8. Experience the Healing Power of Energy

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is an energy healing technique based in ancient Tibetan practices. Practitioners of Reiki put their hands on or just above the body in order to balance energy by acting as a sort of conduit for life force energy. Reiki is used to treat physical problems as well as emotional and psychological problems, and it is, more positively, also used as a tool to support and facilitate positive changes. Becoming a Reiki practitioner is a complex process and also is somewhat mysterious. Advanced Reiki practitioners are even thought to be able to perform long-distance healing.

9. Learn about Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a little like Reiki in that it is designed to free and balance the body’s internal energy, but polarity therapy is more of a melding of Eastern and Western approaches. It includes massage, dietary counseling, certain yoga exercises, and psychological counseling for a full mind-body approach to energy balancing.

10. Release Stress through Movement

The Alexander technique is less massage than movement instruction. Clients are taught to move and hold their bodies with full consciousness and in a way that releases tension and uses the body to its best advantage. People say that practicing the Alexander technique makes them feel lighter, easier, and more in control of their bodies. The Alexander technique is popular with actors and other performing artists.

11. Get an All-Over Cure with Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology is a muscle testing technique that helps people determine where in the body they are experiencing an imbalance or problem. Then, massage as well as movement of certain joints, acupressure, and advice on diet, vitamins, and herbs are offered as treatment. Applied kinesiology should be practiced by health care professionals such as doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, or dentists who are trained and licensed to diagnose illness.

12. Do It Yourself

If you learn about acupressure, Swedish massage, reflexology, and many other techniques, you can perform massage on yourself. You can massage your own neck, scalp, face, hands, feet, legs, arms, and torso. Many yoga postures also result in internal and external massage by bending the body in certain ways against itself or by using the pressure of the floor against certain parts of the body.

13. Treat Yourself

You’ve already learned that “treating yourself” with fatty or sugary foods like cookies and candy can create a whole host of problems. So how about treating yourself to something far better? A professional massage! A session of massage generally lasts one hour, and that’s a whole hour devoted only to you. Spas are all about luxury and pampering. All you have to do is show up, and the professionals will do the rest. You’ll feel infinitely revitalized when it’s all over; you might even get hooked. Just don’t forget to tip your massage therapist!

14. Can I Afford This?

If money is one of your sources of stress, you may be worrying about whether or not a massage is a worthwhile expense. This is a good impulse; it’s important to evaluate all purchases before you make them. However, if you’re suffering from stress in your life, a massage will likely be supremely helpful to you. You can almost think about it like a visit to the doctor (except much, much more enjoyable). It’s something to do for your health, and your health is always worth the expense. Many spas and massage therapy centers offer discounts to first timers, and if you enjoy your experience, you might consider purchasing a package deal on multiple massages.

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