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Costly Moves
You may have heard of the Pareto principle [also known as the 80-20 rule]: it says that for many phenomena, 80 per cent of the effect arises from 20 per cent of the causes. Even your small investment mistakes too have that impact on your overall finances.
10 Rules to Break If You Want To Get Ahead
Success. It’s a big world. And, contrary to what you hear from some quarters, it’s not a dirty one. Success is empowering. Success gives you freedom. But to get it, you have to cast aside the cliches and rethink the rules.
The So-Called 'Time Management' Problems (Part 2)
Sometimes people think radical, innovative time management is something they are going to have to get into later. Right now, they are dealing with a difficult situation. And they are feeling overwhelmed. They don’t realize something important.
The So-Called 'Time Management' Problems (Part 1)
Just like a flame-thrower is a powerful weapon. It’s not necessary to own one, but it makes an intruder think twice before proceeding further into your home when you show him what it can do. Commitments are like that.
In praise Of Changing Your Mind (Part 2)
After leaving the office at 2am yet again and missing my brother’s birthday party, I knew something had to change. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my job as a senior graphic designer for a top design agency – it was great.
In praise Of Changing Your Mind (Part 1)
We’ve all been there: you make a big decision, then realise – horror – it was completely the wrong one. These four women reveal the moment they took an embarrassing life U-turn – with brilliant results.
Charlize Theron: "I Have To Be Disciplined, It's Part Of My Job"
She’s the straight-talking South African who has ventured into solo parenthood, adopting a baby boy called Jackson. Here, CHARLIZE THERON, 36, gives Easy Living a rare audience, talking female role models, fat days and the importance of family…
Take Charge of Your Body
Breast-cancer expert Dr. Carol-Ann Benn has helped women deal with the fallout of cancer for two decades. She shares the lessons she’s learnt when it comes to battling the disease.
Organic Living : Organic truth or tale ?
Organic means produce, or products, grown or made entirely without the use of synthetic chemicals; including herbicides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers or hormones.
Live Healthy
For some women that time of the month may have just become more manageable. A new study in the journal Obstretrics & Gynecology shows that antidepressants can help treat symptoms of PMS.
How to Drop 2 Kg?
You’re more likely to lose weight if you join a commercial slimming programme than if you follow your doctor’s advice, according to a recent UK study. Of the 740 slimmers researchers tracked, those who went to a slimming group for three months lost up to three times as much weight as those given diet advice by their doctor or pharmacist.
A Healthy Foundation
With the flu season upon us you want to keep your family safe and healthy. A recent study showed that pairing good hygiene practices with products like hygiene soap, surface disinfectants and antiseptic liquid such as Dettol can reduce illness by as much as 75%*.
Find Balance Every Day! (Part 3)
If you can’t imagine a life without cigarettes, it’s time to think again. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (US) have proven that smokers who successfully kick their habit will end up more satisfied and feel healthier than those who continue to smoke.
Lost Your Sexual Confidence? 5 Ways To Get It Back!
Sexual confidence can mean many things from doing it with the lights on, to giving him a cheeky wink and whipping out the handcuffs. But considering a recent study found that 75% of us need a glass of wine to get jiggy, even with long-term partners, it’s clearly something many of us are lacking.
The Worst Club in the World
They don’t have a headquarters, a flag or a manifesto. There’s no one calling the shots, not even a president or vice-president. There are no membership fees, and why should there be, for a group that doesn’t conduct meetings.
Pure Heart : Investing in women
PureDKNY also chose to partner with leading humanitarian Ngo Care in their campaign to defend dignity and fight poverty in the world’s poorest nations, so that they could make a real difference to the lives of their raw-material suppliers.
Are you your job? (Part 2)
We may blame our jobs for making us miserable, but it can be our mindset that's affecting us. If you are not sure whether to stay and change your approach — or to look for something new —follow these guidelines from Durban counseling and industrial psychologist Erna Nel.
Are you your job? (Part 1)
Defining who you are by what you do is a mindset that's easy to adopt (and often we do so without realizing it), especially when you consider the amount of time and energy we spend on both finding the right career and working in it.
The Bikini – Friendly Menu
This summer, it is all about super menus clever combos of meals that do not just keep your BMI in balance, but boast stacks of other benefits, too. Think about it; what is the point in steering clear of cheese sarnies if the replacement bean salad means you need to add a stash of bloat busting foods to your shopping basket, too?
Making The Break
An ex-boyfriend once tried to teach me to surf. It was a disaster. As soon as we hit the water, he launched himself onto his board and sped off in pursuit of the nearest wave expecting me to follow.
Enjoy A Well-Earned Rest!
Ever hankered after a tranquil creative space to explore your emotions? Discover your inner artist at myriad art retreats across the country. You’ll not only learn to express yourself through dance, writing, theatre or painting, but you’ll return home reinvigorated.
5 Health Swaps with the Best Pay- Offs
A morning Cuppa will protect you from summer colds, according to a study by Harvard University. The immune cells of morning tea- drinkers responded five times faster to germs than those of coffee drinkers.
The Last Time I Saw My Father
It’s Father’s Day this month, but what does it feel like when you don’t have one? Rachel Sullivan (below) reflects on how the loss of hers has echoed throughout her life
Circles of Pleasure
At first glance the Monaghan family’s garden is all about parents and children having their own space, but behind the thoughtful layout and lovely planting lies a strong design.
Why Are Women Such An Easy Target?
Everything a famous woman says something vaguely controversial, it seems as if other women line up to attack her. So, asks Zoe Williams, why do we have to condemn each other’s choice?
