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Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo
Heat 6-quart Dutch oven on medium-high until hot. Add sausage links and cook 8 minutes, or until well browned, turning frequently. Transfer sausages to plate to cool slightly, about 10 minutes. When cool, cut sausages into ½-inch-thick diagonal slices.
Traditional Cooking Chemicals (part 2) - Salt - Pork Chops Stuffed with Cheddar Cheese and Poblano Peppers
You can pull the pork chops from the pan before they reach temperature and let the carryover bring them up to 145°F / 62.8°C, but make sure they do get up to this temperature. You should also verify that your thermometer is calibrated correctly and that you properly probe the coldest part of the meat.
Traditional Cooking Chemicals (part 1) - Salt - Dry brining & Wet brining
Beef jerky, salmon gravlax, sausages, hams, prosciutto, and corned beef are all cured using salts, typically sodium chloride (table salt) or sodium nitrate, which gives foods like salami a distinctive flavor and pinkish color.
It's Not About The Diet
On average, 80 percent of people who go on diet regain all the weight (or more) within two years, and 95 percent regain it (or more) after your years. Diets would work to keep your weight down if you could continues with them for the rest of your life.
Eat Fat To Lose Fat (Part 2) - What are EPA and DHA?
Within the body omega-3 fatty acids are converted to DHA and EPA (docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, respectively). DHA and EPA are highly unsaturated fats that play very important roles in the vision development and brain function of infants.
Eat Fat To Lose Fat (Part 1)
So many products accentuate the low-fat or fat-free benefits now, that it’s almost scary to eat anything with real fat in it! But the fact is you actually need to consume fat in order to lose it.
The skinny on Beer
An Italian study group proves that drinking beer every day helps reduce the threat of heart diseases. This announcement is recapitulated from many studies related to the fact that absorbing a moderate amount of beverage will help your born get harder and your health get better.
Eggs Benedict – Quick & Easy
This classic American dish is traditional made of two halves of a toasted English muffin. They’re topped with thick slices of ham and two poached eggs dressed with a silky Hollandaise sauce.
Ways To Love Your Live (Part 2) - Ditch the detox
Small adjustments to your daily routine can make all the difference in keeping your liver healthy.
Ways To Love Your Live (Part 1)
The liver is the engine room of the body – but you could unknowingly be putting yours at risk. Here are 10 ways to give it the care it deserves.
Tips For A Tasty Doses : Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron & Omega 3
Everyone needs to supplement vitamins and mineral, and we encourage you to absorb nutrients through foods rather than complementary medicines.
Let's Eat Right! - Good-mood Munchies & Juice Up
It is never be late for you to enjoy interesting and delicious munchies. Many studies show that some foods can help balance hormone and substances secreted from the brain, which helps the mind be happy and relieves stress.
Feeling Good – Fruit-Astic!
Many nutritionists recommend that the secret to absorb more fruit is that trying new kind of fruits. There are some tips for you to choose alternative fresh fruits with fresh flavor and many useful vitamins.
Crispy Parmesan Chicken – Eat Smart
Nutrients important for skin health are vitamins A, C, B2, B3, B6, E, zinc and selenium and we can get enough of these nutrients from a healthy, varied diet. Drinking enough fluid (stick mainly to water) helps give skin the moisture it needs, and avoid too much alcohol as it can cause dehydration.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable : Mechanical Leaveners (part 4) - Whipped Cream - Chocolate Mousse
Unlike eggs, in which proteins provide the structure for foam, cream relies on fats to provide the structure for a foam when whipped. During whisking, fat globules in the cream lose their outer membranes, exposing hydrophobic portions of the molecules.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable : Mechanical Leaveners (part 3) - Egg Yolks - Strawberry or Raspberry Soufflé
If Eskimos have N words for describing snow, the French and Italians have N+1 words for describing dishes involving egg yolks. A number of these dishes use egg yolks to create light, airy foams by trapping air bubbles.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable : Mechanical Leaveners (part 2) - Egg Whites - Meringue Cookies & Chocolate Port Cake
To make meringue cookies, start with either egg-white meringue recipe. Optionally fold into the meringue whatever ingredients you’d like—ground almonds, chocolate chips, dried fruit, cocoa powder.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable : Mechanical Leaveners (part 1) - Egg Whites - Stirring and Whisking
Whisked egg whites are the Styrofoam of the culinary world: besides acting as space fillers in cakes, waffles, and soufflés and as “insulators” in desserts like lemon meringue pie, when overcooked, they taste about the same as Styrofoam, too.
