Banana is considered perfect fruit to health, especially to pregnant women.

Nutrients in banana

Banana is a food that is good for health. Banana contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body.

In banana, the content of potassium has high rate. It contains a lot of natural sugar such as fructose, sucrose and glucose that can provide plentiful energy for body.

Banana is the source that provides fructooligosaccharides, an important substance to bring up useful bacteria for bowel and it can help function of bowel operate well. As a result, body will absorb vitamins and nutrients more effectively. This absorption will bring more calcium for our bones, it helps bones become healthy.

To stomach, compounds in banana will bring up cells of bowel wall, it creates strong mucus barrier that has enough power to prevent bacteria causing ulceration of stomach.

The high content of potassium and the low content of sodium in banana help reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.

Moreover, banana is food that is rich of fiber and it also increases the function of bowel.

Banana also contains high content of Fe, stimulating body to create hemoglobin that can prevent shortage of blood.

Another compound in banana is tryptophan. When this substance moves into body, it will transfer to serotonin. This is chemical that can help regulate state of body. Together with serotonin, vitamins of group B in banana can also regulate blood glucose (concentration of blood glucose will affect spirit state).

Natural kinds of sugar that are in banana will regulate concentration of blood sugar, help improve state of stress that is caused by food, help improve health for pregnant women.

Description: Banana is food that is good for pregnant women.

Banana is food that is good for pregnant women.

Effect to cure disease

Nutrients in banana that provide to body can cure disease, so it makes pregnant women become healthier.

Reduce sorrowfulness

Potassium is a necessary mineral substance that can help stabilize heartburn, take oxygen to brain and adjust the amount of balanced water in body. When the rate of potassium is low, body will be stressed, so eating banana will help increase the amount of potassium and reduce stress. Banana provides body with all of necessary vitamins and minerals that are good for people’s health.

Balance blood pressure

Banana is rich of potassium and it has low amount of salt, so it is the best fruit that helps blood pressure have stable state.

Deal with cramp

Cramp in the last months of pregnancy always obsesses pregnant women. The amount of potassium is plentiful, so banana is food that prevents cramp for not only pregnant women but also labor and athletes… Potassium in banana can help brain operate keenly and flexibly.

Prevent constipation

In pregnancy, pregnant women often have more constipation because fetus affects digestive system, concentration of progesterone of pregnant women also increases and it makes field of force about smooth muscles. As a result, it leads to the state that carrying food through small intestine lasts longer, so pregnant women easily have constipation. Banana is rich of fiber, so it can be laxative and helps prevent constipation and pregnant women should eat it every day. When pregnant women feel hungry, they should eat 2 bananas every day or simmer banana (with peel). It can be laxative and diuretic, reduce the phenomenon of hemorrhage when evacuating.

Add blood

Pregnant women should add Fe to improve blood during pregnancy to avoid shortage of blood when giving birth. Eating banana can help pregnant women reduce anemia because banana contains a lot of Fe that can stimulate to produce hemoglobin – stimulates the production of red blood cell in blood.

Limit morning sickness

In the first 3 months, pregnant women often have morning sickness in the early morning. Eating banana will help pregnant women reduce uncomfortable symptoms in the morning such as heartburn, agita… because it can reduce the amount of acid in stomach.

Description: Banana prevents not only constipation but also morning sickness for pregnant women.

Banana prevents not only constipation but also morning sickness for pregnant women.

Lose weight after giving birth

Banana contains a lot of minerals such as potassium, magnesium. Therefore, banana is very safe for people that are bringing up babies with mother’s milk. Besides, this kind of fruit also contains a lot of other nutrients. However, eating banana regularly can help fatness of belly quickly because banana can make metabolic process take place faster. In addition, it creates a membrane to protect in bowel, helps destroy toxin in body, stimulates to digest well.

Banana also contains powder, fiber protein, vitamin and minerals that can help body be healthy and have the feeling of craving for food. Every day, pregnant women should eat a lot of bananas to have full feeling, so they won’t eat and drink immoderately like before, they only eat sufficiently to have enough milk for babies to suck. Because energy of banana is given is low, it make energy that is given and energy for consuming balance. Hence, pregnant women don’t gain weight.

Effect for beautifying

Besides wonderful effects to health, banana can help pregnant women beautify. Mothers can refer some following simple formulas to beautify.

Mask to nourish skin

Make skin of face soft and smooth

Choose ripe bananas and crush well-kneaded, rub evenly, keep it in at least 20 minutes. Finally, wash face with water.

Ripe banana contains a substance that makes skin of face rise, make skin of face clean. Besides, cover with banana crushed on skin and wash cleanly. As a result, pore is close and skin becomes soft.

Cure spot effectively

Use ripe and soft banana, crush well-kneaded it. Add an egg yolk, one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon of coffee and one spoon of wheat germ, mix them into a thick mixture, cover with mixture on skin of face and neck. Keep it in about 20 minutes and wash again with clean water.

This mixture not only is effective to cure spot but also erases died cells, make bruises that spot leaves fuzzy and it can make skin clean deeper, prevent the forming of new spot.

Nourish hand skin

Crush well-kneaded ripe banana, add a little of margarine, then rub this mixture on hand. Wait for a little and wash hands clean with water. It will help hand skin become smoother. You should carry out regularly with twice a week.

Nourish skin to be white and smooth

Use 2 old bananas and crush them, add one spoon of honey, one spoon of grain powder, mix them. Then you rub mixture on face, keep it from 20-30 minutes. Wash face clean with warm water. You should carry out once a week and mothers will see that skin is improved.

Besides mothers can mix banana crushed with honey, yoghurt to create thick and solid mixture. Rub on skin in about 10 minutes, wash face clean with warm water. This formula will make your skin spread and more beautiful.

Mask to nourish hair

Take care of damaged hair

Crush banana, mix with 1-2 spoons of honey and some drops of oil of almond. Then pat mixture on hair, massage smoothly, keep hair 10-15 minutes and make hair clean, and after that, you can wash your hair normally.

Take care of dried hair

Mask of banana and avocado will help hair become smooth again. Crush banana with ½ of avocado, put mixture on hair, keep in 15 minutes and wash hair.

Eliminate dandruff

Mask of banana and egg will help eliminate dandruff and make hair smooth. Mix banana with an egg yolk and some drops of olive oil. Rub mixture on hair, keep in 30 minutes and wash hair with water.


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