Self-Help Sensation (Part 2)
The fear of rejection is a potent little poison. Whether asking your boss for a raise or inviting someone out on a date, the dread of being laughed at can stifle us all. I’m often rendered voiceless by such doubt and dread. What I need – at work and in life – is a confidence boost.
Self-Help Sensation (Part 1)
Every so often, a book comes along that crosses over from the self-help shelves and becomes a phenomenon, giving us a new perspective on some of the problem life has a nasty habit of throwing at us.
Old-School Vacuum Flasks
No family picnic or road trip is complete without an old-school vacuum flask. We tested 15 to see how well they retained heat, how leak-proof they were, how easy they were to use and more.
Relax And Revive
You are tired, sore, insomnia, exhausted after a night of sleeping…Don’t worry, you’re not among a few people with that situation.
I've Climbed Every Mountain
I set off for Tanzania in group of five – I was the only women in the group. The week before we’d left, I’d become ill. All the vaccines I had must have destroyed my immunity, because I had flu, sinus problems and no voice!
Yes, You Can Get Addicted To Love
Most of us suffer heartbreak at some point, but did you know that a painful break-up could be harmful to your health? Suffers of love addiction can’t get over it simply by nursing revenge fantasies involving a pair of scissors and the guy’s favorite suit, and stocking up on Haagen-Dazs.
On Your Marks, Get Set Ohhh! (Part 2)
A major sex survey found that the perfect sex session lasts between seven and 13 minutes – and that some of us think even three minutes is “adequate” (like, really?). But forget what the scientists say – taking it slowly could be the path to your most mind-blowing orgasm ever.
On Your Marks, Get Set Ohhh! (Part 1)
Want to make his favourite sex style work for both of you? Whether he’s a sprinter, a marathon man or a fan of diving (ahem) we’ve got the answer. Get ready to become a star of track and feel…
Beat Your Confidence Blues
We all experience down days, but could your body image be affecting your relationship? Change how you feel about your body for your sake and his.
Very Important, Please Read!
“When it comes to insurance, we just assume the worst won’t happen,” says financial expert Jasmine Birtles of Moneymagpie.com. “And when you’re struggling to pay other bills, ‘extra’ costs like insurance fall to the bottom of the list.”
“There's More To Life Than Pleasing Men” (Part 2)
“It’s funny – there were some similarities to what I’m like now, but a lot of people say I was quiet. Maybe around my friends I wasn’t, and, of course, I would do theatre, but in general I was a bit shy”
“There's More To Life Than Pleasing Men” (Part 1)
Zooey Deschanel has a lot to be proud of. Because when she burst on to our TV screens in New Girls – all big blue eyes and bouncy bangs – she turned the archetypal screen siren on her annoyingly Botoxed head. I
The Feedback Formula (Part 2)
Giving feedback isn’t just a great way to help those around you perform better and achieve more, it is a way to help them to tap into their full potential and discover aspects about themselves that they weren’t even aware off.
The Feedback Formula (Part 1)
Feedback is the food for progress and, while it may not always taste great, it’s healthy for you. The feedback you receive is free information about you and whether you want to take it on board or not is up to you.
All The Write Moves
Is email best for every situation? Maybe sometimes putting pen to paper or picking up the phone is more effective? The experts weight in on when to go electronic and when to go “old school”
10 Ideas From The GHI
If you have a vitreous enamel- coated cast- iron or steel bath, only use products as anti- scale ingredients may dull enamel. To remove limescale, treat with a solution of half white vinegar and half water, then rinse.
My Tool Kit : All for a good cause
My advice to anyone starting out would be to buy the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan Kitchen Scales. I never cook a meal without them now. Weighing out my portions helps me to feel just right after a meal, instead of totally stuffed!
My Post-Baby Body Is Better Than Ever (Part 2)
Feeling healthy and ready to lake on the world, I bought a treadmill so that I could exercise and train with my sister to run a 5K Race for Life. It was then that I fell pregnant with my third child.
My Post-Baby Body Is Better Than Ever (Part 1)
During pregnancy wasn't the first time I'd felt insecure about my weight. I've always been sensitive to comments about my body, and when I was at secondary school it became a problem with one girl in particular.
Danger Signals
If you ever caught yourself questioning the purpose of your work or your life or have ever been confused about the direction your life is taking, you have reached a critical dip in the balance of your life.
Save $346 A Month By Switching To Healthier Lifestyle
Healthy bonus if you need a fast food treat, try swapping your takeaway pizza for a shop-bought one. Half a Weight Watchers Thin & Crispy Hot & Spicy Chicken Pizza has a Prơ Points value of only 6 - the same as just one slice of Pizza Hut Chicken Supreme!
The Big Decision
Marriage is no longer an inevitable and somewhat mandatory milestone but a matter of choice, for both sexes. Both men and women now have the liberty to decide when they want to be married. Most men want to be financially stable and women want to be independent, before they feel ready for a commitment.
Louise van Rhyn's Education Revolution
In an overburdened and under-re sourced sector, teachers, particularly the principals and staff leaders, need to learn from other principals and teachers. They need help from leaders in business.
Finding the Perfect Balance
Sarah Collins is linking poverty alleviation and environmental conservation, with just a little bit of magic. The result? The Wonderbad, starring in a kitchen near you.
Beyond The Fridge
Coronation Street's Paula Lane reveals her training secrets for the Virgin London Marathon, and tells us about her love of sweet chilli sauce and vintage clothes
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