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Live Longer & Stronger - 3 Good-For-You Dishes
Heat 1 Tbsp oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Season the halibut with ½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pepper and cook until golden brown and opaque throughout, 3 to 5 minutes per side.
Harmful Effects From Eating Too Many Bananas
Eating too much bananas can cause headache as bananas contain Tyramine, Phenylethylamine and amino acids which can dilate vessels and increase the amount of blood that goes to brain. Ripe bananas have higher amount of Tyramine, which means the more you leave the bananas ripe, the more possibilities you’ll have a headache by eating those.
Surprising Benefits From Eating Turmeric
When you have severe cold, add a little bit turmeric powder in milk and your nose will be clean. If your skin is injured, rub turmeric on it. Turmeric won’t bring foods smells that so specific but unexpected benefits.
You Shouldn’t Feed Children Over 20 Minutes
Children that suffer from anorexia can be undernourished, reduce resistance and as a result, they can catch disease easily. However, there are 50% of children from 19 to 24 months old suffer from anorexia.
Safe Sleeping And Your Baby (Part 2)
If you feel the room is too cold for the baby, rather warm the room than having too many blankets and layers on the baby. Avoid dangerous heating such as gas or bar heaters. Panel heaters that attach to a wall tend to keep the room at a moderate temperature rather than oil heaters and under floor heating, which can heat up a room too much.
Safe Sleeping And Your Baby (Part 1)
We’ve all heard by now how dangerous it can be to put your baby to sleep on his tummy. Tummy sleeping has been associated (along with other factors) with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and since the 1990s, healthcare professionals have advised parents to stop putting their babies on their tummies to sleep, and the incidence of SIDS has decreased by a whopping 50 percent.
8 Nutritious Principles That Scholarly Mothers should Know
The first delicious advice about nutrition that we want to send mothers is giving babies the breast because mother’s milk is the best food, it has enough nutrients and it is easiest to absorb. Those are the reasons why WHO advise mothers to give babies the breast immediately after giving birth and give babies the breast completely in the first 6 months.
9 Things That You Cannot Ignore If You Want Your Children To Become Intelligent
Many researches and a recent research of Stanford University proved that memory in particular and intelligence in general will reduce a lot when children don’t have enough sleep and sleep deeply. Sleep will brain eliminate tiredness. When children sleep less, it will affect the development of mental power and the ability to acquire and study, and it can even cause problems about hyperactivity and losing the controlling about emotion.
Do And Don’t About Nutrition For Babies In The Summer
The hot and muggy weather can make children feel unpleasant, tired and lazy to eat more. Therefore, mothers especially need to pay attention to nutritious menu of your children in this period.
Good Things That Parents Can Do For Their Children (Part 2)
Although children are in any age, they need to study the way to “give”. The important thing is that you should support and observe your children’s attempt. When you teach your children to know how to help other people by their ability, you bring them the beginning of the good habit for their whole life.
Good Things That Parents Can Do For Their Children (Part 1)
You can think that the following things are simple; however, they are the things that you should do for your children if you want the best things for them.
Mothers Should Avoid Doing Wrong Things That Are Harmful To Children
Parents are unbiased to do some things because they think that these things will be good for their children. However, in reality, they are harmful to children.
Teach Children Healthy Habits Of Eating And Drinking
You should make a list and only put the foods that are useful for health in house. This thing will help children study the way to choose the foods that are good for health.
Discover Secrets About How To Choose Foods Scholarly
Choosing the suitable foods will bring unexpected effects. They only make health become good, make brain nimble-witted but also prevent dangerous diseases.
Foods In Fridge That Need To Be Thrown Away Immediately
Foods that are kept in fridge in some days (or some weeks) can change and produce bacteria that are harmful to health.
Foods That People Over 40 Years Old Need To Avoid
If diet has a lot of salt, it will have positive effect to blood pressure. Salt will make body keep water and make blood pressure increase. When blood pressure is high, it can make heart, kidney, artery and brain in the stressed state. In addition, it can cause coronary thrombosis and stroke.
Natural Foods That Help Prevent Short-Sightedness
In daily life, you need to create the good habit and catch skills to protect your eyes. In reality, a healthy diet also helps you protect and improve eyesight of eyes.
Discover Tacit Japanese Rules Of Parenting
Most of my American friends have several remarkable stories about helping children sleep separately. They often talk about this with pride and humor, about the difficulties that they have to suffer from when they try to get their children sleep alone, separately from the cradle.
Find Out The Reasons Why Babies Cry (Part 2)
Sometimes babies cry out loud for none of the reason above, they simply feel lonely and want to be carried or help. In that case, you should hold, comfort and play with them to make them feel happy and warm, which is very good for baby’s development.
Find Out The Reasons Why Babies Cry (Part 1)
After 9 to 10 months waiting, you can see and take care of your child finally but, the child may tend to cry day and night, which may make your husband who has been stressed at the office faces with the baby cries. Though what should be done is glad, that can lead to a fight between husbands and wives.
Gentle Health Care For Newborns In The First 3 Months
Babies will be so dependent on you that their sadness or smallest joys can turn your life upside down. You will want to do your best to protect them in their first steps and in the future.
Vegetarian Goodness - Go Meat-Free And Enliven Your Taste Buds (part 2)
Wash the rice well and put it in a large saucepan with boiling salted water and the cardamom pods. Cook according to the packet instructions until soft but still with a bite. Strain well, spread on a tray to cool down and set aside.
Vegetarian Goodness - Go Meat-Free And Enliven Your Taste Buds (part 1) : Beetroot, celeriac and apple remoulade
To make the remoulade, put the lemon zest and most of its juice in a bowl with the mayonnaise. Add the remaining lemon juice to a bowl of cold water and put the apple and celeriac in the water so it doesn’t discolor.
