What is the last time when you and your husband take photograph together? This is the suitable time when father and mother have photographs that they take together before their baby is born. Mothers can take photographs with anything that they like: places that both of them often come, warm house of both of them, favorite things…

What is the last time when you and your husband take photograph together?

What is the last time when you and your husband take photograph together?

11.  Enjoy many different dishes

Mothers should try cooking to vary family dishes in this stage. In pregnancy, mother’s eating and drinking will become more difficult and uncomfortable than previous stages.

If you have conditions, married couples shouldn’t hesitate to eat out together in a restaurant on a romantic weekend evening.

12.  Rearrange accommodation

That there is an airy space and handy position for family life makes women feel safe before pregnancy. And it is the best thing to place accommodation securely before and after giving birth.

On the other hand, married couples should rearrange accommodation in your house so that you can use some places to set your baby’s furniture reasonable. Spending an own room for baby in the first stage is not really necessary because it is better for babies to sleep with their parents.

13.  Rearrange current jobs

Before intending to be pregnant, you should consider your current job carefully, namely you should give some questions. For example, is the job suitable for pregnant women? Will there be any your boss’s anger if you are off work to take care of your ill children? ...

And the important thing for women is that they should work at a stable place at least from 12 months and over so that they can get your interests from pregnant insurance.

14.  Ask your relatives for pregnant experience

Your maternal grandmother, mother, aunts are devoted leaders because they have a lot of experience in pregnancy and taking care of their children. Ask them about the pregnant health of women in maternal and paternal families due to heredity factors.

Provide doctors with information that relates to your family’s heredity prehistory if you realize that you are in case of suffering diseases relating to reproductive abilities such as the bad quality of ova, the block of fallopian tubes, fibroma.

15.  Check health periodically

Couples of husband and wife should go to check health periodically at least 3 months before deciding to be pregnant. Monitoring and doing experiments can check diseases that can infect through sex, health of heart such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes asthma, problems about thyroid gland.

Normally, men are often lazy going to check health; however, monitoring health before being pregnant will help doctors detect chronic diseases, some kinds of medicine affect quality of sperm and obstacles for the health of fetus in the future.

Women should vaccinate some diseases such as flu, varicella, rubella… 3 months before being pregnant.

16.  Go to see dentist

Many women consider that health of teeth and mouth is not related to reproductive ability. However, in reality, taking care of teeth and mouth well before and in pregnancy will help pregnant women have a healthy pregnancy.

Brushing teeth in a correct way, using dental thread and going to check teeth regularly will reduce 70% the risk of miscarriage. On the contrary, pregnant women that catch some diseases about teeth and mouth such as tooth decay, gingivitis, pyorrhea without treatment will face the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and puerperal eclampsia.

17.  Go on holiday with friends

Besides going on holiday with your husband to go to places that you wish, sharing vacation with your close girlfriends is also a wonderful choice before you become a real mother.

18.  Avoid contacting with chemicals

Women often chose fashionable dyes to make their hair beautiful or decorate nail with remarkable colors. When you intend to be pregnant, you should stop contacting with chemicals to beautify.

Although there isn’t research that proves dyeing to affect fetus, experts advise women should reduce contact with chemicals, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.

Mothers shouldn’t dye in the first three months of pregnancy.

Mothers shouldn’t dye in the first three months of pregnancy.

19.  Limit to buy new clothes

Figure hugging skirts, skinny jean trouser aren’t used when mothers are pregnant. So, why do you have to spend money buying things that we cannot use?

In the fifth, sixth month of pregnancy, mothers will recognize the change in size of body quickly. At this time, mothers can buy clothes, shoes that are suitable for them.

20.  Discuss taking care of children with husband

Sharing with husband the topics about taking care of and bringing up children is very necessary before you and your husband decide to have new member in your family. Both of you should share straightly about opinions, desire and worries that women have to face during 9 months of pregnancy.

Share with your husband feelings about being pregnant.

Share with your husband feelings about being pregnant.

Arrangements and unification about taking care of newborn babies and bringing up them in the first years of life will have big meaning.

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