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Your Body On A Binge…
We all go off-piste every now and then. And now wrong with that either. But if you want to minimize the damage to your body after a blow-out, then here's what to do every step of the way.
Hitting Your Sweet Spot
It's the news we've all been waiting for sweets may actually tip the scales in your favor. We've hunted out the best scientifically approved*sugary bites money can buy. So eat up, slim down and give thanks to the gods.
You Can Eat Carbs!
When you’re trying to slim down and look super-toned, carbohydrates may be one of the first things you cut out. Popular diets such as Atkins, Paleo, South Beach and Dukan all focus on reducing carbs and eating more protein and fats.
8 Things Pregnant Women Should Avoid For Children To Have Good Health
The first thing that pregnant women need to avoid is using products for taking care of skin. Beautification is a necessary demand of many women, and of course, pregnant women aren’t exceptional. Many pregnant women think that products for taking care of skin will help them reduce pallid state and avoid sunlight in summer.
Allergy In Pregnancy
There are a lot of disadvantage elements from the living environment, foods that pregnant women eat can lead to allergy. Allergy can cause disadvantages for pregnancy, so pregnant women need to prevent so that they don’t catch this disease.
How To Deal With Dangerous Situations In Giving Birth
Successful process of giving birth is expectance of all pregnant women, but not all of the parturitions are smoothly. There are some dangerous events that pregnant women can meet in the process of giving birth such as hemorrhage, exhaustion… In these cases, doctors, pregnant women and relatives need to pay special attention to behave on time.
5 Things That Women Should Do Every Day
As a woman, everyone wants to be healthy and beautiful. To gain this thing, experts give 5 important things that women should do every day.
How To Lose Weight While Sitting Much
You are busy with work, sit in front of computer in a long time and sit all day in the office... After a long time, women often ask each other, how to lose weight while sitting in a long time?
Secrets To Lose Weight Easily
Nowadays, many women worry about their weight. Environment for working and activities as well as eating, drinking, resting… can make women easily gain weight. If you gain weight a lot, it can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, arthralgia…
What Should We Eat To Reduce Smell Of Breath?
Breath isn’t sweet-smelling, and it is caused by 2 main elements: bad dental hygiene or health of intestinal system has problem. It means that your breath is formed not only in oral cavity but also in the whole digestive system. Perpetrator in these two cases is mainly bacterium.
Tips That Help Pregnant Women Sleep Soundly
In pregnancy, many pregnant women can feel tired which dues to sleeping disturbance. The following tips will help pregnant women to have sound sleeps.
Live Clean Get Lean (Part 2)
If you spend your days squashed on public transport and then in a noisy office, a visit to the gym, with its whirring machines and blaring TV screens, may not provide the serenity you need. And if you don’t allow yourself adequate post-exercise recovery, with good nutrition, rest days and cross training, you risk overtraining syndrome or adrenal burnout.
Live Clean Get Lean (Part 1)
Focus on whole grains, fruit and vegetables, free-range meats and organic dairy products. This will ensure you get maximum nutrients and goodness. Avoid any foods or ingredients that have been processed or tampered with. If you must eat packaged foods, ensure they contain only healthy ingredients
3 Simple Ways To Check Health After Laboring
You just need to take a little observation and notice on 3 signs of the body to know about your health’s state after labor.
Reproductive Healthcare (Part 2)
After taking pees, the urine that remains in the urethral orifice within the shower impacts making the urine go inside the urethra. And because the urine is already infected with the available viruses, this is the reason causing urinary tract infection that is popular in women.
Drinks That Should Be Avoided In The Morning
Drinking water in the morning is a healthy behavior. In fact, not every kind of drink is suitable to drink in the morning.
How To Avoid Depression By Eating
In a modern society, big pressure from jobs, life, and learning… will make people depressed easily. Depression is not only a psychological matter, but also an important factor that leads to many other diseases and seriously effects on the human health.
Tips To Increase The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant
Stress can slow down or prevent ovulation. Women who are stressed usually have irregular ovulation. And the effort of having babies will increase the level of stress and make people fall into the vicious circle.