Breakfast Included (Part 3) : Farm style & Stacks of fun
No breakfast menu is complete without a hearty omelette in the mix. Use this opportunity to use up leftover roast chicken and potatoes. Toss in whichever fresh herbs appear in your garden.
Breakfast Included (Part 2) : Perfect poaching & Berry banana smoothie
The perfect weekend breakfast when you have a little more time to knock together this delicious dish that’s big on flavor. Use the freshest eggs possible for paoching. If you’re unsure about how fresh they are, ass a dash of vinegar to your water before dropping in the eggs.
Breakfast Included (Part 1) : Fruity goodness & Porridge with a twist
As someone who’s tired every diet that promises quick results, I can honestly say the difference between then and now is my mindset. I haven’t suddenly developed stronger willpower or done something I hadn’t already done before - it’s simply that I’ve changed the way I look and react to food.
Keep An Open Mind
If you’re wedded to a set routine, a special cup or a particular seat at the staff meeting, shake yourself up and do things differently. It’s not about the cup or the chair, but about the ability to be flexible and creative in your thinking.
Mindful, Responsible Meat For The Table
In general, though, the mindful meat movement will rely on individual eaters who demand to know about the origin of what they’re eating. It’s akin to the local food revolution, which rallies eaters to “know your farmer”.
Power Surge - Triple your energy in just three weeks (Part 3) - Week 3: Get moving
Research suggests that doing aerobics or a mix of cardio and strength-training exercise three to five times a week for 30-60 minutes can give your the lift you’re looking for. The secret to optimising your success with exercise is consistency.
Power Surge - Triple your energy in just three weeks (Part 2) - Week 2: Diet right
Nutrition experts don’t always agree, but a near consensus about food and energy is emerging: follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Doing so can help your cells function more efficiently, making you feel less sluggish. Like most sensible diets, it recommends plenty of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, healthy fats and fish.
Power Surge - Triple your energy in just three weeks (Part 1) - Week1 : Squelch stress
“Most of our stress occurs when we feel overwhelmed, unable to cope or aren’t in control of a situation,” says Shelton Kartun, a stress counselor and CEO of The Anger & Stress Management Center of SA. “Financial strain, traffic, job insecurity, demanding children, ageing parents, difficult people, moving home and relationship problems are all major stressors.”
Do You Lie Back And Think Of…? (Part 2) - Tips for refocusing
To ensure you’re less distracted in intimate moments, keep a notebook and write down things you need to remember to do, so you can clear your mind and let go, suggests Venter.
Do You Lie Back And Think Of…? (Part 1)
Why do our minds wander in the bedroom? And should we worry about it? We ask the experts to share some thoughts.
Pork Chops Marsala
In same skillet, heat remaining oil 1 minute. Add mushrooms, shallot, and thyme; cook 5 minutes, or until mushrooms are browned and shallot is softened.
Key Lime Pie
Preheat oven to 375°F. In 9-inch glass pie plate, mix crumbs with vegetable oil spread, sugar, and salt to moisten. With hands, press onto bottom and up sides of pie plate.
Chicken Saltimbocca – “Jumps in the mouth”
On large cutting board or baking sheet, lay prosciutto slices in single layer with short sides facing you. Evenly divide Gorgonzola and place in center of prosciutto slices.
Chicken Pot Pies
Preheat oven to 425°F. In medium saucepan, whisk half-and-half, broth, flour, and poultry seasoning until combined. Bring to boiling, reduce heat, and simmer, whisking frequently, 4 minutes, or until thickened.
Eating By Numbers : Percentage nutrient reference values
Remember when surprises in your food used to be fun? A temporary tattoo. A neon-orange whistle. A spoon that changed colour when dipped in milk. These days though, a surprise in a box isn’t always a good thing, especially when it comes to trans fats, added sugar and hidden kilojoules.
What's in Our Seven-Layer Dip?
In 8-inch skillet on medium, heat oil. Add onion; cook 3 to 4 minutes, or until golden, stirring. Add chili powder; cook 1 minute. Remove from heat; add beans, 1/8 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper.
