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Cure Amnesia After ChildBirth
On the way from your office to your home, you forget to go to the laundry to take blanket that you gave in the morning. At office, you always forget documents’ position in cabinet and you have to be hard to find out them. You are so forgetful that you cannot remember dishes’ formula that you used to cook for your family every week.
True Or False With Fruits
Eating too many fruits is not good. Not all of the people know about kinds of fruit, way of eating, time to eat. The following habit of using fruits can be true or false. Let’s see experts’ consideration.
Grape Is Pregnant Women’s Friend
Grape contains about 65-85% of water, 10-33% sugar (glucose and fructose), phlobaphene, galic acid ,silicic acid , quercetine , anin, glucosides, mono delphinidin and delphinidin, fruit acid, phosphoric acid, salicilic, lemon acid, formic acid , oxalic acid , pectin, tannin compound, kali salt, magnesium, calcium, mangan, Fe and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, C, P, PP, K, folic acids and enzymes.
Top 6 Foods Threatening Children’s Health
Kinds of seafood that have shells such as shrimp, crab, oyster, and shellfish can make children be allergic. Consequently, doctors especially advise you let children eat these foods after the first year of life. Before feeding children, you should ask doctors for advice and find out that whether there is anyone in your family can be allergic to seafood.
Moroccan Magic : Full Of Spice And Flavour (part 2) - Grated beetroot & carrot salad, Spicy grilled vegetables with chickpea salad
Every cook has their own version of this legendary spice mix for tagines, which has 20-30 ingredients, including cardamom, cumin, clove, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, rosebuds and fennel. Ras el hanout means ‘head of the shop’ in Arabic, and implies the best spices available.
Moroccan Magic : Full Of Spice And Flavour (part 1) - Moroccan tuna Niçoise with roasted tomatoes
Moroccan cooking, with its African and Mediterranean, inspiration is very healthy – most recipes contain a protein source such as chicken, lamb or fish with lots of vegetables, plus a host of health-promoting herbs and spices.
Postpartum Depression Treatment
Women who have postpartum depression are usually afraid that their children will be harmed and they are bad mothers.
Potato – Heat Rash Effective Drug
Heat rash is a very common disease in children in hot seasons. To avoid this discomfort, baby really needs food and beverage which have cooling function.
Pregnant Women Should Eat Red Bean
Do you know that eating red bean regularly can help your body produce more breast milk and balance hormones in your body? Besides, red bean has many other benefits. Let’s check out.
Prevent Bone Fracture With Spinach
According to recent research, spinach contains a big amount of antioxidant such as vitamin E and selenium which can prevent early aging, promote cell development, activate brain function, increase brain’s vitality, prevent brain’s aging and Alzheimer. Besides, eating spinach can also prevent bone fracture in old people.
Kid Killers In Summer
Hot summer, hot weather makes the body dehydration, especially children because of their hyperactivity, so the body excretes more sweat lead to dehydration. Mild and medium dehydration can cause body fatigue, drowsiness, urinating less, constipation ...
Things That Need Buying Before Giving Birth
Breast pump and feeding bottle are used when breast milk is too much and needs to express, and conversely, if breast milk is less, expressing milk between breast-feeding times will stimulate mammary gland to produce more milk.
Teach Babies To Learn Language With Familiar But Strange Method
During this time, babies can learn more than 6,000 words. Many of them start recognizing letters of the alphabet, writing or reading some words.
Teaching Your Children With The 2mm Rule
Parents are the ones who can detect this and encourage their children to help them practice and overcome themselves with just 2mm per day in learning as well as behavior in life.
Is Prohibition The Easiest Way To Protect Your Children?
Picking up, over protecting make bad effect on independence of children as they think that there will always be somebody to support and do everything for them. Instead of acting to achieve what they want, the children will be lazy, always ask for help even in the smallest thing.
Skills To Teach Preschool Children
About to attending kindergarten, beside of preparing strong constitution, firm psychology, you should also equip him with some basic skills before entering a new environment and make sure he will be safe when no relative around him. So you should instruct him skills to easily adapt. Here are some skills for your reference:
Tips On Training Kids To Eat Well (Part 2)
If you understand clearly the value of delicious foods which are good for health, you will not be more satisfied when looking at your babies to discovery joys of eating.
