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Key Temperatures in Cooking (part 5) - Vegetable Starches Break Down
Unlike proteins in meat, which are extremely sensitive to heat and can quickly turn into shoe leather if cooked too hot, carbohydrates in plants are generally more forgiving when exposed to higher temperatures.
Don’t Pigeonhole Me! (Part 2)
In my twenties I had to work, we had no money. My mum left my stepfather and was living in digs in Windsor, and I was living in digs, so we bought this house together in Leeds. I had to work because I had to pay the mortgage.
Don’t Pigeonhole Me! (Part 1)
Carol, 51, best known for co-hosting Countdown for 26 years, is now a co-anchor of ITV1 chat show Loose Woman, as well as the presenter of The Pride of Britain Awards. Away from TV, Carol runs themathsfactor.com, an online maths school for primary school-age children.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Distressing Times Coping with death and depression (part 2) - Therapies for children The various options
When you’re looking at types of therapy, do check that there is clear evidence, preferably from academic research as well as case studies, that each is effective. Take note of whether the particular approach is recommended for your child’s difficulty.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Distressing Times Coping with death and depression (part 1)
When there is a death in, or close to, your family, you may be coping with your own grief as well as trying to help your child with hers. Finding comfort for yourself and being able to attend to your child is paramount. Your child will need to have some explanation when a person dies.
Key Temperatures in Cooking (part 4) - Squid Bruschetta & Duck Confit
Squid was a culinary mystery to me for a long time. You either cook it for a few minutes or an hour; anywhere in between, and it becomes tough, like chewing on rubber bands.
Key Temperatures in Cooking (part 3) - Collagen (Type I) Denatures
You can think of most connective tissues—loose fascia and ligaments between muscles as well as other structures such as tendons and bones—as a bit like steel reinforcement: they don’t actively contract like muscle tissue, but they provide structure against which muscles can pull and contract.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : How Can I Get Them to Help? Chores, housework, motivation (part 2) - Negotiating with your child How to have a successful debate
Your child is increasingly keen to express her needs and views and, on occasion, stand her ground. The better her ability to communicate and negotiate, the more effective her transition to independence.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : How Can I Get Them to Help? Chores, housework, motivation (part 1)
My son keeps saying everyone at school gets more freedom than him. Am I really as out of step with other parents as he says?
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Staying Connected Spending time together
Hundreds of decisions are being made in your family every day—what to have for dinner, who can come to play, where to go on a weekend outing, and many more. As your child matures he may want to play a greater role in this process and voice his preferences.
Key Temperatures in Cooking (part 2) - Eggs Begin to Set
The lore of eggs is perhaps greater than that of any other food item, and more than one chef has gone on record judging others based on their ability—or inability—to cook an egg.
Key Temperatures in Cooking (part 1) - Proteins in Fish and Meat Begin to Denature
Chances are, you haven’t given much thought to the chemical reactions that happen to a piece of meat when the animal supplying it is slaughtered. The primary change is, to put it bluntly, that the animal is dead, meaning the circulatory system is no longer supplying the muscle tissue with glycogen from the liver or oxygen-carrying blood.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Extra Effort Struggling with learning (part 3) - Dyslexia A language-based difficulty
Children with dyslexia have significant problems with reading, writing, and spelling. This condition is often referred to as a specific learning disability, which can be a confusing term as most children with dyslexia are as intelligent as their classmates.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Extra Effort Struggling with learning (part 2) - ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Children with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have difficulties in three core areas: inattention, overactivity, and impulsiveness. Usually these are found together.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Extra Effort Struggling with learning (part 1) - Visual activity schedules
Visual activity schedules are a simple, flexible, and very effective way to support children’s learning and promote independence—particularly for those with additional needs.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Firm Friends Peer pressure and falling out - How children play at this age An evolving pastime
Friendships are becoming more important to your child as his interest grows to include not just playing and having fun, but also why his friends think and act the way they do. You will still be his strongest influence, but he will care about how his friends view him, his home, and his family.
How does she do it? (Part 3)
The horses are best things to help me relax, I love grooming them and of course riding them around. I’m lucky that Adison has the same interests, this gives us more time to stay together.
