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The Wolseley : Eggs Nenedict
In the 1920s, Wolseley Motors commissioned a showroom on London’s Piccadilly. Sadly, Wolseley cars did not sell well enough and in 1926 the company went bankrupt. Barclays Bank acquired the building, staying until 1998.
Pepperoni And Pepper Calzone
Fold theplain side over the filling to cover. Working from top to bottom, roll or fold in the dough edge until it meets the filling. Transfer calzone to a baking tray and diagonally slash the top of the dough.
Ham and Artichoke Cannelloni
Gently melt the remaining butter in a medium pan. stir in the flour and cook for 1min. take off the heat and gradually stir in the milk to make a smooth sauce. Return pan to the heat and cook, stirring constantly, until thick (the mixture needs to bubble to thicken).
Your Baby: 6–9 Months - Developmental Milestones
By the end of nine months, your baby will be a sociable, lively member of the family. You’ll notice a dramatic change in her development as her coordination improves, and her little brain sets to work making sense of the world around her.
Your Baby: 3–6 Months - Childhood Illnesses
Even young babies can come into contact with childhood illnesses, and experience full-blown symptoms. It can help to be aware of what your baby could catch, and what to look out for.
Giant Prawn Spring Rolls
Make spring rolls to the end of step 3, putting them on a non-stick baking tray. Wrap the whole tray well with clingfilm, then freeze for up to 2 months.
Green Chicken Curry Soup
Whiz the garlic, spring onions, root ginger, chilli, coriander and coconut milk in a blender until smooth. Heat oil in a large pan over a medium heat and add the blended coconut mixture.
Banoffee Cheesecake
To make the filling, whiz the bananas in a food processor until smooth. Add the rest of the filling ingredients except for the egg whites to the processor and whiz again until smooth.
Apple Galette
Bake the tart for 30-35min until pastry is golden and apples have just started to tale on colour. When the tart is 5min away from the end of the cooking time, heat the remaining jam with 2tsp water until just boiling, then carefully brush all over the apples straight after you remove the tart from the oven.
Planning with Kids : Meals - School lunches
One of the highlights of school holidays for me is not having to make school lunches. I find this task one of those repetitive and boring — although essential — ones of parenting: a perfect task for which to create a process!
Planning with Kids : Meals - Letting the family cook, Family-friendly food
Each child has their own distinct set of likes and dislikes. The kids have input to the menu plan, so their preferences are taken into account, but as the parent I also endeavour to expose them to new foods, textures and combinations.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 3)
For people who don’t naturally think this way, you can’t expect them to start organically. You just want to give them another set of tools to work with in the kitchen. So we take something that they take for granted, like cooking eggs, and then break it into a zillion little components.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 2) - Filtration - Stock, broth, and consommé
Stock and broth are both liquids made by simmering vegetable and/or animal matter. Traditionally, stocks are made with bones, which have collagen. Most of this collagen breaks down and converts to gelatin, which gives the stock a lubricious mouth-feel and, at sufficient concentrations, causes the stock to turn into a gel when cooled.
Commercial Hardware and Techniques (part 1) - Filtration
Filtering is a common technique for separating solids from liquids in a slurry. Filtering is usually done to remove the solids—for example, to create a clear broth free of particulate matter or a juice free of pulp. Other times, the solid matter, such as browned butter solids, is the desired item.
Life with your New Baby : Feeding your Baby (part 2)
A baby that is properly latched on has her mouth wide open, with the whole areola (the area surrounding the nipple) in her mouth; her bottom lip will be curled back and she will be noticeably sucking.
Life with your New Baby : Feeding your Baby (part 1)
Breast-feeding provides your baby with the best nutritional start in life and has a range of other benefits, outlined here. If you decide to bottle-feed, you can also be confident that your baby will thrive. The key to both methods is preparation.
Your Baby: 3–6 Months - Teething
Your baby may not show any signs of teething or, indeed, teeth themselves, until well into her first year of life. Some babies, however, begin teething as early as three months, so it makes sense to be prepared.
Your Baby: 3–6 Months - Is My Baby Ready for Solid Food?
You may find that your baby is hungrier than usual—but this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s ready for solid food; you may just have to increase his formula intake, or allow him to nurse and feed more often.
