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Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 9) - Cooking with Heat - Blowtorches for crème brûlée
Blowtorches can be used to provide very localized heat, enabling you to scorch and burn just those parts of the food at which you aim the flame.
Life with your New Baby : 2nd Week: Day 13 Feeling close
It’s inevitable that your baby will be exposed to viruses and some believe this reduces the risk of allergies later on. However, small babies can be quite sick with a cold so try to avoid people with colds at first. Breast-feeding provides protection against viruses.
Life with your New Baby : 2nd Week: Day 12 Looking back
Many newborn babies wake up with sticky eyes. This is due to a temporary blockage of the tear ducts, which are tiny in newborn babies. Clear his eye by wiping it with a cotton pad soaked in cooled, boiled water, using a fresh piece for each wipe.
Life with your New Baby : 2nd Week: Day 11 Taking stock
Babies love to be touched and massaging your baby can be a great way to bond with your baby. All you need is some olive oil (avoid nut or aromatherapy oils) and a towel on the floor or bed.
Life with your New Baby : 2nd Week: Day 10 Getting checked
Sometimes babies develop skin rashes or irritations and sore bottoms around this time and, if this is the case, you can call your pediatrician for advice on how to relieve these minor problems, which may require a prescription.
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 9) - Summer Roast Chicken, Individual Chicken Wellingtons
This rich chocolate cake, sandwiched together with white chocolate buttercream, is a definite crowd-pleaser. And whether you want to make a single-layer birthday cake or a five-tier wedding extravaganza, it’s easy to adapt…
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 8) - Summer Roast Chicken, Individual Chicken Wellingtons
Lift up the neck flap of the chicken and use your fingers to ease the skin gently away from the breast meat – work all the way down the sides of the breast and towards the legs.
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 7) - Maple Chicken Traybake
Heat a pan over medium heat and add the pine nuts. Toast until golden (watch them carefull as they burn quickly). Empty on to a plate and set aside. Half-fill the pan with water and bring to the boil.
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 6) - Coq au Vin Parcels, Sausage-Stuffed Chicken Breast, Asian Chicken Burgers
Put the chicken breasts into a food processor and whiz until chicken is minced. Empty into a large bowl and mix through the peanuts, spring onions, ginger, fish sauce, red chilli and coriander (using your hands is easiest).
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 5) - Triumphant Strawberry and cream Jelly, Chicken Goujons with Basil Dipping Sauce
It’s worth spending some time selecting your meat. Many packaging labels can be misleading, so read carefully where your chicken comes from and whether it was reared to at least free-range standards. You’ll be supporting farmers, and you’ll taste the difference in texture and flavour.
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 4) - The Perfect Victoria Sponge, Individual queen of Trifles
A variety of pods will beautify the buffer table. Ideally, they should be able to stand at room temperature for some time without spoiling. Add Jubilee accents with flags, themed china and bunting.
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 3) - Layered Omelette Cake, Light and Fresh Potato Salad, Cheese and Pickle Crown Bread
Beat the eggs in a large jug with 2tbsp of the chives and plenty of seasoning. Heat 1/2tbsp of the oil in a 20.5cm (8in) non-stick frying pan and pour in quarter of the egg mixture. Swirl the pan to ensure the base in covered.
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 2) - Coronation Chicken, Individual Sausage and Egg Pies
The temptation when catering for a buffet is to go overboard on main courses. For 12 guest, three is plenty – just make sure one is vegetarian. If you have time, make labels or flags for the dishes, listing key ingredients to avoid lots of questions on the day!
Triple-Tested Recipes (Part 1) - Salmon Sandwich Stacks, Marmite Cheese Straws
All these recipes are designed to take the stress out of cooking. Follow this triple-tested time plan using our get-ahead instructions – there’ll be no last-minute dashing around when all your guests arrive, and you can be confident that all be food will be a success!
Allergic? No Fuss…(Part 3) - Magic mashed potatoes, Sweet surrender
Do you love mashed potatoes but can’t eat dairy? This recipe creates creamy mashed potatoes without the allergens. What’s a week without mash? Switch to this recipe and please the whole family without them realizing you haven’t added butter and milk.
Allergic? No Fuss…(Part 2) - Chicken noodle soup, Rye and rosemary loaf
This crowd-pleaser is packed full of nutritious ingredients, but contains no dairy, egg or nuts. It’s a deliciously tasty dish that’s made with gluten-free noodles.
