The common problems during pregnancy are morning sickness, heartburn, body aches, and so on. Let’s deal with these problems!

Description: In pregnancy, women have to face many diseases.

In pregnancy, women have to face many diseases.


Anaemia is a common symptom appeared in all pregnant women. Demand of blood to provide for babies is the cause of anaemia and lack of iron. Anaemia happens most in the first 3 months and last 3 months of pregnancy.



Pale skin



Can anaemia be prevented?

To provide enough blood for babies and mothers during pregnancy, women should supplement high iron foods such as red meat, fish oil, red beans, spinach, cereals (rice).

How to treat pregnant anaemia?

When you take antenatal care, if the result of blood test shows that you have anaemia, take iron tablet according to doctor’s instructions.

One of the common effects of using blood tonic is constipation. Tell doctor about the condition of your constipation to have reasonable treatment. Moreover, to limit this symptom you should drink much water, eat vegetables and foods having cool temper.

Is anaemia dangerous?

You can obviously feel signs of anaemia such as fatigue, shortness of breath and dizziness. Anaemia in pregnancy can make babies not be provided enough oxygen and affect babies’ development. Consult specialists as soon as you see symptoms of anaemia.

Description: Morning sickness, heartburn and body aches are common symptoms of women during pregnancy.

Morning sickness, heartburn and body aches are common symptoms of women during pregnancy.


Hormones in pregnancy will stretch joints, ligaments and muscles to prepare for childbirth. Therefore, pregnant women are easy to suffer sprain and backache. Baby’s weight also put pressure on mother’s spine and pelvis, which causes backache to be more serious.

Advice to reduce backache in pregnancy

Use specific pillows for pregnant women when sleeping. They are pillows which have sharp of letter C, U, and T.

Apply hot compresses or cold compresses to your back each evening.

If the pain is too serious, take paracetamol, but you need to consult doctor in advance.

Practice some exercises for back.

Do not lift heavy items; they will make pain become more severe. If the pain continues to be more serious, contact with doctor to have suitable treatment method because it can be the symptom of other dangerous diseases in pregnancy.

Bleeding gums

During pregnancy, gums trend to become soft and easy to bleed, especially when brushing teeth. The reason for this phenomenon is increase of hormones, ligaments, and tissues in the body that causes high risk of gingivitis, and problems of oral health.

How to prevent bleeding gums?

Using soft brush and dental thread frequently (at least twice a day) can decrease this symptom. Furthermore, you need to visit dentist regularly or whenever recognizing bleeding gums.

Is bleeding gums dangerous?

Many researches indicated that oral diseases are concerned with premature and underweight in babies. Therefore, you should see dentist immediately if your teeth have any problems.

Description: Drink enough water to reduce symptoms of pregnant diseases.

Drink enough water to reduce symptoms of pregnant diseases.


Constipation is one of the most common symptoms in pregnancy due to the change of progesterone hormone, which slows down movement of intestine. Constipation is more severe when you supplement iron for body.

5 ways to limit constipation

Drinking much water – fresh water, fruit juices, or herbal teas – are good for pregnant women. Besides, you need to avoid tea and coffee during pregnancy.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do not eat too much foods containing sugar because they can jam digestive system.

Walk and swim regularly to circulate digestive system.

Do not hasten to go to toilet much because it causes stress for you.

Try this method

A glass of warm water added a little lemon juice for every morning has effect on warming up and clearing intestine tract before eating other things. Also choose foods that have cool temper to provide your body every day.

Is constipation dangerous?

If you feel too uncomfortable, headache and cannot use toilet during 5 – 7 days in a row, that means pressure on intestine has created bacteria and intestine is infected seriously. You need to see doctor immediately.

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