This is a gentle and very effective sport for improving your health and spirit during and after pregnancy.

Description: Great benefits of yoga for pregnant women

Great benefits of yoga for pregnant women

Why practice yoga?

Period of pregnancy and breastfeeding makes your shape and outward change very much. But you should not be too worried, the exercises of movement and breathing have had for over 5,000 years will help you strengthen physical and spirit perfectly.

Here are four reasons why yoga is an ideal choice:

Understand more about your body

Yoga is a great tool that helps you be familiar with your body. Practicing regularly will help you focus different organs on body that is especially useful when you delivery.

Regulate emotion

Yoga stresses on breathing and moving continuously to help you breathe more deeply. For some women, Yoga helps them feel comfortable. And if mother are comfortable and cozy, so dose baby.

Perfect position

Pregnancy can make you have bad motion. When holding babies or putting them into trolley, your position is not also normal. One of the best benefits of yoga increases strength of back and shoulder, and make your posture more good looking.

Support spirit

Attending in a yoga class before and after birth is very good way to make friends with those who are in the same condition of you.

The necessary things when practicing yoga

The most important factor in yoga is rhythm of breath. Things which make yoga become different from other sports is each position in yoga concerning to inhale and exhale. Why have to exhale drastically? Exhaling and moving concurrently creates rhythm for your exercise. Breathing deeply can give oxygen into whole body and provide energy for body.

Let prepare these tools before starting:

Frictional mat

Mat is used as a shield between you and floor. It can help your hands and legs not slide on the floor.

Description: Yoga helps to increase physical for pregnant women gently

Yoga helps to increase health for pregnant women gently.


Blanket is spread in order to make pregnant women feel comfortable when doing some position. 

Wooden or plastic ruler

If you cannot reach to toes, you can use ruler to combine the gap between your hand and toes.

String, belt

String can be used as ruler. If you cannot keep your legs closely in a position, you can wind string and pull them together.

Comfortable clothes

You need to wear clothes which are really comfortable to not continuously adjust them. Cotton clothes will be fit and relaxing.

8 simple movements of yoga for pregnant women

You will feel rich in energy after practicing. Here are 8 simple movements you should do.

Bend neck

This movement is useful for warming up and slackening neck muscle.

Sit upward back, put your legs cross, and breathe in. When exhaling, lean gradually your head to the right until you feel neck muscle stretch the most. Breathing deeply 3 times, put your head back to the first position. Then, do the same for left side. Repeat 3 times for each sides.

Bend shoulder

This movement helps to extend breast and back

Stretch widely your arms then put fingers on shoulder, inhale. Hold your elbows upwards to ceiling, exhale, and back to first position. Practice the same for rest side. Repeat 3 times for each sides.

Stretch toes

Let loose calf muscle and push up circulation of blood and air.

Sit and coil legs. Press toes and ankle down the floor. Repeat randomly.

Description: Prepare enough tools for practicing yoga

Prepare enough tools for practicing yoga

Cat and cow

The movement increases flexibility.

Practice cow movement: hand under shoulder, legs lean beneath hips. Breathe in and push pelvis backward and lower, eyes look up forward ceiling. When exhaling, keep head between two shoulders, roll the back until head closes to navel. Repeat this movement 3 times.

Baby movement

This movement helps to expand pelvis and breast.

Do cow movement and keep knees wider than shoulders. Move lightly, hold forehead across from floor. Hands can put in front or slanted toward two sides. Repeat as much as possible.

Incline pelvis

This movement reinforces muscle of lower back, buttocks and belly.

Lie down and fold knee. Breathe out; push pelvis and genital bone upward. Then put pelvis back to first position. Repeat 6 times.

Expand breast

Expend breast and upper back.

Sit and coil legs, shoulders, back, and spine stretch. Hands hold a string and lift over the head. Right arm stretched more widely than shoulders. Use arm to carry string back head until you feel stretching muscle. Breathe 3 times. Repeat as much as possible.


Expand hips, groin, and reduce backache.

Put a pillow along body length. Lie down and put head on it.

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