Nowadays, caesarean section becomes more popular and not just in any individual country.

Description: Today, the number of caesarean delivery increases more and more.

Today, the number of caesarean delivery increases more and more.

Trend of caesarean childbirth

With every 100 children were born in Brazil, there are 80 babies are picked up by caesarean section. The number of American children born through operating in 2006 rose double compared to 10 years before. In Vietnam the rate of caesarean delivery has increased 2.5 times compared with average rate that is given by the World Health Organization. Figures are posted on many website reflecting the fact that caesarean delivery is becoming more popular and not just in any individual country.

Today, when asking about the health of mother who has just born, people are familiar with the question "caesarean section or vaginal delivery?" that is like asking about hospital chosen for birth. And method that was only used for emergency in the past suddenly changes into common phenomenon with many positive causes which have propertied of era; for example, women have children later, multiple pregnancies caused by vitro fertilization are increase, or the number of obese pregnant women rises. Besides, there are many unreasonable reasons why women require caesarean section such as being afraid of pain, fearing of being ugly or choosing gold time for birth.

While mothers want childbirth taking place as smoothly as their plan, doctors also assign caesarean section more quickly because they soon recognized the bad signs in babies and also some of them are afraid of observing pregnant women during labor, and being responsible if there are any unfortunate things happening. But experts recommend the most important reason making trend of caesarean delivery is due to change of thought about labor process and birth. In high industrialized and medical society, people pay attention more to ensure that the baby is born more safely and smoothly than expected to the magic of nature. But this change brings more inconvenience for baby’s health.

Description: Today, people have many reasons for choosing caesarean delivery.

Today, people have many reasons for choosing caesarean delivery.

The consequences later

Babies were born by caesarean section are easy to have respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, asthma because they do not receive some hormone during labor. That is information everyone knows about the damage of caesarean section. But actually, going above of natural childbirth process can leave unexpected consequences in both digestive system and immune system of baby.

According to scientists at the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, sterilizing condition of caesarean delivery affects microflora of intestine and immune system of newborns. Normally, in labor process, the baby is contacted with bacteria in vagina and mother’s excrement first, and then establishing a strong basement for beneficial bacteria living naturally in intestinal tract. But with sterile condition in caesarean delivery, to have beneficial bacteria for intestinal tract such as Bifidobacteria and Probiotic which locate in intestine, caesarean babies need lots of time to generate. Swedish pediatric scientists estimate that caesarean babies have to spend 6 months to have intestinal microflora system like natural childbirth babies who have just been born.

On the other hand, being contacted with bacteria in vagina and intestine also create the first experience for immune system, which helps newborns recognize and struggle against pathogenic factors. Caesarean babies do not have this opportunity, so they are hard to find out adaptation to live in much bacteria environment. And Probiotic is bacteria that have ability of resisting infection, improving immune system. Furthermore, some research’s results say that caesarean children are easy to be suffered from other diseases such as diabetes type 1 or decay.

For the health of babies

Letting babies be born naturally is the best way for them to have comprehensive development. But because some reasons that force to take Caesarean section, please try to minimize the loss for your child by not operating when not in the date of birth, bearing at big hospitals with doctors having experience on surgery. And to support intestinal microflora system and immune system of your babies to develop healthily and not to be worse than natural birth babies, in addition to strengthening breastfeeding (breast milk contains many beneficial bacteria being transmitted to children through breastfeeding), mothers can supplement probiotic into the nutritious portions of their babies. Probiotic are in some kinds of milk that have formula of adding this antibiotic or probiotic products for babies.

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