Difficult life can make you easy to be attacked by signs of stress.

Description: Life pressure can cause depression

Life pressure can cause depression.

If you have 10 signs as below, you should start relaxing yourself and take a rest because they can be expression of stress.

1.     Headache at weekend

The influence of stress can remind you by migraines. When weekday timetable of eating, sleeping, and working is not scientific, you will have migraines at weekend.

2.     Dangerous abdominal pains in periods

Stressed women have twice as much risk of abdominal pains and cramps in periods as less stressed ones. Researchers indicate that stress is the reason of losing balance of hormones. Doing exercises can ease cramps and stress by reducing operation of nervous systems.

3.     Mouth pains

A consultant of American Dental Association shares that toothache is sign of grinding teeth. It usually occurs while sleeping and are able to become worse by stress. You should ask dentist for device to protect teeth during sleeping in order to reduce or stop grinding the teeth.

Description: Mouth paint is one of expressions of stress.

Mouth paint is one of expressions of stress.

4.     Nightmares

When you have positive dreams, you will wake up in better mood than before you go to bed, according to a Professor of psychology in Medical Center in Rush University. When you are in stress, you wake up more often, obsesses images will appear continuously and affect sleep quality. Good sleeping habits can help to prevent that problem: sleeping 7 or 8 hours per night, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, or stimulants before going to bed.

5.     Bleeding gums

The former president of American Academy of Periodontology says that those who are stressed have high risk of periodontal disease. Stressful hormones Cortisol decrease immune system and create condition for viruses to pervade the gum. If you are working for long hours and eating at desk, note to dental hygiene. Besides, assuring the periodontal health by doing exercises and sleeping on time also are useful to reduce stress better.

6.     Increase acnes

Stress enhances inflammatory, causing acnes even for adults, according to a Professor of Dermatology in Wake Forest University. The lotions containing acid salicylic or benzoyl peroxide together with moisturizers noncomedogenic will help the skin not be dry. If your skin does not have any improvement after a few weeks of treatment, you should consult doctors to have more effective methods of curing.

Description: Stress, tired can cause acnes.

Stress, tired can cause acnes.

7.     Sweet appetite

Stress is one of abilities to activate hormones of chocolate appetite – your sweet appetite.

8.     Skin itch

A research in Japan over 2,000 people shows that people who suffer from chronic itch (also called itch) have ability to have stress twice as much as those who do not. Another thing is that itch can cause stress; you will feel worried and then aggravate diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis. The stress activates nerve fibers creating itch in the body.

9.     Severe allergy

Researchers from Ohio State University say that the symptoms of allergy usually occur on many people after they experience worry. Stressful hormones can increase production of IgE, a kind of protein in blood causing allergy on the body.

10.  Stomachache

Worry and stress can cause stomachache, together with headache, backache, and insomnia. A research conducting on 1,953 men and women shows that those who undergo the highest level of stress have stomachache three times as much as those who are more comfortable. Internals are linked nerve fibers that receive and process information when you are in stressful emotion.

Learn how to control stress, along with exercises, or transfers to psychologists if you often have these symptoms. You need to check up your health to eliminate food allergies, add more lactose, irritable bowel syndrome, or signs of ulcerate.

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