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Simple And Helpful Prenatal Education Tips In Pregnancy
Prenatal education by telling stories, singing lullabies daily… will help fetuses soon recognize and connect to their later time of life.
Discover Secrets That Can Reduce Fat In Meals
Fat is the important constructing component of all cells and tissues of body. Fat in food is necessary for the digestion and absorption of the group of vitamin dissolving in fat such as vitamin A, D, E, K, carotene.
Discover Wonderful Effects Of Lotus
Lotus grows in water. Its rootstock is cylindrical shape that grows in mud and we can eat lotus’s rootstock. Lotus’s leaf grows out of water surface, leaf stem is long and it has small thorns. Lotus has a lot of white-pink petals or white in one part. There is a part that grows longer and it is called lotus anther that is used to embalm tea.
Kinds Of Fennel That Can Cure Disease
These kinds of vegetables not only increase taste of dishes but also have the good effect in curing the normal diseases. On the other hand, taking care of them is rather simple and you won’t spend a lot of time because they are the plants that are easy to plant It isn’t difficult for families to plant and take care of their small garden of medical plants.
The Taboos When Using Food And Medical Herbs
Many researches showed that saffron can reduce the inflammation and pain that are caused by arthritis. However, it can interact with the kinds of anticoagulants because it can increase the ability of bleeding.
Can Fitness Make You Fat?
Why do we exercise? Fear of ‘being fat’ certainly motivates many of us in our fitness regimes. The health problems that often accompany a bulging waistband are the reasons the NHS and other health experts encourage us to do 30 minutes of activity five times a week.
Why We're All Tee Totally Happy
When the sun’s shining, it’s tempting to seize the moment and raise a glass to the British summertime. But with the inevitable sore head, the extra pounds on the scale and a missed gym session to feel guilty about, is alcohol really worth it?
6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Fruit Juice Every Day
In summer, many kinds of fruit juice are delicious and contain a lot of nutrients. In addition, you don’t know that drinking fruit juice has a lot of effects for health.
Beat The Bumps - Say Goodbye To Cellulite With These Skin-Smoothing Tips
In summer months, the problem of cellulite always rears its ugly head. It can be the deal breaker between wearing your sexy shorts or your cover-all maxi dress.
6 Signs Warning About Your Heart Issues
However, most of women don’t have chest pains. There was a research of Circulation magazine carried on 515 women who had heart diseases resulted that 43% of them didn’t have chest pains but did have those following typical symptoms:
8 Things You Need To Know When Eating Yogurt
The hot weather can make our body feel very tired. Yogurt is unavoidable foods that help us improve the immune system and maintain the good health. However, before eating yogurt, you should know 8 things following.
How To Protect Eyes In Hot Season
In summer, the scorching sunlight and dirt are dangerous enemies of eyes. This is the convenient moment for harmful virus to develop and cause diseases. So, what should we do to protect the eyes from summer sunlight?
5 Things You Should Avoid When Eating Ginger
Fresh gingers that have roots produce a toxic that is extremely strong and able to denature, cause necroses to the liver, which lead to live cancer and esophageal cancer.
4 Mother-To-Child Infectious Diseases That Need Preventing
Those are tips that can help you to predict health issues and risks of diseases. By that, you can find better ways to protect your health.
12 Ways To Make Space
‘Give yourself permission to completely r switch off in your downtime,’ says Gina. That means shutting off your electronic devices - put the Blackberry on silent and step away from your iPad.
When Was The Last Time You Did This?
Research has found that we don’t sleep enough, we eat on the go more than we do at home, and we’re not spending enough time with the people we love - and experts reckon these habits can affect your health in myriad ways. It’s time to stop, take a breather and acknowledge the importance of downtime.
Look Within - Learning To Find The Answers (Part 2)
It's a perspective with which another experienced teacher, Sindar Kaur, head of the Nature Care School of Yoga in Sydney, would likely concur. But explaining the connection between student and teacher isn't always easy to pinpoint. "It can be a positive bond, a deep connection that allows blossoming of knowledge
How To Be Well Thy
Want bags of energy, fewer sniffles and glowing skin? Who doesn’t! Luckily, it’s not an impossible dream. For a body that runs like a well-oiled, illness-fighting machine, you simply need to make a few easy diet swaps.