Around The World Bite By Byte (Part 4)
Place arugula leaves in a large bowl. Add the contents of the skillet and toss to combine and wilt arugula. Add lemon juice and toss again. Serve with warm Italian bread, preferably focaccia.
Around The World Bite By Byte (Part 3)
Divide rice and vegetables between two serving bowls and set aside. In a mixing bowl, combine soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, and pepper. Add beef, using a fork to break it up. and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 15 minutes to 1 hour.
Around The World Bite By Byte (Part 2)
Also called cranberry beans, these legumes taste like a nuttier pinto bean. Try them to in soups, pasta dishes, and salads, or braised as a side. Late summer to fall, you can find fresh beans at farmers' markets in the U.S.
Around The World Bite By Byte (Part 1)
This zesty herb blend usually made with oregano, thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds - has many uses in Israeli cooking: as a condiment for dipping pita, as a dry rub for meat, and dusted over hummus and Labneh (a thick, sheep’s-milk yogurt). It’s just as good sprinkled over roasted vegetables.
Brown Rice Is A Good Source Of Food
Brown rice is especially good for women as it can reduce the risk of cancer, colon diseases, reduce cholesterol and be good for the cardiovascular system of menopausal women.
Kinds Of Food That Should Be Eaten In Hot Seasons
When it’s hot, you can easily feel nausea and tired. Therefore, you need to follow a healthy diet to reduce the discomfort.
Pay Attention To Children’s Diet In Summer
Diet for children in summer needs to be pain attention especially because this is the season when children’s body will need a lot of minerals and vitamins to convert calories more easily.
Golden Suggestions For Breakfast Of Pregnant Women
Products from wheat flour such as bread, grain are good suggestions of pregnant women. Wheat flour can provide pregnant women to 20 to 35 grams of fiber every day. Moreover, wheat flour contains a lot of Fe and Zn that are good for development of fetus.
Foods And Drinks Good For Pregnant Women
There’re some fast foods that are good for pregnant women’s health. You can consider them to be snacks. The followings are delicious foods that you should use in your pregnancy.
Cold Treatments For Children Without Medicines (Part 1)
To limit the bad effects of overuse and overdose drugs when children have flu or cold, the medical association recommended that parents shouldn’t let children under 6 under years old take any medicine arbitrarily.
Cold Treatments For Children Without Medicines (Part 2)
Breathing mint air can stimulate the blood vessels so that they will expand and create a way for the air to get in and help children be able to breath easily in stuffy-nose days.
Habits That Kindergarten Children Should Have
Teaching children to know how to take care of themselves since they were young is very important. If you worry about their age and do everything for them, you will take away their right to learn and their personal development opportunities.
It’s Not Difficult To Teach Children Be Disciplined
Children often don’t recognize the importance of regular activities, especially of sleeping on time and fully. Usually, they are always attracted to games and forget the sleepiness and determinedly refuse going to bed without any concern that it’s very late.
Surprising Effects Of Curing Diseases From Catfish
Catfish is a kind of freshwater fish that lives in pond, lake and field that has a lot of mud. It not only is the food that has high nutritious value but also has good effects in curing diseases.
Unexpected Effects When Eating Vegetable Too Much
Vegetables contain a lot of elements such as vitamins, minerals, vegetable fiber. However, absorbing vegetables too much will cause a lot of harmful effects.
Foods You Should Eat Every Day
You don’t have to spend much trouble on finding expensive kinds of medicine. Kinds of foods such as bean, avocado, almond, chocolate or ginger are one of the super foods that are easy to find and good for health.
Mistakes Making You Gain Weight When You Have Breakfast
You like to drink fruit juice in the morning? However, you are busy, so you choose canned fruit juice because you think that this drink also contains enough nutrients and is useful for health. It is similar to fresh fruit juice.
Misunderstanding In Adding Calcium
There is a point of view that eating a lot of bone soup will have enough calcium. This is an incorrect point of view because bone soup isn’t easily dissolved.
5 Important Dishes For Babies
Milk, filtered water and fresh fruit juice are necessary things in baby’s menu because they play an important part in development of children. Transforming processes in body need water. Water also helps eliminate toxins out of the body through urine, sweat. To children, water is more important.
7 Things About Eating Parents Should Teach Children
When parents teach children these things, parents not only help children know about politeness in meal but also practice children discipline and tidiness in the future.
Take Care Of Under-One-Year-Old Children That Have Fever
Many parents are worried when their children have a fever and many people are impatient to find way to reduce fever for children without knowledge. As a result, it causes serious results.
Tastes Better Together: Asparagus Benedict
Bring a medium saucepan of salted water to a boil. Blanch lib asparagus, trimmed and chopped, for 2 minutes, then transfer to an ice-water bath. Drain and combine with 1 pint cherry tomatoes and 2 cups arugula in a large bowl.
Nuts Are The Ultimate Snack Food
Nuts are the ultimate snack food: They pack loads of nutrients and so much satisfaction into "every handful. But they're more than a midday munch-hence, these delicious recipes.
Tastes Better Together
This tangy goat’s or sheep’s milk cheese adds a salty touch to the pepper’s roasted flavor. A match made in Mediterranean heaven’
Vitamins That Can Prevent Cancer Effectively
According to experts, the best method to prevent cancer is obeying a healthy lifestyle and regularly consuming foods that contain 5 following vitamins. As a result, it can prevent development of cancer cells.
5 Leading Reasons That Make Children Lazy Eating
Children suffer from anorexia, and each meal to children and their parents is a fight. Nutritious doctors give 5 leading reasons that make children lazy eating.
11 Interesting Ways To Stop Babies From Crying
Many parents want to know about coaxing babies to stop crying. We will provide parents 11 interesting ways to coaxing babies to stop crying.
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