You are busy with work, sit in front of computer in a long time and sit all day in the office... After a long time, women often ask each other, how to lose weight while sitting in a long time?

Siting in a long time can lead to the risk of catching diabetes, cancer, increasing inflammation, slower metabolism and other problems. Although it has dangerous effect, not all people know how to use that short time effectively so that they both sit in a long time and lose weight.

Do some simple exercises

Exercising muscles will burn calories and fat 12 times more than other activities. Your body can consume 50 calories every day and increase the rate of metabolism although you sit at one place. However, waist and rump are places that need to be alerted because they are paid attention to less and aren’t exercised regularly.

Some simple exercises will be good for people that sit in a long time in office.

Some simple exercises will be good for people that sit in a long time in office.

When you sit, you can try exercise: Lift 2 feet, keep them in the straight position with a 45o-angle, after that you raise knee in front of breast and take feet to the beginning position. You should do and maintain this movement regularly with 3 times per day. Each time will repeat 20 movements and it will help you burn 75 calories.

Another exercise is applied when you breathe: Your belly is sunken, breathe in deeply and keep this position in period from 5-8 seconds and do this twice a day. Each time with 8 movements can help you burn to 100 calories. In addition, exercises that support sitting posture, improve heart rate help your figure become more slender.

To avoid the phenomenon of big thigh/thigh fat, you can apply exercise to juggle mini ball 3-5 times/week and 3-5 times/day, 20 movements each time, helping consume 75 calories. The simple way is that you sit in chair and do movement of bending/stretching/closing feet and do 5 minutes for each of the feet. You can burn 35 calories in 10 minutes. You can press feet in 5 seconds for each time; about 10-20 times will help blood circulate better. In addition, you will escape from obsession about weak bones/joints, feet that are swelled because of sitting in a long time or the problem that relates to disc hernia.

Smile a lot

A research of Medical Center of Vanderbilt University shows that when you smile about 10-15 minutes/day, you will burn 40 calories, and in addition, heart rate will increase 10-20%. Moreover, metabolism will take place strongly and has better quality.

Smiling a lot also helps lose weight effectively.

Smiling a lot also helps lose weight effectively.

Don’t sit at one place

According to research of a University in Iowa State, USA, people that are often restless, often stand up and go around can burn more 300 calories every day than people that sit at one place in office. When muscles on body operate, calories will be burned, for example, when you shake your feet (ensure that it doesn’t affect anybody), keep ball by feet or play with ball. Moreover, exercises such as contorting body, stretching shoulder, breathing also make the body more alert.

Nosh intelligently

Michelle Davenport, nutritious expert and researcher in Y NYU University in New York, shows that some foods can support transforming the process of food positively such as peppery foods (chili), protein (chicken, cheese), kinds that have high content of fiber (broccoli, carrot, asparagus). Our body will work better to consume protein and fiber, so you should provide foods that burn calories effectively.

Have a break with coffee

Caffeine helps wake up process of transforming energy in the body. However, you should choose intelligent products carefully. Drinks and kinds of coffee that contain a lot of sugar can make your purpose about losing weight reduce. You can choose green tea, black coffee without sugar and drink before 3p.m so that it cannot affect sleep in the evening.

When you have a break, you should choose green tea, black coffee without sugar and drink before 3p.m.

When you have a break, you should choose green tea, black coffee without sugar and drink before 3pm.

However, drinking too much coffee has negative effect on the body and it can make you exhausted. Once you aren’t provided with enough water, metabolism will take place slowly.


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