How does she do it? (Part 2)
How can you balance motherhood and the business? How can the children inspire you? What do you love most when being a mom? What is the ideal model of a mother that you want to reach?
How does she do it? (Part 1)
We had a chance to chat with the most influential women of this bay area to listen to their sharing about the difficulties in raising children and working. About you, do not forget to show love to your mother.
Cracking Up (Part 2): Affecting your family?
However, it is also important to acknowledge your feelings, but it's not necessary, or wise, to express them all. And sometimes we need to suppress them, so that we can respond appropriately. It's still important to allow yourself to feel them, to whatever extent you can.
Cracking Up (Part 1): Affecting your family?
It's a vicious circle really... you rush to get up in the morning, feed the family, get yourself ready for work and get the kids off to school, before sitting and snarling at the traffic on the way to your first meeting.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Your Sociable Child (part 3) - Cupcake Caterpillar
Here’s a fun and easy idea for a second or third birthday party. You can expand your caterpillar according to the number of guests at your party, and decorate it however you like.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Your Sociable Child (part 2) - Chicken Meatballs with Tomato Sauce
Pasta and tomato sauce is usually well-received by small children. I have added some delicious mini-chicken meatballs that can be mashed into the sauce if anyone doesn’t care for “lumps”!
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Your Sociable Child (part 1)
As your toddler grows older and her social net widens, she’ll begin to make her own friends, and undoubtedly be influenced by them! Parties, too, may be a more frequent occurrence in your child’s life.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Why does not She Like School? Phobia, loneliness, bullying (part 2) - Bullying A remarkably common problem
Bullying is often a factor behind a child’s reluctance to go to school or even to leave home. Unfortunately, with so much digital connectivity, children are not even safe from bullying in their own homes now that mobile phones and the internet provide more insidious means for intimidation and persecution.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Why does not She Like School? Phobia, loneliness, bullying (part 1)
Your child has probably developed a fierce loyalty to her close friends. Her bond with her best friends means she’ll be ready to defend them if they’re in conflict with other children or in trouble at school.
Foodborne Illness and Staying Safe (part 3) - How to Prevent Foodborne Illness Caused by Parasites
For cooked dishes—internal temperature of 140°F / 60°C—there is little risk from these parasites directly. Cooking the fish also cooks the parasite, and while the thought of eating a worm might be unappetizing, if it’s dead there’s little to worry about other than the mental factor.
Foodborne Illness and Staying Safe (part 2) - How to Prevent Foodborne Illness Caused by Bacteria
When cooking vegetables in the microwave, use a container with the lid mostly closed and with a small amount of water inside: the microwave will boil the water, and the container will keep the steam in contact with the vegetables.
Foodborne Illness and Staying Safe (part 1)
Keep basic physics in mind. Placing a large pot of hot soup into the fridge will warm up all the contents of the fridge until the evaporator has a chance to transfer the heat back out.
Edward Burns – A negotiation expert
One of my proudest things was that last autumn Christy was taking part in a marathon event at New York while Grace, Finn, and I were going around the city together by the subway, wearing the manual jewelries made the night before. On that day, I felt more exhausted than Christy.
Marvellous Mums (Part 3) - Victoria Bloomfield and Caroline White
The mums with the game and their children at Caroline’s home in Lower Cambourne. Hetty Bloomfield, Caroline White, Victoria Bloomfield, Rosie White, Poppy White Flo Bloomfield, Sam Bloomfield and Roman White.
Marvellous Mums (Part 2) - Kelly Compton
Mum-of-three Kelly Compton has left her high-flying City banking career and turned her love for crafting into a career. Lizzy Dening pops round to chat about raising boys and making bunting…
Marvellous Mums (Part 1) - Karin Janssen
For most people, going to work offers little more than the 9-5 grind. For stylish mum Karin Janssen, however, it involves regularly jetting off to one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
I forgot I had children
“I had been warned about memory loss, but I was so focused on making it through the operation that I hadn’t really thought about it,” says Karan, 35. “Hearing Harriet cry ‘Mummy’ completely threw me. I couldn’t associate her with my baby.”
