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My Baby isn't Due Yet! Premature births (part 2)
Having a baby in a neonatal intensive care unit can be an extremely anxious time and, apart from his physical development, you may be concerned about how you will bond with your baby.
My Baby isn't Due Yet! Premature births (part 1)
A multiple pregnancy is more likely to result in a premature birth and the more babies you are carrying, the higher the risk of this happening.
How will I know I'm in Labor? The signs of labor
You will probably spend early labor at home with your partner, timing contractions and deciding when to travel to the hospital if that is where you are giving birth.
Where Should I Give Birth? Home or hospital? (part 2)
There may be a birthing center in your community. Some centers are free-standing but often hospital based. Staffed by midwives for the most part, such centers offer a caring homelike setting with minimal use of technology.
Where Should I Give Birth? Home or hospital? (part 1)
Research has shown that for healthy women who have had a normal pregnancy, a planned home birth attended by an experienced caregiver is as safe as giving birth in a hospital.
Showcase Your Talent
We switch over to Twitter while watching an awards show to tweet thoughts and opinions about the fashions shown, establishing us as a fashion authority
11 secrets from a baby nurse
If you’re expecting a baby or recently became a parent, the voices of wellmeaning friends and family and messages of TV and media have undoubtedly crept into your head.
I Was a Teen Mom
“My mother told me I could go away and have the baby at some Catholic place and give it up or get married,” the now 61-year-old grandmother explains, “so, it was marriage for me. (My boyfriend) agreed also. Neither of us wanted to give up the baby, so we played house.”
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