There are many problems you will past during 9 months of pregnancy, how to come over the most easily?

Description: Morning sickness can take place any time in day.

Morning sickness can take place any time in day.

Hemorrhoids (piles)

Hemorrhoids is created by stretching too much of hemorrhoidal venous plexus at anal and it can protrude to make you pain, itch, and bleed especially when taking toilet. This disease is easy to occur in pregnancy because stimulant factors swell blood vessels and baby’s’ weight creates pressure on it.

How to prevent hemorrhoids?

Drink much water and eat lots of cellulose to ensure that you do not have constipation because this disease is the direct reason causing hemorrhoids.

Using hot or cold compresses regularly can prevent hemorrhoids or treat it effectively.

Avoid standing in long time because it creates pressure on pelvic floor muscles, increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Wash your private part by warm water every day.

Use hemorrhoid cream, but you need to consult doctor in advance.

When should you visit doctor?

In case that you have hemorrhoid, together with bleed and pain severely, you should see doctor to be treated promptly.

Description: Hemorrhoids is created by stretching too much of hemorrhoidal venous plexus at anal.

Hemorrhoids is created by stretching too much of hemorrhoidal venous plexus at anal.


Heartburn is an comfortable feeling in throat. The reason of this phenomenon is supposed that progesterone operates powerfully in stomach and acids are reflowed. Heartburn makes you feel heat in throat. This is very uncomfortable.

How to deal with this disease?

Divide portion into many small meals in a day.

Hold head higher when sleeping.

Avoid hot and spicy foods, carbonated drinks.

Drink chrysanthemum tea or ginger tea to ease digestive system.

Eat garlic every day.

In case of severe disease, consult doctor.

Itchy skin

Belly skin is stretched when babies grow up. You will feel itch and uncomfortable. Sometimes, this phenomenon also occurs at thigh and buttocks, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

Limit itchy skin in pregnancy

Take a bath with warm water every day.

Wash belly skins clearly, avoid moisture and sweat.

Wash clothes by washing-powder containing a little cleaner.

Leave belly skin ventilating any time you can.

This phenomenon will end right after babies are born, but in case that it is long lasting even after childbirth, need to consult doctor.

Is it dangerous?

If itch comes with jaundice, you should visit doctor. Sometimes itchy skin may be concerned with liver problems. In that case, you should take blood test to find out the reason.

Morning sickness

Description: Morning sickness can occur any time in day.

Morning sickness can occur any time in day.

Up to 80% of women have feeling of morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy. According to experts, the reason is high level of pregnant hormone in blood. Therefore, if you are wondering if you are pregnant and see symptoms of morning sickness, you are exactly in pregnancy.

Level of hormone is the highest in the first weeks of pregnancy. That is the reason why morning sickness will go down from the 14th week of pregnancy. However, some pregnant women will be faced with these phenomena until the end of pregnancy.

Although morning sickness is called morning disease, but it can occur any time in day in the morning, in the evening or even at night. Morning sickness will make you have a difficult in eating but you can ease it does not affect your babies.

Useful advice to deal with morning sickness

Eat many small meals in day.

Spend much time resting.

Give up tea and coffee. Use ginger tea or chrysanthemum.

Smell lemon or drink a glass of fresh lemon juice.

Always take dried foods with you such as toast and cereal.

Is morning sickness dangerous?

You continuously have morning sickness and cannot add any foods into the body, discuss with your doctor about that. Some women who have suffered vomiting seriously need to go to hospital.

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