The Secret To A Flat Tummy (Part 3)
On a baking sheet, arrange a selection of sliced carrots, corvettes, vine tomatoes and red onion. Season, drizzle with 2 tablespoons of raw honey, and add 50g crumbled feta cheese. Bake for 30-50 minutes until veggies are soft.
The Secret To A Flat Tummy (Part 2)
Make a ‘pastry’ by mixing 25g grated carrot, ½ tablespoon of chickpea flour, 10g grated Parmesan cheese, 1 egg and a pinch of paprika. Press into a baking tin and bake for 20 minutes.
The Secret To A Flat Tummy (Part 1)
You’ve heard of probiotics - they’re the friendly bacteria that are essential for proper digestion. Not only does a healthy gut bolster your immune system, it can also help to prevent constipation and the fermentation of food that leads to gas.
6 Simple Ways That Can Help Pregnant Women Eliminate Backache
Backache in pregnancy is a popular phenomenon. It isn’t strange. In this period, you are gaining weight and your body will change a lot from the outside figure to inside endocrine. The ligaments that lie in your pelvis will be dilated according to the time when baby grows in mothers’ womb.
How To Take Care Of Pregnant Women In The First 3 Months
When you surely know that you become pregnant in the 5-6th weeks of pregnancy (after being checked by obstetrician). After the happy minutes, you need to make a careful plan for eating, drinking and taking care of your health. In the first 3 months, pregnant women need to pay attention to eating, drinking and exercising to prevent fetal derangement and miscarriage.
How Much Salt Should We Eat?
Salt has the important role to people’s body. In body, salt will control the amount of water and maintain the balance of juice of cells and body’s juice. Salt also attends the activities of muscles. Salt is also the main component of plasma and gastric juice.
Perfect Fruits That Can Reduce The Risk Of Disease
Adding fruits to your diet is an intelligent way to intensify body’s resistance. Kinds of fruit contain the antioxidants that can help your body always be healthy.
The Advanced Gym Athlete
If you have the animal instinct to train like a predator, over-come preconceived limitations and eat like a caveman, you may just have found your new sport! We take a look at the journey her husband Jon has taken, and the personal and physical attributes required to be a top exponent in the world of gym sport.
20 Foods That Are Good For Heart
Health of heart is very important to body. The obstruction of blood in heart can cause stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Therefore, we provide you with the top of 20 following foods that can eliminate the obstruction in artery and maintain a healthy heart.
Detoxify Body With The Natural Therapies
There are many ways to eliminates toxins out of body. Among time, the natural detoxifying therapy is safe and brings benefits for health. The following ways will detoxify body naturally.
Things That You Should Know About Infertility Treatments (Part 2)
One of the most effective elements of the rate of conceptions due to infertility treatments is that husband and wife mental statuses. People who decide to have infertility treatments should be relaxed and open minded, avoid being too stressed and worried because those negative feelings can cause hormone disorders which affect the chance of conception.
Things That You Should Know About Infertility Treatments (Part 1)
Giving birth to a creature is the desire of many women. In fact, there’re women can’t have babies despite their efforts. That can be due to the husband or diseases relating to the wife’s reproductive odrgans. In the case, the supports of artificial reproduction will be a hopeful object.
Some Bad Habits That Are Good For Health
According to researchers from Rhode Island’s Brown University, America, spending 20 minutes on chatting about other people’s business prevent 96% people from being stressed and worried in the nexr 4 hours.
10 Medicines That Are Harmful To Fetuses
Medicines are high warned. They not only affect pregnant women but also strongly affect fetuses. The followings are medicines that pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy.
12 Things Seriously Affecting Fetal Health (Part 2)
Most of pregnant women over-absorb nutrients but, few of them have malnutrition, which is one of the most effective things to fetal health. Pregnant women have over-whelming malnutrition or weight loss can cause bad effects on fetal developments and the metabolism between pregnant women and fetuses.