Allergic? No Fuss…(Part 1) - Delicious wheat-free granola, Baby marrow crumpets with salmon
Granola satisfies the entire family. Make your own and know you’re in complete control of all the nutrients packed into your mix. This is one of the most nutritious wheat-free breakfast granolas you’ll find. Granola also keeps for two to three weeks.
Life with your New Baby : 2nd Week: Day 9 Focus on you - Breast-feeding problems
If your baby vomits large amounts and isn’t thriving, this may suggest a problem such as gastroesophageal reflux . This is caused by the immaturity of the stomach muscles and does resolve over time and with treatment.
Life with your New Baby : 2nd Week: Day 8 Healthy living
Whether you’re breast-feeding or bottle-feeding can have an effect on your baby’s stools. The stools of breast-fed babies tend to be slightly runnier and can have a fairly sweet aroma, while bottle-fed babies may have firmer, stronger smelling stools.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 8) - Cooking with Cold: Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice - DIY “Anti-Griddle” Using Dry Ice
If a griddle cooks foods by adding heat, it should follow that an anti-griddle “cooks” foods by removing heat. PolyScience, known by many chefs for its sous vide recirculating units, makes a product that does exactly that: its anti-griddle cools down whatever you put on the griddle surface.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 7) - Cooking with Cold: Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice - Cocoa-Goldschläger Ice Cream
Taste the mixture to check the balance (try not to drink it all at this point), and adjust accordingly. Once frozen, the mixture will not taste as strong, so an overly strong mixture is desirable.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 6) - Cooking with Cold: Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice - Dangers of liquid nitrogen
Standard lab safety protocols for driving small quantities of liquid nitrogen around usually state that two people should be in the car and that you should drive with the windows down or at least cracked.
Planning with Kids : Meals - Essential kitchen appliances
There are many small appliances and storage containers you can buy for the kitchen that are supposed to make life easier when it comes to preparing meals. You probably don’t need half of them, and it can be difficult to find somewhere to store the bulky appliances.
Some Like It Hot
Chilli peppers have been used medicinally for centuries. In lab and animal studies, they have shown anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and blood-pressure-lowering properties.
Mexican food: It's A Wrap
To build the enchiladas, you will need to create an assembly line consisting of a plate you’ll microwave tortillas or chapatti on, a sauté pan used for heating the sauce, and the bowl containing the shredded chicken and onion.
Tasty soup for babies to eat better
In weaning babies, in addition to choosing nutritional foods, moms need to change food frequently so that their babies will not be tired of it and can eat more tastily. Learn how to process some kinds of soup to make baby’s menu more diversified.
Life with your New Baby : 1st Week: Day 7 Tuning in - Your baby’s cries
Some “tummy time” is good for infants as long as they are awake and being observed. But don’t lie your baby down on her stomach for bed—it’s dangerous and can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
Life with your New Baby : Neonatal Intensive Care Babies
If your baby is in a NICU, this is a particularly stressful time. It helps to understand a bit about who will be caring for your baby, what they will be doing, and how to make sure you’re fully informed at all times.
Life with your New Baby : 1st Week: Day 6 Finding your way - Bathing your baby
Before you bath your baby, have a towel ready to dry him and a clean diaper and change of clothes at hand so that he doesn’t get cold after the bath. Half fill a baby bath with water that feels lukewarm to your elbow. After bathing, dry him quickly. Don’t use talcum powder, which he could inhale.
Pip banana prevents and cures gastric ulcer
Cut a green pip banana into thin slabs, dry it, cook until it gets yellow, and drink it. Take 30-50g each time and drink when you get full. It is possible to use grinded pip banana under tisane to drink every day.
10 good foods for brainworkers
Vitamins and nutrients in beet, egg, lard, and so on help protect neurons effectively and slow down brain’s ageing process.
Toy affecting kids' characters
Evidence shows that talcum powder contains ingredients and chemicals that cause problems for babies’ respiratory system and even make them contract dangerous pulmonary disease if using talcum powder in a long time and in wrong way.
Talcum powder can cause pneumonia
Evidence shows that talcum powder contains ingredients and chemicals that cause problems for babies’ respiratory system and even make them contract dangerous pulmonary disease if using talcum powder in a long time and in wrong way.
