Bread banana

Description: Description: Although making bread banana is complex, it is very delicious.

Although making bread banana is complex, it is very delicious.


·           3 ripe bananas, use big spoon to crush

·           256 grams of multipurpose wheat flour

·           ¾ spoon of salt indigestion drug

·           ½ spoon of salt

·           200 grams of sugar

·           57 grams of tasteless butter. If butter is stored in fridge, take it out about 15 minutes to make it soft and cook.

·           2 chicken eggs

·           30 grams of yoghurt without sugar

·           A tube of vanilla

·           Tools include mold with size 22x11cm, flour mixer to make bread

Way to do:

·           Heat oven at temperature 1750C

·           Put flour to a big bowl, mix it with salt digestion drug and salt, use egg beater to beat eggs and stir

·           Put sugar and butter to another big bowl, turn on powder mixer at the medium rate to make butter and sugar mix together (it takes about 1 minute). Continue letting mixer operate, put each of egg in bowl, beat it in butter and sugar. Bananas, fresh milk and vanilla are also put in bowl and beaten with other materials.

·           Finally, turn mixer to small mode, pour flour that is mixed with salt and salt indigestion drug and beat with mixture. Beat slowly until mixture clots and it becomes smooth and stop. Pour flour to mold that is spread a thin cover of oil in wall and bottom.

·           Put flour in oven about 1 hour and you can wait until you plug wood chopstick in cake and chopstick’s body is clean when taking out and it isn’t sticky with flour. Then you can take cake out of oven. Put cake in cool place in 10 minutes. When cake is cool, it will rub off mold and you can take it easily.

Banana vitamin


·           2 bananas, cut into medium piece to grind

·           300 grams of pineapple ( about a half of small pineapple), eliminate pulp and cut it into tiny cubes

·           300 ml of fresh milk

·           3 spoons of first water of coconut

Way to do:

·           Make banana vitamin with this formula is extremely simple.

·           Mothers only need to put all of the materials to blender, grind until it becomes well-kneaded and smooth.

·           You will have banana vitamin with enough tastes: sour, sweet, fat and perfumed.

Description: Description: Banana vitamin is delicious and easy to make.

Banana vitamin is delicious and easy to make.

Banana sandwich


·           2 bananas, cut them into diagonal pieces about 1cm

·           Peanut butter

·           6 pieces of sandwich

·           Strawberry jam

·           Dried grapes (not necessary to have)

Way to do:

·           Put 2 slices of bread into a pair, spread peanut butter on one slice and spread strawberry on that one.

·           Arrange a banana cover in the middle of 2 slices of bread.

·           If you have dried grapes, you can put some seeds on surface of banana. Finally, cut bread into 4 small and beautiful parts. They are easy to eat and you can look covers of material arranged beautifully.

Braise fish with green banana


·           600 grams of snake-head

·           3 grams of green banana

·           200 grams of lean and fat meat mixed

·           Color water

·           Spices: salt, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, peppercorn and chili

Way to do:

·           Make fish clean, crush it with unrefined salt, wash viscidity of fish and cut it into 4 parts

·           Marinate fish with a spoon of salt in 30 minutes to make fish become firm and absorb salt taste.

·           Green banana: eliminate green cover, soak in  water that is mixed with a little of rice vinegar to make banana not back, cut into 4-5 parts

·           Lean and fat meat mixed is cut into piece that is suitable to eat, embalm with salt, monosodium glutamate, color water and a little of fish sauce

·           When embalmed fish absorbs salt, you fry them roughly and put them on dish.

·           In a small pot, you pour ½ fat that is used to fry fish and arrange green banana on the bottom.

·           Next, put lean and fat meat mixed.

·           Finally, put fish that is fried roughly. Add a little of color water, fish sauce, water and heat with big fire until it boils. Next, pour the rest of fat on fish to make them beautiful.

·           Simmer until meat, fish and banana become soft and absorb spices.

·           When mothers pick up meat, fish and banana with chopstick on dish, dust peppercorn and chili that is cut with thin slice.

Description: Description: Fish is braised with green banana is also wonderful.

Fish is braised with green banana is also wonderful.

Banana is fried with honey


·           One large banana

·           One chicken egg

·           A spoon of fried flour

·           A spoon of honey

Way to do:

·           Eliminate banana skin. Beat egg and pour fried flour and stir until flour becomes smooth. Roll banana on flour and fry them in oil pan until them are crisp.

·           Put banana on tissue so that it can absorb redundant oil.

·           When eating, use knife to cut banana into small piece and pour honey on them.

How should pregnant women eat banana?

Many scientific researches prove that banana contains a lot of important nutrients such as potassium, kinds of vitamin, magnesium, Fe… that are good for development of fetus and health of pregnant women. Pregnant women should regularly eat a banana every day or drink a glass of banana vitamin that is very useful for the body.


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