The Gleneagles Hotel : Layered Lemon and Raspberry Posset
This five-star resort is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. Set in 850 acres of Perthshire countryside, the resort includes three of the finest championship golf courses in Scotland as well as Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles, a two-Michelin star restaurant.
The Ivy's Salmon Fishcakes
Its location in the heart of London’s West End, and the elegance of the food and dining room, have kept it in favour with celebrities and the theatre community – and The Ivy remains firmly established as one of London’s most popular restaurants.
Life with your New Baby - 1st Week: Day 4 First outing - Taking your baby out
The pediatrician will examine your baby today. She will ask if he is alert and check for any signs of jaundice. She will also weigh him and will ask how he is getting along with feeding and whether there are any problems.
Life with your New Baby - 1st Week: Day 3 Going Home - Sponge baths
A new baby’s skin is often quite dry in the first few weeks. This is normal and the skin will eventually correct itself. Although you don’t need to put moisturizer on a baby’s skin, if you want you could gently massage in some baby or olive oil.
Sous Vide Cooking (part 9) - Cooking with Sous Vide - Chocolate - Chocolate Almond Bars, Flash Pickling with a Vacuum Sealer
Once you have a sous vide setup, you also have most of the tools needed to do flash pickling. In the culinary world, flash pickling refers to submerging a food item in a liquid-filled container, evacuating the container, and then repressurizing the container.
Sous Vide Cooking (part 8) - Cooking with Sous Vide - Chocolate
Tempering chocolate—the process of selectively melting and solidifying the various forms of fat crystals in cocoa butter—can be an intimidating and finicky process.
Sous Vide Cooking (part 7) - Cooking with Sous Vide - Vegetables
The geeky way to think about cooking is to consider the addition of heat to a system. Adding heat isn’t a spontaneous thing: there will always be a heat gradient, and the difference between the starting and target temperatures of the food will greatly affect both the cooking time and the steepness of the gradient.
Nobu's Black Cod With Miso
If you’re ever wondered what makes Britain’s most famous restaurants’ food taste so marvellous, then read on. Word-class chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants spill their bestselling recipe secrets…
Michel Roux Jr At Le Gavroche : Soufflé Suissesse
With Albert Roux as your father, and Michel Roux as your uncle, its not surprising that Michel Roux Jr grew up to be a world-class chef. He trained in both London and Paris under various culinary masters, before eventually taking over the reins of Le Gavroche (which was opened in 1967 by his father and uncle) in 1991.
Matthew Harris At Bibendum : Steak au Poivre
Founded by Terence Conran, chef Simon Hopkinson and the late Paul Hamlyn, Bibendum is one of London’s most recognised restaurants. It is now in the hands of Matthew Harris, who continues where Simon left off and delivers classic, unpretentious food to loyal patrons.
Marcus Wareing At The Berkeley : Custard Tart
Lancashire-born Marcus started cooking at The Savoy aged 18. He honed his classic French skills alongside Albert Roux at Le Gavroche, then became sous chef to Gordon Ramsay.
Jason Atherton At Pollen Street Social : Roasted Chicken with Tuscan Salad
A defining point in the career of Jason Atherton was in 1998, working at the legendary elBulli restaurant in Spain. He became the first British chef to complete a work placement there.
Gordon Ramsay : Cappuccino of White Beans with Truffle Oil
It may surprise you that Gordon Ramsay didn’t originally dream of becoming a fine-dining chef, but fortunately for the food world an injury put an end to his promising career as a footballer.
Enjoy Now … Or Later - Beef Pasty Moneybags
Finely chop leaves from two rosemary sprigs. Return beef to the veg pan with the chopped rosemary, peas and Worcestershire sauce. Check seasoning, then tip mixture on to a large plate and leave to cool.
Would You Be In It Together?
Faced with a serious illness, the one person you would expect to support you is your partner. Sadly, research shows that women who fall ill are far more likely to end up alone than men. Our advice can help you to pull through the trauma together.
How To Survive The Very Worst Of Times
Many people still see a cacer diagnosis as a death sentence, and couples stop communicating with each other because that fear of loss is too hard to put into words. While the patient’s energy is focussed on trying to survive, their partner may thinl it is selfish to voice their own worries.
