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Hong Kong's Top 10 : Central’s Statue Square
Stand in Central district’s Statue Square and you’re right in the region’s financial, political, historical and social heart.
Hong Kong's Top 10 : The Peak
The Peak Tram takes under 10 minutes to reach Victoria Gap, pinning you to your seat as it’s hauled up the sheer slope at the end of a single cable (don’t worry, its safety record is spotless).
Boston's Top 10 : The Freedom Trail (part 2) - Moments in Revolutionary History
The 1798 Massachusetts State House is Charles Bulfinch’s masterwork, and among the nation’s most mimicked – not to mention earliest – examples of public architecture.
Boston's Top 10 : The Freedom Trail (part 1)
Snaking through 2.5 miles (4 km) of city streets, the Freedom Trail creates a living link to Boston’s key revolutionary and colonial-era sites. Stroll from highlight to highlight and you’ll see history adopt a vibrancy, palpability, and relevance unparalleled among US cities.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Food for Well-being (part 2) - Super C Smoothie
Vitamins A and C are good for boosting the immune system, and so is zinc. This smoothie contains a combination of fruits that provide these vitamins. I like to use watermelon, but you could substitute cantaloupe if it is in season and very ripe. For a thicker smoothie, freeze the strawberries overnight.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Food for Well-being (part 1)
My child is constantly picking up illnesses from nursery school; what food can I give her to help ward off bugs?
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Overweight Children
As your child’s eating habits become firmly established, you may become concerned about her weight. Overweight toddlers may be on the increase, but as long as your little one is active and eating a healthy, nutritious diet, you can be sure that she’ll put on the correct amount of weight for her individual body type and needs.
School Starters Out into the World : Brothers and Sisters Sibling rivalry (part 2) - Fighting between siblings A constant battle or beneficial?
Eighty percent of us have brothers and sisters. Within this common and familiar relationship runs the whole gamut of human emotions, from murderous hatred to fawning adoration and, in between, considerable ambivalence.
School Starters Out into the World : Brothers and Sisters Sibling rivalry (part 1) - Favoritism A misguided approach
What is respect and how do you teach it to a young child? It’s a difficult concept but easy to demonstrate. If you treat your children with respect, they will be more likely to treat each other in the same way.
Flavors and Ingredients : Analytical Method (part 2) - Harold McGee on Solving Food Mysteries
It depends on the nature of the mystery. It can start with and mainly involve experiments in the kitchen, doing a particular process several different ways, changing one thing at a time, and seeing what the effect is. Or it can mean going to the food science or technical literature and hunting for information that might be relevant.
Flavors and Ingredients : Analytical Method (part 1)
There have been a number of attempts over the years to devise a scientific model for predicting which flavors will work well together. While not particularly well suited for day-to-day cooking, these types of approaches do have a place in helping create new combinations of flavors and they are used by the food industry and some high-end chefs.
3–4 Years : Just for Parents (part 2) - 5 points to remember
You can congratulate yourself on getting him through the toddler years. The skills he has learned have nurtured his curiosity and will help him settle in at school and adapt to exciting challenges during the years ahead.
3–4 Years : Just for Parents (part 1)
As your toddler’s sense of identity and self-image develops, he or she may start to treat their same sex parent as a role model (daddy for little boys and mommy for little girls).
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Out and About (part 2) - Apple-bran Muffins & Tender Chicken Fingers
These muffins are full of good things like raisins, apple, and bran flakes. They’re great for a breakfast on the go, but be sure to supervise your little ones when they are eating.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Out and About (part 1)
As your child becomes more independent, she’ll be able to enjoy an increasing number of outings with family and friends, and may begin to eat meals outside her home. It’s natural to be concerned that she’s getting everything she needs, but keeping your eye on the overall picture, and using a little creativity, will help.
School Starters Out into the World : Family Bonding Forging close connections (part 2) - Generations getting along Involving the whole family
Whether grandparents are involved with your family on a daily basis, through occasional visits, or are present in your memories and values, they play a role in raising your child. They’re able to tell your child about past generations, achievements, and the qualities your family share.
