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Gizzi Erskine’s One-Pot Wonders (Part 2) : Hango' LP-Beating Persian Chicken Soup, Belly-Busting Malaysian Fish Stew
Take inches off that muffin top with this miracle stew. Red snapper is rich in vitamin D - shown to help burn fat, especially around your middle
Gizzi Erskine’s One-Pot Wonders (Part 1) : Detoxifying Veggie Bollywood Biriyani, Flu-Fighting Roast Duck Noodle Soup
Honey, ginger, garlic and Pak Choi have immunity-boosting properties, making this soup a great option if you're a bit under the weather
Ten Ways With Toast
Put the flour, cinnamon, sugar and salt in a bowl. Beat the milk, egg and vanilla in another. Whisk the milk mix into the dry mix until smooth. Chop the plums and simmer in a pan with the sugar till tender. Soak the bread in the batter and fry until golden on each side. Serve with yoghurt and warm compote
Foods Reducing Children’s IQ
In addition, gum contains additive that prevents oxidization. If you eat over oxidized fat in a long time, these substances will accumulate in the body and it makes some systems of catalyst in the body be harmed. As a result, brain will develop badly or decline early. This is the reason why gum if food that reduces IQ index of children.
Things That Parents Should Do When Children Are 1 To 3 Years Old
When children are born, they hope that their parents can recognize them. Therefore, babies cry because they feel hungry or urinate. In addition, the important reason is to attract parents’ notice.
Usual And Unusual Signs When Babies Vomit
Vomiting is a normal phenomenon and it is very popular to children in the first period of life. The reason is that in this time, babies are gradually adjusting to smell, food, organs inside their body are developing so that they can be in agreement with foods that they eat every day.
Usual Reflexes Of Newborn Babies
These reflexes show intelligence ability of babies. If babies have reactions that aren’t keen, you need to ask pediatrician on time to detect the problem.
Wrong Conceptions About Taking Care Of Mothers And Babies After Childbirth
Fontanel helps skull become soft in the process of giving birth and it is also suitable for the development of skull when babies grow gradually. Fontanel is divided into front fontanel and back fontanel. When babies are 3 months old, back fontanel will disappear because articulation that connect skull is matched. And front fontanel will disappear when babies are over 1 year old.
4 Notes When Choosing Clothes For Newborn Babies
Choosing clothes for newborn babies is very important because their skin is very sensitive and they don’t have clear expression if they wear uncomfortable clothes.
9 Ways To Express Love To Children
All parents want their children have good friends in life, learn how to share sympathize and forgive for other people’s mistake, receive love and the best things that life brings. So, helping babies feel love can help babies know how to love everyone, and this is an important thing.
5 Things That Parents Can Lie To Children
A silly lie can make you lose the faith that your children lay on you, smart parents will know how to keep their children happy and healthy. The truth can be very valuable but, in some points of time, you shouldn’t tell your children about it.
How To Deal With Baby’s Cry
There’re many reason causing baby’s cry. You should have some simple knowledge to sooth a crying baby.
Foods That Help You Get Pregnant Easily
According to scientists, the rate of successful conception will increase when you and your husband have a sensible and scientific regimen. If you two are trying to have babies, put those foods below to you daily diet:
Foods That Make Women More Attractive
Foods can provide us lots of necessary nutrients. Those nutrients contained in foods can improve physical health, skin beauty and attraction.
Foods Very Good For Eyes
To prevent myopia, you should provide a suitable amount of calcium of your body. The food sources that contain plenty of calcium are milk products, soy products and chicken yolks…
What’s In That Pork? (part 2)
Years ago, trichinosis was the main fear about eating pork. But the risk from that parasite was largely eradicated by changes in industry practices (legislation banned the feeding of certain raw foods to hogs) and public awareness of the risks of eating undercooked meat.
What’s In That Pork? (part 1)
Our analysis of pork-chop and ground-pork samples from around the U.S. found that Yersinia enterocolitica, a bacterium that can cause fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, was widespread.
5 Fatty Foods That Won’t Make You Gain Weight
Your body needs to be provided with healthy fats to keep working, maintain the relaxing mood and balance the level of blood sugar; this even helps lose weight. The followings are 5 healthy foods that are rich in fat but really good for the body. Hence, it’s not necessary to completely avoid eating them.
