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Life with your New Baby : The First 12 Hours (part 2) - The first medical checkup
In the first 12 hours a pediatrician will give your baby a checkup. In addition to a head-to-toe examination, there will be checks made on skin color, temperature, and muscle tone, and on reflexes, such as sucking and grasping.
Life with your New Baby : The First 12 Hours (part 1)
A few minutes ago you were a couple—and now you are parents! The moment you have been dreaming of for nine months has finally arrived… so what happens next?
Sous Vide Cooking (part 2) - Foodborne Illness and Sous Vide Cooking
Sous vide cooking, when done properly, can safely create amazingly tender chicken, a perfect soft-cooked egg, or a succulent steak. However, it’s also possible to set up a perfect breeding ground for bacteria if the food is mishandled.
Sous Vide Cooking (part 1)
With a name like “sous vide,” this cooking technique sounds foreign, and for good reason: the French chef George Pralus introduced it to the culinary world in the 1970s. While foreign in origin, it is certainly not complicated or mysterious.
What a Newborn Truly Needs (Part 4)
Babies love skin-to-skin contact. Researchers at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, in Nashville, US, found that full-term newborn who shared bare-chested snuggles with their mom (a therapy for preemies knows as “kangaroo care”) may breathe easier
What a Newborn Truly Needs (Part 3)
Although you may be tempted to give your child a dose of medicine to ease her discomfort, paracetamol has been shown to reduce the antibody response to immunizations.
What a Newborn Truly Needs (Part 2)
Laying your little one in the crib before his eyes shut, so he learns to fall asleep on his own is one of the first steps you can take toward sleep training. Early on, though, he’ll probably fall asleep in your arms – and that’s absolutely fane.
What a Newborn Truly Needs (Part 1)
After giving birth to my son, I couldn’t wait to leave the hospital, picturing sweet snuggle-fests, leisurely stroller walks, and the fun of dressing him in his tiny outfits. But once we were home, reality set in. L
Your Baby: 0–3 Months - Breastfeeding Basics
Although breastfeeding is one of the most natural acts in the world, it can take a lot of practice before you get the hang of it. Both you and your baby may be amateurs, so take your time to become accustomed to different positions, and enjoy the experience.
Toddler: The cling thing
Around 16 to 20 months, toddlers are working to develop more mastery over their body (think running), and every new challenge that they face can cause stress, Dr. Walfish notes
Pre-teen: Tackling aggression - Passive aggression, Fickleness and depression,Conduct discorder
Accumulated stress. The child is irritated and is angry all the time. Nuclear families, someone or the other is always around to listen to kids. Today, with moms and dads being busy with their jobs, kids are not able to express their frustrations at the right time.
More Fun With Your Children - Goody Bag :Trendy Goodies for a Joyful June
From bags to T-shirt to footwear, this classic superhero has made a comeback. Check out the Superman-inspired merchandise which is never outdated, and is a favorite with kids, despite the innumerable novice superheroes. Inspire your little hero with any of them.
Planning with Kids : Routines - Holding family meetings
During the meetings we try to encourage the kids to take part in solving problems and generating ideas. If a child has an issue they want raised at the family meeting, they have to bring along a solution and not just the problem.
Kids - Keep Them Healthy And Happy (Part 2) - 6 Things to Learn From Chillar Party
If you equip them with confidence, they can move mountains. See how the kids masterminded the ‘Save Bhidu’ operation, and used the power of the net and networking to make the ‘chaddi’ protest a success.
Kids - Keep Them Healthy And Happy (Part 1)
It’s important to see that the school does not have a set curriculum that is the same every day, but something that speaks to the child in terms of how they learn. We know about multiple intelligences, children learn in different ways – some are interactive, some scientific, while some enjoys language-based learning.
Big kid: Their secret life
If other kids are over, it makes sense to leave the door open for at least part of the time, since kids in a group are more likely to try inappropriate things, like playing baseball indoors, or making a mess with art supplies, than they would if they were alone.
Baby: Happy returns
Returning to your job after having a baby, once your maternity leave is over, can cause a major upheaval for you and your little one both. There are lots of thing that start worrying you.
Your Baby: 0–3 Months - Developmental Milestones, Best First Toys
Your new baby can see only a short distance in front of her face, and she won’t see everything in full color for another few weeks; however, her sense of touch and hearing are very well developed, and she will enjoy experimenting with different sounds and textures.