How to Make Spaghetti Bolognese
Reserve ¼ cup pasta cooking water. Drain pasta and return to saucepot; stir in sauce from skillet, Parmesan, parsley, and reserved cooking water, and toss to coat.
How to Make Beef Burgundy
Return meat and any meat juices in bowl to Dutch oven. Add thyme and mushrooms; heat to boiling. Cover and bake 1½ hours, or until meat is fork-tender, stirring once. Discard thyme sprigs. Just before stew is done, cook peas as label directs. Stir in peas.
Chicken & Dumplings Recipe
To same pot, add remaining oil; stir in carrots, celery, and onion. Cook 5 to 7 minutes, or until onion is translucent, stirring. Add broth, rosemary, and 2 cups water; heat to simmering.
Beef Taco Salad
Taco sald recipe with brown ground beef, tomatoes, tortilla chips, cheese, avocado, sour cream.
Santa Fe Enchiladas
Coat bottom of shallow baking dish with thin layer of enchilada sauce. Soften tortillas in microwave according to package directions. Dip tortillas, one at a time, into enchilada sauce to lightly coat.
Old-Fashioned Meatloaf
Preheat oven to 350°F. In 12-inch nonstick skillet on medium, heat oil. Add celery and onion; cook 10 minutes, or until vegetables are tender, stirring occasionally. Add garlic and cook 1 minute. Transfer vegetables to large bowl; cool slightly.
Green Bean Casserole
Spread onion in single layer on prepared foil; spray onion with cooking spray. Bake 14 minutes; toss to rearrange, then spray again.
Easy Shrimp & Grits
In 4-quart saucepan on medium-high, heat 2 cups milk, 2 cups water, and 1/8 teaspoon salt to simmering. Whisk in grits. Cover; reduce heat to medium-low. Cook 10 minutes, or until liquid is absorbed and grits are tender, stirring often. Keep warm.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable - Chemical Leaveners (part 5) - Baking Powder - Pumpkin Cake
There are two broad types of cake batters: high-ratio cakes—those that have more sugar and water than flour (or by some definitions, just a lot of sugar)—and low-ratio cakes—which tend to have coarser crumbs.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable - Chemical Leaveners (part 4) - Baking Soda - A Mean Chocolate Chip Cookie
Place parchment paper on one-third of cookie sheet, drop dough by rounded tablespoons onto sheet. Some cookies will be on parchment, others off. Cook for 13.04 minutes.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable - Chemical Leaveners (part 3) - Baking Soda - One-Bowl Chocolate Cake
The parchment paper doesn’t need to cover every last square millimeter of the bottom of the cake pan. Cut a square of parchment paper, and fold it in half, then in quarters, and then in eighths. Snip the top off the folded paper, unfold your octagon, and place it in the pan.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable - Chemical Leaveners (part 2) - Baking Soda - Gingerbread Cookies
Sift the dry ingredients into the bowl with the sugar/butter mixture. (I use a strainer as a sifter.) Work the dry and wet ingredients together using a spoon or, if you don’t mind, your hands. The dough will get to a crumbly, sand-like texture. Add ½ cup (120g) water and continue mixing until the dough forms a ball.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable - Chemical Leaveners (part 1) - Baking Soda - Buttermilk Pancakes
Baking soda doesn’t need an acid to decompose; heat will do it, too. Try melting some sugar, just as though you were making caramel , and instead of adding cream, add a small spoonful of baking soda and stir. The baking soda will break down and cause the sugar to bubble up.
New York-Style Cheesecake
Meanwhile, in large bowl, with mixer on medium speed, beat cream cheese until smooth. Combine sugar and cornstarch. Slowly beat sugar mixture into cream cheese. On low speed, beat in sour cream and vanilla. Add eggs and egg whites, one at time, until blended.
Lasagna With Turkey Meatballs
Preheat oven to 375°F. In bowl, combine sauce, tomatoes, and garlic. In another bowl, combine cottage cheese, 3/4 cup mozzarella, and 4 tablespoons Romano.
Cream Puffs With Dark-Chocolate Sauce
In 3-quart saucepan on medium, heat 1 cup water, butter, and salt to boiling; cook until butter melts. Remove from heat. Vigorously stir in flour all at once until mixture forms ball and comes away from side of pan.
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