Mango Sorbet Infused With Rose Water
Fruit, wine, and a blender: That's (almost) all it takes to whip up this guilt-free dessert created by Ingrid Hoffmann, star of the Cooking Channel's Simply Delicioso. Tangy and super-refreshing, the sorbet is one of more than 150 recipes in the chef’s new book, Latin D'Lite.
How To Deal With Loss Of Mother’s Milk Supply
The signs of it are breast erection, the feeling of pain and heat in breasts, in many cases, they’re high or medium fevers. Though it doesn’t cause death threat, but without timely treatments, it can cause dangerous breast abscess.
Foods That Help You Release Stress
Some foods that contain lots of antioxidants will help decrease stress and the level of glucose in the body. Foods rich in vitamin C not only help improve resistance, but also help the body produce a great deal of azymin which is an important component that helps people to be relaxed and happy.
6 Things Related To Baby’s Sleep
If you do the following 6 things to your baby’s sleeps, you will help your children be healthy and have the best height development.
Delicious And Nutritious Vegetable Soup For Babies
The followings are some vegetable soups that are delicious, nutritious and easy to cook in order to help babies switch tastes. Let’s find out!
How To Deal With Baby’s Spitting Up
Spitting up is a common symptom in children. The younger children are, the more they spit up. Spitting up happens when things in the stomach (food, gastric fluid or biliary fluid…) are thrown up through the mouth.
Things That Moms Should Know About Providing Vitamin A And D For Babies
Vitamin A and D plays a very important role in supporting metabolic process, blood circulation, helping improve the respiration and accelerate digestive function of children. This article will show you ways to provide the 2 vitamins to your babies most efficiently.
8 Seeds Good For Pregnant Women
This kind of seed can provide pregnant women with vitamin E, Omega-3, organic acids and phosphorus. Especially, the organic acids in walnut can help stimulate the development of the fetal brain. If pregnant women are keen on eating for a long period of time, babies will be intelligent.
Bad Habits Easily Making Babies Catch Diseases
Some daily habits aren’t good for babies; however, sometimes you think them normal because you consider that they are features of children. However, children can easily catch diseases because of the reasons that you think normal.
Top Foods Improving Baby’s Height
After giving birth, mothers want their children have ideal height. Therefore, when children are young, mothers remember to provide enough useful nutrients for their height through daily meals besides doing exercise, getting enough sleep.
Cauliflower Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 2)
When mothers buy broccoli, mothers should pay attention to its color. Delicious broccoli will have dark green or dark violet and it depends on kind. If broccoli has yellow color or it even has yellow flower, that is old broccoli and mothers shouldn’t choose it.
Cauliflower Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
Broccoli is food that is rich of nutrients and pregnant women cannot ignore. Broccoli contains high content of phosphor and other minerals such as Mangan and vitamin, especially vitamin K, Folate and B6.
Spoons For Two
Put all ingredients apart from the water into a food processor and blend until it has the consistency of breadcrumbs. Add the water and continue to process until it becomes sticky enough to roll into balls.
4 Kinds Of Fruit That Can Increase Risk Of Miscarriage
We know that most of kinds of fruit are good for health, but pregnant women need to have carful choice. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women that have morning sickness often eat fruits to reduce symptoms of morning sickness. Some people consider eating fruits as a way to provide important nutrients.
6 Kinds Of Vegetable That Increase Risk Of Miscarriage
In pregnancy, eating and drinking are extremely important because it affects the development of fetus directly. Especially, in the first 3 months, the risk of miscarriage is very high, so pregnant women should pay attention. To avoid risks that can take place to lovely babies, mothers should avoid eating the following kinds of vegetable.
10 Foods Having Surprisingly High Sodium Amount
Our body is consuming sodium too much because sodium is hidden in a lot of foods that seem to be healthy and don’t cause obesity. To mark perpetrators that make the amount of sodium increase every day, you need to read label of products carefully. In addition, you need to look to the amount of sodium in each portion and percent of sodium that is provided more.
Foods Against Harmful Pollution
With development of economy and technology, modern society brings our daily life a lot of benefits. However, it also brings a lot of pollutions such as radiation of computer, noise and dust….What can we do to deal with modern pollutions?