Some 12-month-old babies are able to babble as if speaking a ‘foreign language’
At the age of 1, some babies are able to babble short sentences in lots of tone. Babies from 48 to 52 weeks begin to prove their ‘egos’, become hard-headed and more independent.
How to make babies be obedient at the age of 2?
Babies need to brush teeth at least 2 times a day. Anyway, we have to recognize that this is easier to say than do. When your children are 5 years old, they have not really wanted to cooperate (or have not patient enough) to do this themselves. However, you can try some interesting ways as follows:
Gold skills of 7-to-12-month-old babies
At 7 to 12 months old, babies’ awareness and skills are much more developed. They soon have joyful, sad feelings, and show love to their parents. They smiles satisfactorily when getting favorite things or are afraid of strange people and being away from parents.
Gold skills of 1-to-6-month-old babies
At 1 to 6 months old, babies totally feel strange and have not had any notion about the world around them. Therefore, this is the hardest stage in parents’ caring and bringing up their children.
French moms – Master of teaching children how to be self-reliant
‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’ is a book opening up the door containing mothering secret from Paris – the most splendid and civilized place of the world. However, since first launched, it has kindled many controversies about how to teach children.
Does supine sleeping cause baby's flat head (plagiocephaly)?
Newborn babies have soft skull that bends easily. If they spend too much time lying supine with their heads at the same place, they will be more likely to flat the head part that contacts with cushion. This state is called plagiocephaly symptom.
5 things to avoid when teaching male kids
There is a fact that parents usually have higher hope in male kids than female kids, so the pressure the former have to put up with is also 2 or 3 times as much as that of the latter.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 5) - Cream Whippers - 30-Second Chocolate Cake
Spray mixture into a greased glass, ramekin, or whatever microwave-safe container you will cook it in, leaving at least the top third of the container empty. The first time you do this, I recommend using a clear glass so that you can see the cake rise and fall as it cooks.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 4) - Cream Whippers - Chocolate Mousse
Cream whippers take their name from their primary purpose: making whipped cream. With a whipper, you can control the quality of the ingredients and the amount of sugar used. Fill it up, store in the fridge, and there’s no functional difference between a whipper and the more familiar whipped cream in a can.
4-month-old babies: Germinating little talents
A newborn baby’s brain has 100 billions of cells. These cells will be connected into a grid as a mature brain. Before the age of 3, babies’ brains will form about 1 million billion of connections. These connections are built based on babies’ hobbies, discoveries, and process they have learnt from the world around.
1-month-old babies: strange marks on skin
Some babies may have blushing skin, some have reddish skin, and some may have some spots on skin. Most babies’ skin is wrinkle and has some crust. A few hours after being born, babies’ hands and feet may be rather pale due to their imperfect circulatory system.
Life with your New Baby : 1st Week: Day 5 Baby blues
If you had a cesarean and your baby is healthy, he’ll likely come home from the hospital with you today, after passing his final in-hospital pediatric exam. Make sure you have the correct car seat for him, and pack a blanket or two to keep him warm.
Food For Free (Part 3) - Create your own foraged feast
The 1930 fruit gourmer Edward Bunyan, meandering through his gooseberry patch and plicking the odd serendipitous berry, spoke of the pleasures of “ambulant consumption… the freedom of the bush should be given to all visitors”.
Food For Free (Part 2) - A highbrow hobby, Foodie Fads
In the 19th century, the fungus foray was pioneered by Herefordshire’s Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Cluc, a band of leisure-rich amateurs (including a high proportion of clergymen) at the cutting edge of the Victorian interest in natural history and ruralism.
Food For Free (Part 1) - Wild dining
I would never go back to my old habits. I have transformed myself into a healthy, active woman and feel so much better for it. I was so thrilled with my wedding photos, I have has one blown up to hang in our living room- it is a daily reminder that I am capable of anything once I put my minds to it.
Cabbage and Mango Slaw with Caramelised Macadamias
Put shredded cabbage, mango, papaya, fresh chilli, mint and coriander into a large serving bowl. Toss through the chopped nuts and dressing and check the seasoning.
Veggie Risotto Cakes
When the risotto is 2min away from being ready, stir in the asparagus, peas, lemon zest and spinach. When rice is tender, check the seasoning and empty on to a large clean tray. Flatten mixture (this will help rice to cool quickly) and leave to cool completely.
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