Planning with Kids : Meals - Shopping for growing families
With our meals selected and ingredients bought, we’re halfway towards enjoying a family meal. Most evenings (life is never perfect!) we sit down together to eat our dinner and enjoy each other’s company.
Planning with Kids : Meals - Menu planning
With several children, there’s no such thing as a quick trip to the supermarket. Nor is it always an easy job to cook with small children hanging off your hips and legs. Menu planning was one of the first projects I set myself when I decided to take a more prepared approach to organisation at home.
Your Baby: 3–6 Months - Essential Clothing and Equipment
As your baby gets older, her needs will change slightly. You may find she’s now ready for “real clothes” rather than just pajamas and onesies, and she may also be ready for more sophisticated equipment as her world increasingly extends beyond your lap.
Your Baby: 3–6 Months - Best Toys and Activities
Between three and six months your baby will discover how to use his hands, putting everything he can into his mouth. He’ll also be developing a sense of humor, and will enjoy playing with you, laughing and smiling when you spend time together.
Sous Vide Cooking (part 6) - Cooking with Sous Vide - Chicken and other poultry, Sous vide chicken breast
One of the greatest travesties regularly foisted upon the American dinner plate is overcooked chicken. Properly cooked chicken is succulent, moist, and bursting with flavor—never dry or mealy.
Sous Vide Cooking (part 5) - Cooking with Sous Vide - Fish and other seafood
Fish cooked sous vide is amazingly tender, moist, and succulent. Unlike fish that has been sautéed or grilled—cooking methods that can lead to a dry and rough texture—sous vide fish can have an almost buttery, melt-in-your-mouth quality.
Life with your New Baby - 1st Week: Day 2 Settling in
Burping simply means helping your baby burp after a feeding. After a feeding, air bubbles in your baby’s stomach need to rise to the top and you can help this happen by sitting her on your lap or holding her upright against your shoulder.
Life with your New Baby - 1st Week: Day 1 Getting Acquainted
Newborn babies have reflexes. that form part of their survival skills. In addition to the rooting and grasping reflexes shown here, babies also have a startle reflex, whereby they will fling out their arms if unsupported, and a stepping reflex, which means they will step their feet up and down if held upright on a surface.
The Art of Sauté : Sesame snow peas, Simply scallops, Super shrimp sauté
Start with naturally tender foods such as fresh vegetables, seafood, and poultry, then choose the best fat for the job, and a pan big enough to spread out your ingredients.
Meet The New Dad! (Part 2)
When a father gets involved wholeheartedly, it starts manifesting in the overall personality of the child. Shah states that a “child starts blossoming”. She adds that a father plays a unique role in a child’s life, and a lot of studies have proved that a more involved father could result in a child with a better understanding.
Meet The New Dad! (Part 1)
My 6-year-old shares a bond with me that most mothers and daughters are likely to have. But, when I observe her narrating an incident that happened in school exclusively to her dad, I realize that a father’s role in a child’s life is not just different, but also indispensable and special
Meet The New Dad! (Part 1)
My 6-year-old shares a bond with me that most mothers and daughters are likely to have. But, when I observe her narrating an incident that happened in school exclusively to her dad, I realize that a father’s role in a child’s life is not just different, but also indispensable and special
Sous Vide Cooking (part 4) - Cooking with Sous Vide - Beef and other red meats
There are two types of meats, at least when it comes to cooking: tender cuts and tough cuts. Tender cuts are low in collagen, so they cook quickly to an enjoyable texture; tough cuts require long cooking times for the collagen to dissolve.
Sous Vide Cooking (part 3) - Sous Vide Hardware
Sous vide cooking requires very little in the way of hardware: a heater to keep the water bath at temperature, and a vacuum sealer to package foods so that they can be placed in the water bath without coming into direct contact with the water.
Your Baby: 3–6 Months - Developmental Milestones
You will be astonished by how quickly your helpless new baby becomes a confident, eager explorer, able to master all sorts of new tricks. There is no need to push her toward achieving her milestones—she’ll get there all on her own.
Your Baby: 0–3 Months - Breastfeeding Problems, Bottle-feeding Basics, Soothing your Baby to Sleep
Even the most seasoned breastfeeder can experience some discomfort and other problems while feeding. Fortunately, there are plenty of tried-and-tested tricks to help ensure breastfeeding is a success.
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