Focus on Phonics
Many parents may have heard that the Ministry of Education would conduct the test of “phonics” in schools this year. However, a lot of parents are still confused about the real concept of “phonics”
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Time Together (part 2) - Chicken Sausage Rolls & White Chocolate Crispie Squares
These are so simple and easy, but I haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t love this variation on an old favorite. They are great for parties too. They don’t take long to prepare and you can have a lot of fun making them with your child.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - Time Together (part 1)
Your child will be increasingly curious about food, and will love to get involved in family dinners and in the preparation of meals. Even little ones can help in the kitchen, and you’ll be encouraging good habits and teaching skills that will last a lifetime.
18-36 Months: Eating with the Family - At the Table
Over the coming months, your child will begin to develop the skills, confidence, and understanding necessary to establish independent eating habits and, of course, table manners. It can be a slow process, but with reassurance and guidance, your child will soon be a polite and self-sufficient regular at the family table.
The Half Happy Marriage (Part 2)
Different to old advice about how to save the sickly marriage in handbook (such as ‘let’s date’, or ‘have sex in new space’), Haag want to told millions of people – those who are stuck in conflictive marriages – that we are not lonely.
The Half Happy Marriage (Part 1)
Most people decide to get married with the opinion to find someone helping themselves to improve rather than for both to improve together.
Screw love : ‘Dispersed love’ or ‘love and ties’
Women usually try to find out why true love always runs away from them. If love is unsuccessful, we easily recognize a comfort that no-one loves us than ourselves. It seems that there are many women still waiting for their own true men.
Helping children cope with divorce
Keep in mind that, whether you are dissatisfied or angry with the other person, do not condemn father / mother of your children in front of them, it will not turn your children into your side and indirectly destroy the relation between you and them.
‘I’m single, happy, & I’ve decided to freeze my eggs’ (Part 2)
It was incredibly romantic, but such encounters at weddings always are, so it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.
‘I’m single, happy, & I’ve decided to freeze my eggs’ (Part 1)
Sarah and I have been friends for almost all our adult lives. She’s one year older than me; we share the same birthday. She got married last January, at 35, to a man she’d been dating for less than a year.
I had lunch with my husband… and his mistress (Part 2) - The Husband & His Lover
“It took my relationship with Rebecca several weeks to recover after that, probably as a result of my guilt about Kate. I sensed my daughter’s disapproval, too, and can’t imagine that has changed. To be honest, my daughter’s contempt towards me was harder to deal with than Kate’s pain.
I had lunch with my husband… and his mistress (Part 1) - The Wife
When Kate learnt her husband was having an affair she did the unthinkable: she invited her rival over for a family meal – and a sleepover. Clare Campbell explores bizarre love triangle…
School Starters Out into the World : Run, Jump, and Play Keeping them moving (part 2) - Resisting the sedentary lifestyle Making positive changes
Encouraging a healthy lifestyle is the best antidote to the sedentary life. This involves the whole family eating a balanced diet and making physical activity a routine part of your week. Achieving this might seem like a sea change in your lifestyle or require only minor adjustments.
School Starters Out into the World : Run, Jump, and Play Keeping them moving (part 1) - Everyday active play for families Some suggestions
Making a commitment to active play couldn’t come at a better time, since the benefits to health and child development are now well known. Getting active together can build family bonds, improve your child’s confidence, and teach her about both teamwork and playing by the rules.
Time and Temperature (part 2) - Methods of Heat Transfer
There are three methods of transferring heat into foods: conduction, convection, and radiation. While the heating method doesn’t change the temperature at which chemical reactions occur, the rate of heat transfer is different among them, meaning that the length of time needed to cook identical steaks via each method will be different.
Time and Temperature (part 1) - Heat Transfer and Doneness
Cooking a steak on a grill takes less time than in an oven, because energy is transferred faster in the hotter environment of the grill. Note that the error tolerance of when to pull the meat off the grill is smaller than pulling the meat from the oven, because the slope of the curve is steeper.
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