School Starters Out into the World : Family Bonding Forging close connections (part 1)
The more children converse with their parents, the greater their vocabulary. Make one-on-one time with your children, such as going for a walk or a chat at bedtime, to catch up on their day.
Flavors and Ingredients : Seasonal Method (part 4) - Genetically Modified Foods
Regardless of your feelings about or definition of GMO (genetically modified organism) foods, the topic is an intensely charged political and social minefield. Fear of the unknown has a long record of helping to guarantee the survival of our species, so avoiding things until they’ve established a history of being safe does certainly seem prudent.
Flavors and Ingredients : Seasonal Method (part 3) - White Bean and Garlic Soup & Organic Versus Conventional
Organic produce has restrictions on which pesticides can be used; animals butchered for organic meats are required to be given access to the outdoors and are prohibited from being given antibiotics or growth hormones
Flavors and Ingredients : Seasonal Method (part 2) - Gazpacho & Butternut Squash Soup
Whenever you see a recipe calling for a grilled vegetable, you should default to rubbing it with a light coating of olive oil before grilling it, because this will prevent the vegetable from drying out while cooking.
Flavors and Ingredients : Seasonal Method (part 1)
In-season, local foods have the advantage of typically being fresher than their conventional counterparts, which is especially important for flavor in highly perishable foods such as heirloom tomatoes and fresh seafood. Local isn’t always better, though.
Seattle's Top 10 : Seattle Center
The site of 1962’s Century 21 Exposition, tagged “America’s Space Age World’s Fair,” Seattle Center has survived decades of massive growth all around it. The main attraction is still the Space Needle, revealing the futuristic vision of 1960’s Seattle.
Seattle's Top 10 : Pike Place Market
The Market stretches for several blocks high above the port traffic sailing on the gleaming waters of Elliott Bay. This historic district includes a meandering multi-level underground arcade, and street-level tables and stalls.
Berlin's Top 10 : Reichstag
The mighty structure, erected in 1884–94 by Paul Wallot as the proud manifestation of the power of the German Reich, was destroyed by arson in 1933 and bombed during World War II.
Berlin's Top 10 : Brandenburger Tor & Pariser Platz
The best known of Berlin’s symbols, the Brandenburg Gate stands proudly in the middle of Pariser Platz, asserting itself against the hyper-modern embassy buildings that now surround it.
3–4 Years : Your Toddler’s Wider World (part 2) - Keeping your Child Safe
Now that your toddler is on the move and can speak for herself, she is more independent and potentially more vulnerable. Begin to teach her about safety issues in the home and elsewhere, but emphasize the need for awareness rather than increasing fears.
3–4 Years : Your Toddler’s Wider World (part 1)
Time flies when your child is a toddler and before you know it you will be planning for her first day at school. If she has been getting used to spending time with other children, you may also notice an increasing hunger to try new things or a need to be constantly stimulated by new challenges.
Mommy’s dearest has a date (Part 2)
The first time Angus took his girlfriend to our home was failed when we were happy to review the memorable timeline of his childhood: the first chickenpox, or the first time riding a bike, or the first time involved in an accident.
Mommy’s dearest has a date (Part 1)
Angus is our dearest son. He is teenager, the complicated age before becoming a real adult. We sent him to a Catholic high school because we hoped he would study hard without being involved in affair. Up to now, our plan has been working well.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Snacks and Treats - Sandwiches for Toddlers & Mini-jam Tarts
Snacks and treats don’t have to be unhealthy to be tempting and delicious, and with the right ingredients, they can form a nutritious and integral part of your child’s well-balanced diet. Used judiciously, too, they add important variety to your child’s diet, and encourage little ones to experiment with a wider range of flavors.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Healthy, but Not Boring
A healthy diet is crucially important to your child’s health, development, growth, and well-being, and it is important to ensure that he is getting all the nutrients he needs in the form of healthy, regular meals.
Somewhere in the Middle
“My matron of honor was in black and everyone wore their own purple shoe,” Shauna says. The groom and his attendants were attired in black tuxedoes with charcoal gray vest and ties, also from South’s.
