that is suitable is in gap between 19 and 24.

An enduring and healthy body will helps fathers improve the quality of sperm. Moreover, mothers will have a safe pregnancy, and they will face complication and risk less.

Both husband and wife should create the habit of doing exercise every day. The simple way is that walking some periods in a week or registering a course to practice health. Mothers should maintain to do exercise after being pregnant.

5.     Go to the cinema

If you are excited about new films in the theatre, you shouldn’t miss the time before being pregnant to do this favorite habit.

When you become a pregnant woman, it’s uncomfortable to seat at one place in many hours. Some other inconveniences are going to toilet, dozing without knowing although the film is attractive. So, this thing will make pregnant women feel bored.

6.     Prepare finance

It is an important preparation for the couples who intend to have a baby in the near future.

Having a savings account for the purpose of giving birth will help women feel safe in maternity period and looking after their children at home.

Although many families have considered carefully, in fact, spending for baby is still more expensive than expected. Therefore, it is better if from now, you have a finance plan that is specific and particular for future to welcome the new member.

7.     Provide nutrients

You should provide vitamins every day from 3 to 6 months before being pregnant. Vitamin that is important to provide is folic acid with content 400mg/day.

If fetus receives enough vitamin of group B before and early in pregnancy, they can reduce inborn defects in brain and backbone to 70%.

Besides providing kinds of synthetic vitamin, pregnant women need to provide Fe to prevent anemia, calcium supports for teeth and bone.

Pregnant women should take medicine after having breakfast and drink regularly every day.

Pregnant women should take medicine after having breakfast and drink regularly every day.

8.     Have enough sleep

In pregnancy, pregnant women often toss and turn, lose sleep. There are many reasons that cause pain in flank continuously. As a result, they wake up many times in night to go to toilet or have heartburn…

But this time you aren’t pregnant women. You should have enough sleep to have stable health. Many researches show that women that sleep under 8 hours/day often have disorder about menstruation more than those who have enough sleep.

9.     Get rid of stress

Stressed mentality can affect ability of becoming pregnant or pregnant women. Disorder about mentality makes cycle about falling of ovum of women change.

Women should let loose body and calculate about way to solve to limit negative things. Not all of the things are perfect!

Comfortable psychology will help becoming pregnant more easily.

Comfortable psychology will help becoming pregnant more easily.

Psychological experts consider that there isn’t prescription to help people get rid of stress. But women can apply simple therapies to help you feel optimistic and have less worry such as:

·         Spend 15 minutes before going to bed on things that takes place in day

·         Read some pages of books before going to bed

·         Write diary regularly


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