Delicious Vegetables Nutritious For Mothers Giving Breast
This is the first choice for pregnant women that have just given birth. Besides increasing mothers’ milk, sweet leaf also helps create vitality for sexual life, prevent osteoporosis, cure ulcerated place, reduce fever and placental retention, dirty blood after giving birth.
Folk Tips To Wean Baby Effectively
Some mothers say happily that weaning baby is similar to a battle. If mothers use “peaceful solution”, preparing stage needs to have consideration.
Genie In A Bottle (Part 2) : Vitamin C, Iron , Essential Fatty Acids, Calcium
This antioxidant is a fantastic all-rounder. It helps to boost immunity, assists in healthy teeth and gums, and promotes collagen synthesis for youthful skin, improves sperm health and piques wound healing. Collins recommends Vitamin C for your "immune system to fight infection and to be used in exercise as an antioxidant".
Genie In A Bottle (Part 1) : Zinc, Magnesium, B multivitamin
This is one of the most common supplement staples, zinc's a little sensitive when it comes to absorption, with many common factors causing excessive loss of zinc. Think stress, alcohol, cigarettes, gastrointestinal and digestive disorders and chronic diarrhea.
Top Foods That Can Easily Cause Allergy For Babies
Actually, foods for babies need to have diversification so that they have a lot of nutrients and they are good for babies. However, some foods can make babies have allergy. Therefore, mothers should pay attention and observe when beginning to let babies eat food. If babies have signs of allergy such as hives, itch, diarrhea, vomiting, mothers should stop letting them eat that food immediately.
Dishes That Help Cure Eye Dark Circles
Dark circles around eyes will make your face bad and it shows your tiredness. The following dishes can replace medicine to get rid of dark circles around eyes, reduce tiredness for eyes and make your face become more beautiful and brighter.
Wonderful Effects Of Beans
Besides rice and flour, grain is also useful for people’s health. It is also the cheapest source of food. Moreover, it contains more nutrients than rice and flour.
How To Help Children Digest Well
Therefore, nutritious portion of children only adapts about quantity, not quality or in other word, children’s body digests and absorbs food badly. The problem is in the part, so we have to find way to solve so that it can help process of digesting and absorbing foods take place best.
6 Seafood Gruels Good For Babies (part 2) : Snakehead fish, potatoes and carrots gruel, Crab, semolina and broccoli gruel, Shrimp and spinach gruel
Uncooked seafood can contain intestinal bacteria and parasites. Nowadays, as the environment is more and more polluted, we have to consider being infected with heavy metals like mercury. To reduce the risk of being infected with heavy metals, moms should process seafood carefully.
6 Seafood Gruels Good For Babies (part 1) : Shrimp gruel, Snakehead fish and watercress gruel, Clam and spinach gruel
Seafood contains lots of nutrients that are good for baby’s development. For that reason, moms shouldn’t forget to process seafood into delicious and attractive gruel for babies.
Boost Your Body (part 2) : Rosemary roasted lamb with potatoes, Basil, seafood and lemon linguine
Lay 4 whole sprigs of rosemary on a large sheet of foil, and place the lamb on top. Fold the edges of the foil to encase the lamb, leaving the top open. Pour in the wine and season the lamb. Bake for 15 minutes.
Boost Your Body (part 1) : Herb-marinated lemon chicken with tabbouleh, Spicy carrot and coriander soup
Mix the tomatoes, remaining parsley, mint and juice of the remaining lemon into the bulgur wheat and serve with the chicken, pouring over the leftover juices.
Foods That Can Cause Constipation To Babies
Constipation is disease that is popular in young children. A less-balance regimen or a wrong conception in feeding children of parents, such as letting children eat meat, drink milk a lot… can lead to constipation. The followings are foods that can cause constipation and need taking notice of.
How To Teach Daughters To Be Confident
Every mother who has a daughter will hope their daughters to be smart and strong, but in a world full of constant updates, children can receive messages from all kind of sources, such as at school, from friends, books, television’s programs…, which makes it harder to teach a girl to be confident and brave.
Treating Fever Wrong Can Lead Babies To Death
The story’s from a woman whose 3-year-old son almost died. Her son’s just been through a big fever; he was brought to hospital in critical condition. When she found that her son’s temperature was high, she put ice in a plastic bag, covered it with a towel and placed it near her baby armpits.
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