Eating Right Maybe The Easiest Thing You Do Today (Part 2)
The number of Americans with type 2 diabetes has more than tripled in the last three decades, an epidemic pace that many experts blame, at least in part, on rising obesity rates. Now another culprit is emerging, and it affects plenty of people who aren't overweight: high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
Eating Right Maybe The Easiest Thing You Do Today (Part 1)
The French paradox already has us envying pleasure loving Parisian women. After all, French women live longer (85.3 year: versus 80.4 for their America counterparts) despite eating foods high in saturated fat.
Medicines Dangerous To Pregnancy
To the major of pregnant women, pregnancy is the happiest news. In that period of time, the palpitation, anxiety and thought that are due to the fact that you’re going to be moms in the future, can make you depressed.
Right Abstaining After Giving Birth
To women who give birth in summer, some of them still abstain from taking shower for the whole first month after labor because they’re afraid of having headache, itch and cold endurance decrease.
Misconception About Losing Weight By Fruits
Nowadays, many people eat fruits to lose weight. They think that fruit neither be excessive nor too nutritious. To them, fruits have become magical remedies to maintain weight, beauty and health. So, are fruit really almighty?
Why Female Office Workers Should Drink Tea
Nowadays, there’re many drink option for office staff. However, tea is very good for women working in offices. There’re 3 reasons why they should drink tea.
Best Heat-And-Eat Appetizers
Warm hors D’oeuvres seem like an upgrade from the usual cheese and crackers, but are products from a super-market freezer case worth serving your guests? Yes, if you choose right.
How To Get The Best Deal
Buying electronics online was more pleasing for our readers than buying at a walk-in store, according to our survey on almost 30,000 buying experiences. And the proportion of major electronics purchases that readers made online more than doubled from 2006 to 2011.
Resist The Extended-Warranty Pitch
While you’re doing your holiday shopping, be prepared for the inevitable pitch to add a service plan, or extended warranty, to your purchase, especially if you’re buying electronics or appliances.
The Buzz On Energy- Drink Caffeine
They’re everywhere: Beverages that promise to keep you energized, revved, and alert. But labels don’t’ have to reveal how much caffeine the products pack. We will. We measured the amount in 27 top-selling energy drinks and shots.
Top Popular Mistakes In Pregnancy
When you become pregnant, you will receive a lot of advice from women that used to become pregnant or useful knowledge for pregnancy in some place. However, not all of the things that you hear are correct. The best way is that you should ask doctors or nutritious experts about the things that you don’t understand so that you can receive exact answer.
What To Do When Pregnant Women Have Got Flu
When weather changes form spring to summer, pregnant women easily have got flu because their resistance is weak. Moreover, the first 3 months, many women have got flu like a symptom of morning sickness. The important thing is that flu is very dangerous for pregnant women in the first quarter of pregnancy and they cannot take medicine.
Will Babies Have Black Skin If Pregnant Women Drink Coffee? (Part 2)
From the 5-6 months of pregnancy, womb will begin bigger. It blocks bladder, and as a result, pregnant women want to urinate many times. They have to wake up in middle of night to urinate, and therefore, they don’t want to drink water at night or when they work because of inconvenience.
Will Babies Have Black Skin If Pregnant Women Drink Coffee? (Part 1)
In folk, people abstain not to drink coffee because people that drinking coffee will make babies that are born have black skin (similar to color of coffee). People that drink coffee with milk will give birth with babies whose skin is brown, drinking coconut will make baby’s skin white.
How Is Provide Nutrition For Teenagers
Teenager is middle period of teenage and adult. This is golden period for development of both constitution and spirit. Nutrition is physical foundation to ensure normal growing and development of body.
Secrets For Children To Eat And Drink In Hot Season
Hot weather will make babies tired and crave for cold foods… Appropriate nutrition for babies in this period always makes mothers have headache. So, how will mothers let children eat in hot season?
