Your baby has hearing, vision, sensation, memory; especially from the eighth week of pregnancy the baby begin perceiving by feeling.

Description: Growing up your baby in form of massage is effective method

Growing up your baby in form of massage is effective method

Along with increase of weeks old, “activity skills" of baby also increases. Massage by stroking that is appropriate to fetus is positive stimulation. This approach can be transmitted to brain via skin induction, promotes the development of baby’s brain making kids smarter, and also causes baby feel the love from their parents.

1.     How to do massage for the fetus

About time

You should take from the 25th week of pregnancy, every day you can do about 3 times, 5 minutes for each time; after waking up and before bedtime is appropriate time for massaging your “baby”, you should not massage your baby after eating too full.

The implementer

Massage can be conducted by mother, father, or both with taking turns.

How to proceed

Before massaging, the future mothers need to urinate, then lie down on the bed, bend her knees, relax whole body, now mother's abdomen may be soft, easy to touch.

First, use your hands gently stroking the abdomen, and then use your fingers gently pressing on the abdomen. When you start, your baby can react. The number of weeks of pregnancy is increasing, the response of the fetus is clearer. When the baby feels uncomfortable, he will react by stamping; and he will actively welcome after accustomed to stimulus.

Description: From the 8th week of pregnancy, the baby begins perceiving by feeling
From the 8th week of pregnancy, the baby begins perceiving by feeling

From the 29th weeks of pregnancy, a gentle stroke accompanies with pressing lightly abdomen can clearly distinguish the baby’s head that is round  and hard, the back is flat and soft, the buttocks are round and soft, and limbs move continuously.

When pat on the back, sometimes baby also turns his body, work limbs, at that time you can stroke lightly. When gently massaging your baby by hand, do not forget to include whispered words which are full of love for baby. Thereby, babies will happy atmosphere of family and love from parents.

2.     Things should note

Growing up your baby by the form of massage is an efficient method to promote the intellectual development of baby, as well as strengthen the relationship between parents and baby. However, while nourishing baby by this approach, you should also note some following points:


Since this is a form of massage by stroking, you should keep in mind that how you do has to be gentle slow, not press hard.


For mothers who regularly appear cramping bouts of abdomen in the mid and late of pregnancy, may not be the normal contractions of uterus, so you should not take care of your baby by this method to avoid premature; instead by music or words.


If you have a history of premature birth, bleeding before birth, or miscarriage, you should not use this method.


You should note the time and how to proceed, absolutely do not massage your baby when you've just eaten.

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