Your New Baby: After the Birth - Quick Family Food
Time is at a premium when you have a new baby, so it makes sense to create easy, quick, and healthy family dishes that will last a couple of days, and can even be frozen for later meals.
From Ahhh… to Aargh!: Where did your marriage go?
When you focus too much on them, you neglect to nurture your marriage. This can happen without you even realizing it. And when you do spend time together, your conversations are inadvertently about them.
Planning with Kids : Routines - Slotting cleaning into your routine
People often think that as I’m slightly planning obsessed I must have the ‘perfect’ house, but I’m always happy to dispel this myth! My house is generally well organised, but with five children it meets that ‘perfect’ status only on very rare occasions, and even then only after a tremendous amount of work.
Planning with Kids : Routines - Establishing routines
Routines are like a comfort blanket for kids; they give them a sense of security. They let kids know what’s coming up, what’s expected of them and when it’s expected, which helps to place boundaries around their big wide world.
Sloppy Janes
Add turkey; cook3 minutes, breaking it up with wooden spoon, stirring until no longer pink. Add tomatoes and their juices, Worcestershire, chipotle chile, and ½ teaspoon salt. Reduce heat to medium and cook, covered, 3 minutes.
Scampi Gratin Recipe
In food processor, pulse bread until coarse crumbs form; transfer to bowl. Add sun-dried tomatoes, basil, 4 tablespoons Parmesan, capers, garlic paste, and ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper; stir until combined.
Tired? Who, Me?
It’s a fact of life hat sleepless babies mean sleepless parents. One of the biggest challenges fro you and your spouse when caring for your new baby is learning to cope with the lack of sleep, especially in the first four months when it’s too soon to sleep-train her.
Sometimes They Care Too Much (Part 2)
Often, mother-in-law would also enter my room as I was trying to breastfeed or nap. I lost count of the number of times I woke up in fright to see her face hovering above mine, as she peered over my body to admire her granddaughter.
Sometimes They Care Too Much (Part 1) - Who’s baby is it anyway?
As if Mum’s overwhelming concern was not enough, my mother-in-law also started to interfere. One day, before we had even given the idea any thought, she simply informed us over dinner tat she had booked a confinement lady.
It's A Date!: Play is good
Play is good for your toddler. Through it, he learns about the world around him, develops new skills and gets the opportunity to mix with others.
Get Organized: Play with others
Aim for your tot to play with others his own age at least once or twice a week, if possible. While you could do this by taking him to a playgroup, you could also organize play dates and invite other children and their parents over.
Ahoy Here: Preparation for an imaginary
Tell your children they’re going to learn about Singapore’s history this coming holidays, and you might not get the enthusiastic response you were hoping for. But tell them they’re going on an island adventure – and they’ll definitely get excited!
Watercress – The “nose twister”
The Latin name for watercress, Nasturtium officinale, means ‘nose twister’. It’s a lovely description, I think, of the aquatic plant’s peppery bite. And it’s no surprise to learn that it belongs to the mustard family.
Uncle, One More Plate, Please! (Part 2)
Make sure to vary your choice of veggies every day, as different colored ones give you different types of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, says Nehal. If the stall offers brown rice, opt for that. The wholegrain version gives you added fibre, which keep you full longer and benefits your heart.
Uncle, One More Plate, Please! (Part 1)
A nutritious breakfast should consist of slowly digested carbs (fresh food, wholegrain cereal) paired with protein (egg, reduced fat cheese, soya bean milk), advises Siew Choo.
Top Toys For Kids (Part 2) - Age 5, Age 6, Age 7, Age 8, Age 9
Your eight-year-old demonstrates good understanding of numbers, shapes and dimensions. So, naturally, Lego, an open-ended construction toy, appeals to him. It enables him to think, imagine, create, design and extend language.
Top Toys For Kids (Part 1) - Age 2,Age 3,Age 4
Your four-year-old is on the brink of amazing physical growth. He probably has good balance and smooth muscle action now. By his next birthday, he would experience rapid muscle growth and start to run faster, says Tee Shan Shan, psychologist at Thomson Paediatric Centre.
The Facebook Effect : How can you protect your tween on social networks?
Telling your nine-year-old that she isn’t old enough to use social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook simply doesn’t work (even though the official minimum age or Facebook is 13).
