Not all people have right way in dental hygiene. You can learn the following secrets.

All of us are familiar with methods of dental hygiene; however, those methods are completely correct. Mistakes in brushing teeth will lead to some diseases about palate and gums.

Choosing wrong toothbrush

Through advertisements on TV, most of the brand names promise to bring users models of fashionable and useful toothbrush. So, many people only need to buy those products, and problems about teeth and mouth will disappear. You shouldn’t think that because body and hair of toothbrush are chosen due to parameter about teeth and mouth, gums and characteristics of teeth of everyone. All of the things that you need to consider when you buy toothbrush: length handle (body of toothbrush), hardness of hair of toothbrush and size of head of toothbrush.

Rarely brushing hair and brushing hair too fast

Also remember that brushing hair can spend a lot of time because there are a lot of plaques on teeth. They can cause inflammation. So, it’s necessary to brush teeth twice a day; the best is 3 times, each time is 3 minutes. Dentists advise you to consider mouth a square, brush 4 angles, each angle is brushed in 2 minutes.

Cleaning mouth and teeth regularly

Every day, you should brush teeth at least 3 times. However, some people pay attention too much and often make teeth clean to avoid having bad breath. Enthusiasm in this situation brings unexpected side effect: stimulating gums and making enamel decline.

Description: Every day, you should brush teeth at least 3 times.

Every day, you should brush teeth at least 3 times.

Ignoring dental thread

You need to know that tooth decay often attacks slot of surface of teeth. Food is easily caught in there and it’s difficult to make them clean if you only use tooth brush. If you intend to this problem, you have to face tooth decay problem. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore dental thread. This is the simplest and most effective that can help you clean teeth and mouth at home.

Brushing teeth in an incorrect way

We often brush teeth with horizontal movement. We often don’t pay attention to other areas in oral cavity. This thing is incorrect. So, how do you brush teeth with correct technology? First of all, you brush surface of teeth with vertical direction. Hold tooth brush at angle. After that, clean to chewing surface of molar tooth with horizontal and round movements. Next, make spaces between teeth with dental thread or plastic toothpick. Finally, don’t forget to brush teeth from 2-3 times a day.

Not cleaning toothbrush

After making plaques on teeth, some others are in hair of toothbrush. Hence, after brushing teeth, if you don’t wash toothbrush, bacteria will stay there. They will grow and next time when you use again, they will break into oral cavity. Consequently, you should make toothbrush clean and make it dry in cool place.

Description: You should make toothbrush clean and make it dry in cool place.

You should make toothbrush clean and make it dry in cool place.

Electric toothbrush is better than normal one

In reality, at present, electric toothbrush that moves with turning style and swinging at the same time is better than normal toothbrush. With combined movement like that, it will eliminate all of the plaques. People that have sensitive enamel and gums shouldn’t use electric toothbrush. Normal people that use electric toothbrush can destroy gums and cause injury for enamel than normal toothbrushes.

Rarely replacing toothbrush

You should replace toothbrush once for 3-4 months; it will be better if you do that regularly. After a time of using, hair of toothbrush will lose sensitivity and it will change shape. When you see color of hair change, this is the time when you should replace the new toothbrush.

Chewing gum instead of brushing teeth

It is also good if you chew gum after eating, but you should remember that it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to brush teeth after that. Maybe when you chew gum, outside surface of teeth seems to be clean, but inside part is forgotten. Therefore, you shouldn’t equate these two things into one.


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