Tips On Training Kids To Eat Well (Part 1)
If you understand clearly the value of delicious foods which are good for health, you will not be more satisfied when looking at your babies to discovery joy of eating. But how to train a kid to prefer fruits to chips, and never ignore cauliflower and salmon? The short answer is: let start from now!
Keep A Vegetarian Diet When Breast-feeding Baby
During this period, you should not keep a vegetarian diet for too long time. The time and the moment for vegetarian meal depend on baby’s age, breast-feeding completely or combining with powdered milk …
“Soldiers” Moms
It was easy for our grandparents to bring up tens of children under the difficult economic conditions once, only a child is enough for nine of ten parents to complain today. What are the causes?
Standard Nutrition For Toddlers
Food produces energy that children need. We can choose a healthiest diet, present it nicely but the child refuses to eat, the action of your child ended the game.
Teaching Kids To Listen Is Easy
Initially, children are not such stubborn. However, they are trying you but not as the way you think. When kids toddle, they are trying to follow standards of behavior and rules of their family. They are in transition between standards that they must comply with and their normal habits in order that at a certain time when they do not stay with you, they will follow these rules themselves.
How To Teach 2-to-3-year-old Kids To Be Intelligent As Japanese (Part 2)
2-year-old kids always want to do things well, most at the stage from 2-2.5 years old, and more at the age of 3.5. Catching up timely and promoting this will is the secret to teach them to become talents.
How To Teach 2-to-3-year-old Children To Be Smart As Japanese Do (Part 1)
From 2 years old, kids want to be independent. They don’t want their parent to do anything for them but let them learn and do it themselves. 2 years old, kids move constantly as professional athletes.
Maximize Kids’ Intelligence
According to Theory of Evolution of Darwin, links that are used the most will develop, and the ones that are less used will be destroyed. The gold stage for kids to learn and understand is the first years of their life; they will create foundation for whole life later.
Practice Children’s Memory For Their Future Eyesight
Children do not distinguish colors abstractly one by one such as red or green, but feel completely complex colors like the face of someone. If they are able to recognize red, then yellow, and green in such order, to distinguish a face, they need a few years.
Set Up Rules To Make Kids Be Obedient
Define what kids are allowed to do indoors and the strict punishment if they violate the rules. You can’t easily control things that children do when they go out, but you can set up some standards of behavior and attitude in your family so that the children can understand and follow.
Gently Take Babies Into A Sound Sleep
Parents will be happy to see their baby sleeping enough, being obedient and healthy! However, for babies, especially preschool-age children, the habit of less sleeping and giddy is extremely common. Sometimes, illness, hunger or going into a new stage of development causes baby's sleeping problems or startle.
Good Tips To Avoid Sudden Death For Babies
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), likes as its name, is condition that infants under 1 year old die suddenly and it is difficult to explain reason. This disease makes many parents worry because it can occur at any time without warning signs, even for babies who have good health and normal development’s speed of physic.
Honey Is Dangerous For Babies under 1 Year Old
Although honey is a natural food which has many benefits for health, you should also avoid using it for babies under 1 year old.
Identify Children Learning To Speak Slowly
The language development of each child is different. However, parents need special attention when their baby does not response to sound, or cannot say simple sounds, because maybe your baby slowly knows how to speak.
Book Teaching Children: Mistakes When Breastfeeding
Love between mother and baby is more important through breastfeeding. Some people said that breastfeeding at fixed time was good even when babies cried. The more babies cry, the better their lungs operate. Crying is babies’ duty and they will know how endurance is.
Book Teaching Children: The Younger Children Are, The Smarter They Get
For growth of children, the most important issue is education, not nature. The fact that children eventually become geniuses or normal people is not up to intelligence, but the key point is education for children from birth to 5-6 years old.
Book Teaching Children: Watching TV Much, Children Are Difficult To Be Independent
Talking about determinativeness from the impressions receiving from outside world of newborn babies, the Australian scholars on moveable comparison Lorenz quoted "Study of animals (including human being), especially study at new-born time, is phenomenon called engraving (record deeply into brain).