12 Things Seriously Affecting Fetal Health (Part 1)
The noise is one of things that scare fetuses the most. When fetuses are 6 months old, they start hearing sound from the outside world. The surrounding atmosphere is too loud, they will be affected. Big and sudden noises can make fetuses scared. The noise, in the long run, will make fetuses uncomfortable and affect their hearing developments.
5 Signs That Can Prove Your Calcium Deficiency
The followings are 5 abnormal signs that can previse your vitamin deficiency. The good news is that most of those signs can be bridged over by changing the diets. However, if food treatments are not efficient, you should see a doctor.
6 Tips That Provide The Best Diets In Hot Days
The weather in summer is hot and able to make your body tired and easily infected to diseases. However, with a little notice on eating you can protect your health. Let’s take a look at those tips following.
10 Tips To Maintain Weight Loss Success
Do not try to lose too much weight at once. In that case, you probably increase the weight faast after stopping the diet. Do not lose over 2 kg of weight at one time. It needs time to stabilize the new weight before going to the next step. This is the best way to not get fat again.
Discover Magical Benefits Taken From Corn
The corn is highly appreciated for its nutritional values. Corns are rich in micronutrients, such as magnesium and vitamin E both have naturally effects on anti-aging process. Besides, corn also contains vitamin C and B, so it’s use full for the developments and activities of nervous systems.
Things Parents Should Do To Help Children Grow Up With Happiness
Raising children is not all about the physical but also about the spiritual of them. Those simple things following at some levels, will help parents make children social and recognize the meaning of life, by which children will be more mature.
8 Smart Ways To Burn Calories
To decrease the weight, you have to go to the gym regularly, which takes time. But, just a few small activities like using stairs, doing housework or even washing cars can help decrease the weight.
8 Vegetables That Help Remove Constipation
If toxic products remain in the intestine in a long period of time, it will lead to constipation affecting to the daily life. To clean the intestine and prevent constipation, you should eat the 8 following vegetables regularly.
Avoid Harmful Misunderstanding About Sleep
According to a lecturer in Georgia State University, some people have to sleep much, some people don’t; everyone has a sleeping need that depends on identified genes. Many people think that a qualified sleep happens when we have no trouble to fall asleep.
Tips That Help Remove Toxic Matters In Vegetables
Vegetables (water spinach, folium saupori, collard greens…) have highest risk of hygiene but, indispensable to meals. Specialist think that right choosing and cooking vegetables can reduce 90% the risk.
Why Do Children Become Ill, Suffer From Anorexia And Grow Slowly?
When the weather changes, the climate becomes strict and the increasing of polluted environment, smoke, dust and unsafe foods will make children catch some inflamed diseases such as respiratory inflammation, coughing, sore throat, runny nose and diarrhea.
Things That You Should Know When You Become Pregnant At The Age Of 40
Many women become pregnant in the first time at the age of 40. Although we cannot deny that the rate of becoming pregnant at this age is lower than the popular age of becoming pregnant a lot.
Eating Fresh Fruits To Prevent Hair Loss
Fruits have high nutritional values and the ability to reduce the risk of diseases for the body. Eating too much fruits will help you purify the body, prevent stodge when eating too much foods that is hard to digest or greasy.
4 Mistakes Resulted From The Attempt Of Losing Weight
There were only a quarter of people who decided to lose weight for health. The other believed that being skinny would make them look more attractive.
How To Eliminate Tiredness At Noon
Busy and modern life makes clerks feel tired after lunch. At this time, most people want to take a rest and have a sleep. Therefore, how to avoid this state?
Sitting In A Long Time Is As Harmful As Smoking Cigarette
When you sit on sofa, you will feel that your body is relaxed. However, maybe you don’t know that at this time, back bone will be curved and the pressure of suffering will become bigger. In the unserious case, it will cause backache and in serious case disc hernia.
Can You Father A Baby? (Part 2)
The infertility specialist will take a detailed medical history and perform a thorough medical examination of both partners. The man’s tests are easier and less invasive, which is why it makes sense that you go first before putting her through the ordeal. Dr. Firuza P., Director of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Jaslok Hospital, outlines the various tests involved below.
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