Come into the 6th month (the 24th week) of pregnancy, baby has developed whole functions.

Description: 24-week fetus is equal to melon.

24-week fetus is equal to melon.

Overall development

The 24-week fetus has heard sound outside clearly, so parents should choose classical tracks for their baby, watch animation, and tell the story regularly. Moreover, at that period of pregnancy, the baby understands what you say.

Pregnant women should not be too worried when knowing that development of hearing ability of baby is affected by sounds from outside. Big noise echoes to amniotic bag, for example, bark or sound from vacuum cleaner will not make your baby uncomfortable until it was born.

The body of a 24-week fetus has developed full range of functions, so the ability of survive if he was born at that time is up to 85%. Base on advanced scientific methods, doctors can raise baby outside the womb from the 24th week.

Like many other parts, baby’s brain develops rapidly. Taste also develops and lungs have completed to take place many different functions. As the results, baby's respiratory system is significantly improved. However, block of surfaced cells has not been produced totally, so if born prematurely, the baby will have problems on respiration.

The skin of a 24-week fetus does not completely stretch because fatty layer under skin has not generated, and baby's body is still thin. However, sweat gland is created under skin. The muscle of arms and legs has developed, and the baby always has movements of stretching arm in mother’s belly. That explains the reason why baby usually stamps in this stage.

Activities of baby in the womb are irregular; sometimes it moves a lot but sometimes just stays for a rest. If paying attention, pregnant women can recognize that baby has hiccups. That is because it is familiar with swallowing skill, and swallowing amniotic fluid causes hiccups in the fetus.

Baby’s size

Description: At that time, baby weighs about 500g.

At that time, baby weighs about 500g.

The 24-week fetus is compared to a melon, weighs about 500g, and is about 29cm long.

Mother’s symptoms

At that time, pregnant women can feel swell of ankle and foot. That is edema in pregnancy. Therefore, you should hold your feet high when sitting and lying.

Cramps can occur at night, so pregnant women need to drink more water.

Body pain

Sign of stretch marks occurs. This phenomenon will stop gradually after birth.

Things that must be done

Take antenatal care periodically following doctor’s appointment.

You should take 3D ultrasound.

Remember the schedule of sugar blood test from the 24th to 28th weeks.

Good things to do

Buy pregnant headphone and choose suitable music for your baby.

Choose birthplace

Take photographs to memorize pregnant period.

Prepare the budget for shopping and welcoming your baby.

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