Stuck On You
When you bought your five-year-old that tablet for his birthday six months ago, you never imagined he’d be glued to it – he plays with it before he goes to school, when he comes home from school and even watches TV programmes or Youbtube videos on it while eating his meals.
Modern Industrial Chemicals (part 11) - Liquid Smoke: Distilled Smoke Vapor - S'mores Ice Cream
The simplest way of creating a smoked flavor in your cooking—besides actually smoking it—is to include ingredients that are already smoked and contain those chemical compounds.
Modern Industrial Chemicals (part 10) - Meat Glue: Transglutaminase - Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, Shrimp Roll-up
Since transglutaminase binds proteins at the molecular level, you can also use it as a binder to form ground meats into a solid form . Imagine taking wood glue and, instead of gluing two boards together, using the glue to re-form a piece of wood from sawdust.
Modern Industrial Chemicals (part 9) - Meat Glue: Transglutaminase
One of the more unexpected food additives is transglutaminase, a protein that has the ability to bond glutamine with compounds such as lysine, both of which are present in animal tissue. In plain English, transglutaminase is “glue” for proteins.
Your New Baby: After the Birth - Postpartum Depression, Getting Enough Sleep
Having already experienced difficulty sleeping in the last weeks of pregnancy, and then the physically exhausting experience of labor, it can seem daunting to discover that your new baby will offer you little opportunity to rest.
Your New Baby: After the Birth - Choosing a Pediatrician, Postpartum Checkups
Your baby will be examined immediately after the birth, and again before you are discharged from the hospital. If you deliver at home, your baby will be checked by her pediatrician. Your health is equally important, and you can expect regular examinations as well as a postpartum checkup with your doctor.
Modern Industrial Chemicals (part 8) - Anti-Sugar: Lactisole - Savory French Meringues
Unlike the modern additives covered so far, which have essentially focused on either trapping liquids in a gel structure or changing the physical state of food, “anti-sugar” is an additive used to modify a flavor sensation: it reduces the sensation of sweetness.
Modern Industrial Chemicals (part 7) - Making Foams: Lecithin - Fruit Juice Foam, The Chemistry of Emulsifiers
If you ever happen to be served a dish that has a “foam” component—say, cod served on a bed of rice with a “carrot” foam or uni (sea urchin) in a shell with green apple foam, it was probably created by adding a stabilizer such as lecithin or methylcellulose to a liquid and then whipping or puréeing it.
Preparing for Baby : Your Nesting Instinct
There is nothing like late pregnancy to inspire all sorts of new feelings, including the mysterious “nesting” instinct, which can be alien to women who have previously shown no interest in housework.
Preparing for Baby : Your Baby's Nursery, Your Baby's Medicine Cabinet
Putting together a well-stocked medicine cabinet will ensure that you are ready when illness or discomfort strike. Keep everything together in one place, well out of reach of little fingers. You won’t need all these items right away, but it’s good to be prepared.
Preparing for Baby : Transporting your Baby, Breast- and Bottle-feeding
It goes without saying that you are unlikely to need much more than a comfortable place to sit if you are breastfeeding; however, you may find there are a few items that make the process easier. Bottle-feeders need very specific equipment, which must be kept clean at all times.
Modern Industrial Chemicals (part 6) - “Melts” in your mouth: Maltodextrin - Powdered Brown Butter
Maltodextrin—a starch—dissolves in water, but not fat. In manufacturing, it’s spray-dried and agglomerated, which creates a powder that’s very porous on the microscopic level. Because of this structure, maltodextrin is able soak up fatty substances, making maltodextrin useful for working with fats when designing food.
Modern Industrial Chemicals (part 5) - “Melts” as it cools: Methylcellulose - Hot Marshmallows
Hollywood uses methylcellulose to make slime. Add a bit of yellow and green food dye, and you’ve got yourself Ghostbusters-style slime. To get good consistency, whisk it vigorously to trap air bubbles into the mixture.
Preparing for Baby : Bathtime Essentials,Soothers and Comfort Items
You may want to think ahead about whether you want to use soothers such as comfort toys, blankets, and pacifiers. These can provide an easy, way to soothe an anxious or sleepless baby, and may even help to reduce separation anxiety as your baby gets older. Here are some things to take into account.
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