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The first 3 months of pregnancy

1.      Let it happen naturally

Women want to control everything; you want to choose a good age to have a baby, a time that your job is stable, or the weather that is good for delivery… This is just your personal thought which is not in baby’s concern.

Get rid of those unnecessary calculations. We can’t foresee the future. Let your delivery happen in a natural and relaxing way.

2.      Ensure your health

You’re a woman in the age of preproduction, going to have kids in the future, then there’re something you should know about taking care of your health generally, your pregnancy health in particular.

Before getting pregnant, you should stop follow your habits like smoking, drinking beers or staying up late. Additionally, you should provide yourself with folic acid from the first moment, and a sensible diet and adjust your weight.

Take care of your health state and spiritual life in pregnancy.

Take care of your health state and spiritual life in pregnancy.

You need to remember that in these first weeks of pregnancy, 80% of organs that are important to the fetus begin to take form. If you miss that golden moment and don’t take care of your health, your baby can have defects in the future.

Keep yourself a positive lifestyle to have a healthy delivery even when you haven’t been pregnant yet.

3.      See a specialist

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, especially from the 8th week, you should see a specialist to know the fetus’s health state. Doctors will define the number of fetus that you’re carrying (it can be one baby or a twin), the fetus’s heart rate, or even conduct some necessary tests.

Have pregnancy check-ups in the first 3 months.

Have pregnancy check-ups in the first 3 months.

This is also the opportunity for you to have a talk with your obstetricians about your concern, and questions about pregnancy.

4.      Eating and sleeping

The most popular sign in this period of time is tiredness. Use your time in sleeping and resting. When you reach the later stage, you’ll find it hard to have a sleep.

You also need a scientific and sensible regimen. You need to remember that both of you and your child must be supplied enough nutrient; don’t over-focus on the weight.

In the case that the pregnant feel tired or have morning sickness that leads to the verge of malnutrition, come to see the specialist for professional advice.

5.      Consider about baby care

Nothing is too soon to consider about baby care. 9 months of pregnancy will be past, everything needs to be arranged and planned before it’s too late.

You need to take notice on the medical services and newborn care. There is a bundle of things that needs thinking about, such as:

·         Choose the hospital where you will give birth to your child. It should be near your house and professional.

·         The baby and mother care services in the first days after childbirth like baby bathing, mother cleaning…

·         If your receive support from your family, you should assign duties carefully.

·         Find somebody to look after your child after maternity leave. This is a popular fact to urban areas but it’s not simple and takes lots of time. You should think about it and ask for people’s help to have the best knowledge in finding and choosing.

Finding someone to help you with your baby in those early months is not too soon.

Finding someone to help you with your baby in those early months is not too soon.

Apart from learning and exchange pregnant information, getting to know newborn care methods is also necessary, especially for women who become moms for the first time.

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