Exercise for thigh

Stand straightly, the left hand will cling on a fulcrum. The right foot will do the movements in the front and back. You also do similarly for the left foot. After that you will turn your body with 180o and repeat those movements.

Exercise to consolidate walk

Stand straightly, spread 2 feet and keep shoulder straight. Incline your body on the right, lower the right hand along thigh, the left hand lifts on head. Breathe slowly and you repeat this movement from 2 to 3 times to both hands.

Exercise to consolidate muscle in chest

Kneel, 2 hands put on the floor. Breathe out, lower head, hold shoulder back straightly (imagine that you are creeping through some obstacle). Breathe in, hold your head up and turn to the first position. You should try to make waist bend.

Baby is developing.

From the second quarter of pregnancy, your daily foods need to have more nutrients because baby is the fast developing period. In addition, fetus’s internal organs begin to operate. Therefore, your daily menu needs to have more vitamins and minerals. You will begin to gain weight faster: about 300-450 grams/week and this is the ideal level. Gaining weight will help doctor have more useful information about baby’s development.

From the second quarter of pregnancy, fetus’s internal organs begin to operate.

From the second quarter of pregnancy, fetus’s internal organs begin to operate.

This is the time when you should try the delicious and nutritious dishes. Now, you can experience that sometimes you like to eat the dishes that you don’t like to eat before. You don’t try to repulse yourselves. This is the body’s sign that let you know the nutrients that you need to provide. You need to go to see doctor to receive the suitable advices.

Sometimes you can crave for this dish and can be satiated with the other. If you feel repugnant when you see wine, beer, coffee and chocolate, this thing is good. These foods are necessary for you at this time.

If you fear to drink milk, this thing will affect baby’s health. Calcium and other substances are necessary for baby. Therefore, you need to find some food to replace milk, for example yoghurt.

Menu for 2 people

In the middle of pregnancy, your body begins to store up fat. This process is necessary for fetus to develop. It will help the process of giving birth and become advantageous and help you raise children with mother’s milk in a long time.

Experts advise pregnant women to eat 5 times in a day (have a snack after lunch). The amount of liquid should reduce to 1.5 liter/day.

Experts advise pregnant women to eat 5 times in a day (have a snack after lunch).

Experts advise pregnant women to eat 5 times in a day (have a snack after lunch).

The demand about vitamin and mineral will increase more than 1.5 times. Pregnant women remember to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. In this period, calcium is especially necessary because baby’s bone is developing. Calcium is also necessary for your teeth to be healthy.

From the fourth months, iodine begins to store up in baby’s thyroid gland. Therefore, pregnant women should eat a lot of sea foods, kiwi. Baby’s gall and liver begin to operate. You should eat the foods that are rich of fatty acids such as kinds of vegetable oil (olive oil, soya oil), fish oil.

Note: Baby knows to inform you that when you need to eat. You shouldn’t eat too late. If you cannot have lunch on time, you can apple or dried fruits. However, you shouldn’t eat fast foods.

Wonderful living germ in your body

In the 13th week:

Fetus’s size is similar to your fist and its weight is about 20-28 grams. To the second quarter of pregnancy, fetus’s length is 22cm. Its size is equal to the length from the wrist to elbow. Within 3 months, baby’s weight is nearly 1kg.

In the 16th week

Placenta completely takes shape. Fetus can swim in amniotic fluid with a rather large space. You child can operate at its will and pleasure: bend its body and stretch feet, hands and beat hands smoothly. Due to these movements, baby’s neural system can develop and muscles are consolidated.

You can see your child at this time, you can recognize that baby is such its fingers. This way will help baby to suck mother’s milk in the future. Baby is more and more beautiful. At the beginning, 2 eyes are far away and they are on 2 sides of head. At this time, they return to the correct position and baby also studies to move eyes to the directions.

In the 16th week, baby can suck fingers.

In the 16th week, baby can suck fingers.

In the 21st week

Baby begins to store up fat and it will become fat gradually. Liver will transform to bilirubin directly and get it out of body.

From the 24th week

Lung cells begin to secrete substance to prevent stickiness of pleura. However, the amount of this substance is temporarily a little.

Note: Lacking oxygen isn’t good for you and baby. Therefore, you should walk outside to breathe pure air at least 2 hours every day.

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