As a woman, everyone wants to be healthy and beautiful. To gain this thing, experts give 5 important things that women should do every day.

Eat 1 tomato

In all kinds of fruit and vegetable, tomato has the highest content of vitamin C. Therefore, every day women should eat at least one tomato every day so that body can satisfy daily demand of vitamin C.

Tomato has the highest content of vitamin C.

Tomato has the highest content of vitamin C.

Tomato not only is a familiar and delicious food but also has positive effects on preventing diseases about heart, reducing the risk of catching cancer…

You should remember that lacking vitamin C will affect process of forming agglutinative substance, make combination of cells be destroyed. This thing will make blood vessels weak. So, eating a lot of tomatoes will prevent bleeding and improve to help injury heal. Besides, tomato is food that is good for people that want to lose weight.

Drink a glass of yoghurt

From view of providing calcium, women are people that can lack calcium. While milk has the best effect among foods in providing calcium, especially yoghurt, it can be absorbed more easily, so women should ensure a glass of yoghurt every day.

Women should use a glass of yoghurt every day.

Women should use a glass of yoghurt every day.

In addition, yoghurt is rich of micronutrients. It is source that provides protein, vitamin and mineral, helps balance body. Yoghurt also has effect in slaking thirst, making body cool when the body operates too much. Yoghurt helps not lonely lose weight but also live longer due to improved resistance. Lactobacillus can prevent arthritis and protect women’s private part due to stimulating the body to increase secrete glaze that prevents bacterial contamination.

Drink a bottle of vinegar

To women, besides diet, everyone needs to have a bottle of vinegar in daily life. Every time after washing hand, you apply vinegar on your hand, keep in 20 minutes and after that wash cleanly. With this way, it can make your hand skin soft and white. If quality of vinegar in area where you live isn’t good, you can add more vinegar and wash hand every day. This thing plays role in beautifying your skin.

Drink a glass of boiling water for every morning and evening

Having enough water will ensure about health and beauty. Especially to women, if they lack water, it will cause early aging for the organs, and their skin will lose luminosity. Therefore, women should drink at least a glass of water in the morning and in the evening. A glass of water in the morning can make bowel clean, provide the amount of water that is lost in the evening. Drinking a glass of water in the evening will make blood not become too solid because of lacking in water at night. If blood is too solid, it will increase the speed about accumulation of pigment on brain and as a result, it will lead to early aging. Hence, a cup of water in the evening has important role to your health.

Drink tea

If women don’t have stomachache, they should drink tea. Green tea and oolong tea are the best choices. Especially to women that want to lose weight, tea can help lose weight the most effectively because tea leaf plays important role in eliminating fat in bowel.

Tea can help women lose weight the most effectively.

Tea can help women lose weight the most effectively.

Besides, to make skin healthy, beautiful and ruddy, women need to make hygiene for skin cleanly and correctly. Masking to nourish skin with fresh vegetables will provide nutrients for skin directly and take death cells.

Doing exercise every day will help blood circulate, improve transforming and metabolism. In addition, it helps skin be nourished well, become ruddy and soft. Moreover, you need to pay attention to protect skin under sunlight, you should also be careful with chemicals – cosmetics -   soap. If you regularly sit in air-conditioned room, you should apply cream to moisturize for skin every day.


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