Definitely, no pregnant women want to be in difficult childbirth. So, how prevents that problem?

Description: How to prevent difficult childbirth

How to prevent difficult childbirth

According to the statistics of researchers, there are up to 5% cases of difficult birth every year, and pregnant women who drop in this condition unluckily will face with many risks. Let find out reasons of difficult childbirth.

Reasons of difficult births

Pelvis is too narrow and not proportionate to baby’s head

If pelvis is narrow but baby is small, women still take vaginal delivery. Contrarily, a normal pelvis but baby is too big to go through that means the baby’s head and pelvis is not proportionate. Pregnant women should note to take ultrasound before birth to decide if they have caesarean delivery or not.

Weak generant but strong ligament

Generant includes neck of uterus, vagina, and area outside vagina. Weak generant and strong ligament make time for birth longer, neck of uterus open slowly. For overcoming this situation, now there is medicine softening the neck of uterus.

Description: There are many reasons causing difficult birth in pregnant women

There are many reasons causing difficult birth in pregnant women.

Uterus contracts weakly

Force for pushing fetus outside too feeble means uterus contract weakly. Someone is weak at the beginning of labor, and some weakens in process of birth. Those who are weakened during labor can be due to long time of birth, wrong method of contract muscles and screaming too much that leads to fatigue. This case is usually in old pregnant women who bear in the first time.

You can take medicine that excites contractions of uterus in order that the body can take a rest, and continue when getting better. But if this situation is more serious, must operate to pick up baby out.

Baby’s head turns unusually

When baby goes through narrow hip bone, it both turns and moves down to go out. If this process is not convenient like that, called baby’s head turns unusually. When pregnant women are in this situation, they should follow instructions of doctor.

Baby’s position is extraordinary

Strange position of baby that causes difficult birth is two legs are horizontal, two legs go out first, or baby turns its face upward. After breaking amnion, cutting navel string, slow birth is dangerous for live. 

Placenta praevia

You can use ultrasound to diagnostic in pregnant time. To not occur unusual things while birth, pregnant women should take caesarean delivery.

Early slough placenta off

Early slough placenta off can totally avoid if taking ultrasound before birth. When being in this symptom, if baby is not brought out in time, its life will be damaged by lack of oxygen. Furthermore, bleeding too much also is risky for pregnant women. If pregnant women find out early bong placenta, they must be operated immediately to ensure lives and health of both mother and baby.

Break amnion early

If break amnion before birth, uterus will difficult to open, the fetus cannot go through generant conveniently leading to difficult birth. Most of the case of breaking amnion early can still take vaginal delivery.

Moreover, preganant women who have heart disease and kidney disease are easy to be difficult birth, so need to watch for strictly spirit and health of them to ensure safe when bearing.

Description: Moving regularly helps pregnant women prevent difficult childbirth.

Moving regularly helps pregnant women prevent difficult childbirth.

How to prevent difficult birth?

Check out system of birth before delivery

Pregnant women need to inspect regularly during whole pregnancy. At the end of pregnancy, need to estimate hip-bone to see if breadth opens safety for both mother and baby. 2 weeks before birth, pregnant women should go to hospital to decide birth method vaginal delivery or caesarean delivery.

Protect spirit and physical strength well

Before delivery, women need providing enough nutrients, move reasonably, prevent diseases. To strengthen spirit and physical, remain comfortable feeling, pregnant women should eat foods that easy to digest.

Equip knowledge

Pregnant women should equip themselves knowledge on birth. And birth is natural phenomenon, so you only pay attention to follow correctly the instructions of doctor, pregnancy will take place conveniently. Besides, during labor, you also know how to cooperate closely with doctor in order that your birth is easier.

Always keep a good mood

You should not be too worried about your birth, and always positive and full of hope about your coming baby.

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