Carrying a handbag is not simple. It’ll be harmful if you don’t know the right way to do.

Do you have any bad habits of using handbags? And, do you know how to choose a handbag that s “friendly” to your health?

Handbags which are too heavy or are used in the wrong way can bring you headache, neck and shoulder pain. The following bad habits are very popular.

Carrying handbags needs to be done right.

Carrying handbags needs to be done right.

Carrying a heavy bag on one side

According to the American Chiropractic, a handbag should weighs under 10% of your body weight. Carrying a handbag that weighs over allowance on one side of the body can leads to backache and shoulder pain. The heavy bag can even cause headache. Dr. Karen Erickson said: “A handbag which lacks scientific quality creates too much pressure on trapezius of the shoulder’s muscle; the pressure will follow the path to the back of the skull, cause migraine and damage muscles. When walking, you should change the side carrying the bag frequently to keep balance and comfortable sensation.  

Choosing a handbag that has thin handle

A thin handle bag that is too heavy can leave traces in your shoulders and cause pain. Especially, the metal handle makes it worse. Large bag handle will do the weight distribution better.

“If you have to go out with a thin handle bag, to reduce the damage on the shoulders, you should carry the bag in front of you as a temporary method,” said Dr. Erickson.

Carrying a backpack that is too low

If you decide to buy a backpack to equally distribute the weight, you must be sure that you can wear it right. First of all, you need to use both of the handles, instead of one. Make sure that the backpack isn’t too low and under your back; the perfect position is under your lib cage, not under the waist and hipbone area.

Carrying a backpack that is too low can cause bad effects on your shoulders.

Carrying a backpack that is too low can cause bad effects on your shoulders.

Putting the bag on the floor

This is a mistake that is hardly recognized. The travel bags or handbags that are using daily go directly from the bedroom to cars (trains), offices, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars, or even public toilets, then back to the kitchen. The bag not only gets dirtier from the travel, but also, when you put it on the floor, collects more harmful bacteria. Do not put the bag down anytime you like; at the same time, take notice of the bag’s hygiene daily.

Do not put the bag on the floor as it’s not hygienic.

Do not put the bag on the floor as it’s not hygienic.

Using a multipurpose bag

Avoid carrying the same bag to places and events because it will increase the number of times you have to bring the bag. You should use a different bag to go the gym, have a bag just for carrying shoes, instead of carrying all in a big bag.

Notes about choosing handbag

Besides choosing style, material of the handbag, you should take a look on the following advice in order not to harm yourself with belongings:

·         A handbag that is designed with the hard and heavy materials, metal handles or lock can be heavier. If an empty handbag is still heavy, you may want to consider again.

·         Carefully check the handle or change it if you don’t feel comfortable.

·         You must be sure that the length of the bag suits your height. If the handbag is too short, you won’t be able to swing your arms. And if it’s too long, it’ll ruin your carriage. The most suitable length of the bag is about waist length.


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