Planning the Perfect Wedding
Countless people will become involved in the planning strategies, including family, friends, church staff, florist, photographer, caterer and too many others to list. It is vital that each one knows what is expected and what he or she can expect from the others.
Furry Friends – Family Forever
When I was growing up, I distinctly remember the day my family got a dog. We went to a local humane society where my sisters and I picked him out. His name was Charlie. He was a great dog. I think he was a mix of cocker spaniel and something else.
Come Spring: Music and Family traditions
Since childhood, Melinda’s heart strings have been pulled tightly by traits she inherited from her ancestors such as a love for gospel music and a deep compassion for others.
School Starters Out into the World : The Odd One Out? Making friends (part 2) - Friendship skills A complex activity
It may seem that making friends just happens, an effortless side effect of your child playing with others and having fun. However, underneath this apparently simple activity, a host of personal and social skills are being tried and tested.
School Starters Out into the World : The Odd One Out? Making friends (part 1) - Stress-free children’s parties Ensuring a good time for all
Children differ in the sort of party they want, but at ages four to seven it is most likely your child will want to celebrate with a large group of friends. A little older and he may involve two or three “best friends” in a bigger event such as a day trip.
Flavors and Ingredients : Regional and Traditional Method (part 2) - Rice, Wheat, Grains ≅ Congee, Cream of Wheat, Porridge
A billion people eat congee daily, but you’re unlikely to find it on many restaurant menus in the United States, for the same reason that “porridge” and “gruel” don’t appear very often: it’s a dish meant to stretch the filling power of a few cheap ingredients as much as possible.
Flavors and Ingredients : Regional and Traditional Method (part 1)
This method for thinking about flavor combinations is expressed in the idiom “if it grows together, it goes together” and encompasses everything from a loose interpretation of what the French call le goût de terroir (“taste of the earth”) to what an American gourmand would term “regional cooking” for broad styles of cooking.
Flavors and Ingredients : Adapt and Experiment Method
You’ll have an easier time cooking as you learn about more flavors and the ingredients that provide them. Take time to notice the odors in the foods you are eating, taking note of smells that you don’t recognize.
My best friend‘s children
When my best friend passed away, her children and I both wallowed in despair. Afterwards, we found that we need the heal each other.
Family - Q & A: The consultant for your relationship
My husband and I both work at home. However, he thinks his job is more important; therefore, I have to run the errand and take care of the children. How to divide these works equally?
A Ride to Remember
When my husband, Sam, and I first moved our family to the mountains, we played in the snow with the kids and like kids and didn’t think twice of riding aimlessly down the steep hills on big inner tubes.
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : United States Capitol (part 2) - Events in the US Capitol’s History
The American Ideal Although the Statue of Freedom may appear to face away from the heartland, she is, nevertheless, the embodiment of all Americans.
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : United States Capitol (part 1)
From the elevated site that Pierre L’Enfant described as “a pedestal waiting for a monument,” the dignified Capitol has stood unwavering as the symbol of American democracy throughout its 200-year history.
3–4 Years : Managing Behavior (part 3) - Positive consequences
Giving your child a hug, praising her, playing a game that she likes, letting her choose a book to read, or collecting beads or stickers (see The amazing power of stickers) is often enough.
3–4 Years : Managing Behavior (part 2) - Behavior and consequences
When your child behaves in a certain way, you will either do something or give her something to reinforce the behavior; or you will stop doing something or take something away that will decrease her behavior.
3–4 Years : Managing Behavior (part 1)
Fears may arise at any point, but are especially likely during new stages in a child’s life; for example, when acquiring a new skill (such as swimming) or making a big change (such as starting school or moving).
Rome's Top 10 : Vatican City (part 3) - Features of St Peter’s Basilica
Bernini’s remarkable semi-elliptical colonnades transformed the basilica’s approach into a pair of welcoming arms embracing the faithful. Sadly, the full effect of entering the square from a warren of medieval streets was spoiled when Mussolini razed the neighbourhood to lay down pompous Via della Conciliazione.
Rome's Top 10 : Vatican City (part 2) - Sistine Chapel Works
The Sistine’s frescoes are not merely decorations by some of the greatest Renaissance artists – the images tell a story and make a complex theological argument.
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