By Learning and Playing, Kids Are Good At Reading And Writing
Mothers always worry that their kids do not know the way how to learn, do not catch up with lessons, or do not focus on studying as other friends; but mothers always love their children and do not ask them to have to learn so much that they do not have time for playing.
Children Teaching Book: Parenting Skills
Although most parents know the situation will make their children show the bad character, they often fall into that situation unreasonably. Toddlers are not professors of psychology, but they understand us. They put the detonator ready to blow up their parents but if we take a step forward, be wise and calm, the detonator will faint away.
Brain Nutrition – Prepare For Your Children Before G Hour
In 3, 4, 5 of July, more than 500,000 12-grade students will start the College exams with blocks A, A1 and V. To help your children to do the exams well, parents need to support them with nutrition, particularly brain nutrition - the base for them to utilize ability of thinking max.
Vitamin C Supplementation - Little Chips Light Great Fires
Parents always take good care of children in their food and sleep to ensure their health and development. However, there is a fact that many mothers have not noticed about increasing resistance and supplementation of vitamin C for children.
Choose Salmon To Blow Wrinkles Away
Besides many kinds of masks for caring skin, we suggest you should use lots of vegetables, fruits, and drink much water. Fish also help to maintain beauty of skin, so using fish regularly is better than using meat. Moreover, salmon is considered as panacea to prevent wrinkles for all women.
Fruit Juice Is Not Good
I confirm that I am also allergic to a thing. It is the company that hypes the nutritional products. They bend the truth by some sentences such as "no sugar", "cafe has eliminated the natural caffeine", "non-fat nutrient milk", "Vitamin treats cold and reduces stress", etc. This makes me sick and makes me want to stutter.
Green Vegetables That Should Be Eaten In The Fall
In autumn, you should eat kinds of food which has sweet and soft nature. These kinds of food are better than sour food because it helps to balance the viscera.
For Children To Have Delicious Meal: Ignore Them
It must have been many times that you had to use different tricks to feed your baby a few spoons of porridge or pieces of meat. And you had to wonder why other kids were so easy to feed, but yours was difficult. Do not worry because there are many ways to make children more interested in eating.
8 Foods Treating Hemorrhoids
Blueberries are good foods, especially for those suffering from hemorrhoids. Blueberries are rich in iron, they can help restore the damage in the blood vessels and increase the overall health of the vascular system.
moral baby (part 5) - Explaining the rules
Want a simple way to make any form of punishment more effective, long-lasting, and internalized—everything a parent could ask for? It’s the third leg supporting our stool of moral awareness. It just takes one magic sentence, Parke found, added to any explicit command.
moral baby (part 4) - Swift punishment
Researchers over the years have tried to make sense of the behavior of people like Bundy. They have no good answers. There are the usual suspects: broken home and violent, abusive parents, and Bundy had all of these.
moral baby (part 3) - Raising a moral child: Rules and discipline
A little boy at the dinner table punches his brother, demanding, “I want your ice, now!” Mom and Dad look horrified. A plump, elegant stranger with a British accent also sits at the table.
Strange Discoveries On Newborn Babies (Part 2)
Because sucking is quite strong during breastfeeding and bottle feeding, lips of newborn babies are easy to be blistered and rough. In some cases, newborn babies have had blisters on lips since born because they have suck thumbs since being in mother’s body. In fact, little cracked and swelling lips’ skin helps babies easy to catch nipples.
Strange Discoveries On Newborn Babies (Part 1)
Before babies are born, read books, watch TV, or gossip with friends, you imagine that head of your angel looks round and nice, but you are shocked when seeing your child in the first time because its head looks quite strange and has tip. In fact, the reason is baby’s head must past many hours to go through your pelvis during laboring and delivering.
Teach 2-3-Year-Old Kids To Protect Themselves
Kids aging from 2 to 3 can’t distinguish whether a person is harmful or not. However, you should start teaching your kid to keep a safe distance from stranger with appropriate tips on how to deal with unfamiliar people.
Remedies For Hyperactive Kids
For different children, some of them are very quiet, obedient, thoughtful and don’t ask for others attention; some others are annoying; noisy; impulsive; disorganized and have their mind confused from one subject to another one, just like they’re a drunk in a cocktail party.
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