7 Kinds Of Fruit That Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Eat
Summer is the season of many delicious and attractive fruits; however, pregnant women cannot eat all kinds of fruit. The following fruits easily make body hot and pregnant women should pay attention to.
Do And Don’t In Pregnancy
Not all of the pregnant women have enough necessary knowledge about pregnancy. To help 9 months of pregnancy completely and lovely babies develop well, pregnant women need to pay attention to the following things:
When Should Women Get Pregnant To Help Babies Become Intelligent
Development of fetus is divided into 3 important stages; the first stage is forming of brain. This state is in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Stage of forming brain to fetus needs to be provided with enough nutrients and mothers are lived in a safe environment. Therefore, choosing season to be pregnant will support for development of baby’s brain best.
Will Babies Be Intelligent If Mothers Listen To Music?
Many American scientific researches prove that letting babies listen to music scientifically (use correct type of headphones, choose kind of music, time for listening to music…) has big effect on forming and developing their brains completely.
Love Bugs (Part 2)
See you GP for diagnosis. Tests usually involve a urine sample and occasionally a cotton swab may be used for a localized test. Samples are then sent away for analysis. An annual checkup is a good idea if you’re sexually active, even if you don’t have any symptoms particularly if you have unprotected sex.
Love Bugs (Part 1)
Not sure how much you remember about the sexually transmitted infection (STI) affectionately called 'the clap', but you might as well forget it. There's a new strain of gonorrhoea in town, and it doesn't do antibiotics. The next gen gonorrhoea is not yet in Australia, but doctors are waiting like paparazzi at the airport when Kate Middleton's due in town.
3 Types Of Upward-Head Posture
Popular postures of babies in mother’s womb: babies lie along, they will lie with horizontal direction, some babies can lie with diagonal position. How does position affect the process of Birthgiving?
How To Make Pregnancy Become Perfect (Part 2)
Contacting with sunlight in pregnancy will help fetus absorb magnesium more. Magnesium is substance that is necessary for development of tissue, transformation of calcium and phosphor. They can help babies have strong teeth and bones from mothers’ womb.
How To Make Pregnancy Become Perfect (Part 1)
To have a perfect pregnancy, mothers should pay attention to taking care of themselves before and during pregnancy. Mothers don’t always know about simple things that have big effects.
Foods Good For Young Women
Diet is foundation of human health. Therefore, how is a diet that can help your body become balanced and healthy and prevent a series of problems affecting aging of human body?
How To Drink Water
It is similar to doing exercise in the morning. When you wake up, you should drink a glass of boiled and filtered water. Maybe at that time, you are thirsty or not. In addition, you need to pay attention to some following points:
Secrets That Help Eliminate Complication Of Wine
In parties, drinking wine and beer is thing that you can avoid. However, many people have problem when they drink beer and wine too much. To reduce danger, you need to understand some skills, metabolism of wine inside people’s body.
On Your Marks, Get Set, Oggod (Part 2)
The musician Sting once declared he and his wife had eight-hour sessions of tantric sex (which he subsequently revised down to five). However, research conducted by Science Daily on us mere mortals reported that satisfactory sexual intercourse lasts from three to 13 minutes.
On Your Marks, Get Set, Oggod (Part 1)
So you're sick of missionary and using the Kama Sutra as an instruction manual. Before you tackle the upside- down backward cowgirl with one and a-half rotation (or whatever it is), you need to prepare your body. Burpees are the king and queen of high intensity movements, and it's a wonderful exercise to increase sex fitness because it requires not only strength but also aerobic endurance, and all you need is your body weight and a bit of room.
The New 9 To 5 Diet (Part 3)
Night noshing is becoming increasingly common, as Aussies clock up longer hours (so much for our rep as lazy beach bums). If you know you are going to be at work until all hours, Newham recommends taking last night’s leftovers to work with you.
The New 9 To 5 Diet (Part 2)
This is probably the hardest scenario to avoid especially if you work in a large office where birthdays seem as common as Mondays. The plus side is that often there is not only birthday cake, but other celebratory goodies, which means you can gloss over dissin' the gateaux and move on to crackers with cheese.
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